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  1. kriv

    Diablo IV

    I'm still playing some D3 seasons here and there. Looking forward to D4.
  2. I was actually in Key Largo earlier this year. Hope everyone is doing well. Chat, glad to hear your daughter is okay.
  3. Not sure how I wasnt aware of this game. Looking at it now.
  4. kriv

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    So it is a reskinned Golden Axe?
  5. kriv

    I've been playing D3 all wrong!

    Same here. I played the hell out of D1 and DII but was extremely disappointed with D3. Came back to play with the most recent patch and found the game I loved was BACK! gogo has been very helpful clearing maps for me while I loot and xp leach. Thanks bud!
  6. kriv

    Sacred 3 Character Classes

    RR, thanks for this post bud.
  7. kriv

    Sacred 3 - Official Announcement Trailer

    The real question...... Will we have awesome mounts:)
  8. kriv

    Sacred 3 - Official Announcement Trailer

    Just saw this. Reminded me to get my ass back over here to darkmatters.
  9. Thanks for the dodging tips. I finally started to get into gw2 and get a toon past level 30. Need to hook up on your server and run with yall.
  10. kriv


    Playing the game on PS3. Somewhat similar to GW2 where you can just wander around and find stuff to do. Graphics are a touch dated and there are still some connection issues at peak times during the big group battles. A good fun game. As a mmo, launch was done well. Some issue, but not a ton. The devs seem very receptive to the community. -TV show, IMO, is average. Kinda campy. They seem to put the worse of the graphics/special effects in the first 15 minutes of the pilot. Plot is okay, acting seems good considering what they are working with.
  11. I agree with this part. Great job Blizzard making changes to make the game more 'fun'. This is a situation where the developers make the game they want, not the game their customers want. There is so much fail in D3, I don't even want to start to comment.
  12. kriv

    That just finished it for me

    Blizz fail on customer service? Much more activision than blizzard at this point.
  13. kriv

    What to play until GW2?

    Thanks for the reminder, I forgot about this. Any word on release date?
  14. kriv

    What to play until GW2?

    A little D3 and BF3 on my playstation.