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  1. Amble

    Regeneration time formula

    When I first did the excel spreadsheet for building the regeneration time calculator I saw a lot of what you posted. But I will admit that my own testing before submitting it as a wiki page was limited to low levels. The regeneration "bonus" you're supposed to use in the calculator is your aspect bonus that is shown in tool tip when you mouse over the aspect name on the combat arts panel. This bonus, in my testing, showed expected changes from stamina distribution, concentration points spent, and appropriately spent focus skills as well as level ups. I did not test high level characters nor high level CAs. I did spend CAs to level cap and find times don't diminish, only power. The game does a lot of rounding when displaying the times and likely rounds and truncates decimal places in actual times but by how much, I don't know. The effects of rounding and truncation may become more pronounced as well as missing figures from my calculations as the numbers get larger with higher character and arte levels. Edit: I just looked at the wiki page and it does say in the instructions to use the stamina tool tip. This will give incorrect calculations, as you pointed out. Using the aspect regeneration bonus per the combat arte panel will give you the bonus to each specific CA after skills, stats, buffs, and gear, and is the value you're actually looking to use. Here's some pictures that may help with the Wiki instructions. Aspect regen bonus tooltip. Runes read, slotted, and resulting regen time. Maybe someone with some wiki editing skills can insert the pictures to help with directions. I've already updated the text. Inputting this particular info into the calculator gives me a correct result of 0.538 seconds.
  2. I edited my balance.txt file not long ago to emulate a players x command thinking it would be a "fair" way to level faster. Depending on what you're looking for in doing this, the risk vs reward doesn't balance out as the enemies are approximately 2.5 times harder to kill and give less than twice the xp. Also mentor pots give a bonus based on "100%" experience values. A full game gives a bit under a 100% bonus so where as in single player mentor pots double your experience, in a full game the bonus is only around 50%. If you're looking for faster leveling with risk to make it not cheating, it's faster to do it at "/players 1". If you're looking for more challenge, this will provide a bit of that.
  3. I don't know what methods you're using or anything, but would copy/pasting the ones on the wiki into anadvanced text editor like notepad ++ then comparing to the messed up guides work? It would highlight the differences in wiki and BB code as well as any missing parts. Then you could just click it over missing section by section.
  4. When my place got robbed a few months back they took my collectors edition box with all my sacred discs in it, but I have the elite textures on my computer. If you know anyone that can sport the bandwidth I can put them up. I'm at work nowso I can't check for certain but I want to say it's around 4GB.
  5. You're correct. I typed 125 in haste because I knew that the values were all halves and just thought of 25 being half of 50. The result should be 48.375. It's as messy as it is because I wanted to show people the values instead of just putting in a simplified equation. You would have to add up each entry on it's own for each element of the attack since once +% damage gets added in you'll have different values for each element. I do think I'm a bit off in a multiplier somewhere because if you make SpellBaseDamage = 1 then my level 50 HE has 0 damage ice shards up to level 10, at which point it's 18. At CA level 20 it's 12 damage. Multiplying it by a set amount like that wouldn't lower the result as the level gets higher. Also with where my CA damage bonus is in the equation you couldn't end up with a value less than that. I was laying in bed trying to sleep and thinking about the damage calculations so far when it hit me... Every single other value in the spells.txt file needs to be divided by 10, ie has a hidden decimal, so why not the damage values. I jumped out of bed and did some math and the above equations were what I got. The base damage values come directly from the CA entries in the spell.txt like you say. The division by 10 comes from needing a decimal. The SpellBaseDamage value is listed on line 39 of balance.txt. And the CA Damage bonus is gotten from the int tool tip. Here's an equation using level 3 raging nimbus with +127.1% ice damage and 95.8% physical with my level 16 HE: (8.4+((4.2+4.2+4.2)*1.271))+(21+((10.5+10.5+10.5)*0.958))*0.25+11=48.20885 (48 in game)
  6. Thanks, gogo. As far as the calculations: if anyone knows console commands to change stat values then I can start collecting data and graphing on my next day off. Without console commands I will need the help of others that have the ability to gain +int items. I'll need the class, level, int value, and damage bonus value. The more samples per level, the better. I'd prefer 5-10 but if you have a char wearing 20 pieces of int gear and just remove one at a time let me know what the damage bonus at each int is.
  7. I actually sent him a PM through this board yesterday or the day before about this, but I haven't heard back. To answer your first question, Gogo, I've been back for about a week. I disappeared because I had a hard drive failure... then my house got burglarized and one of the things they took was my Collector's Edition Sacred 2 so I was unable to reinstall or activate an installation. Then I went and got a life and ended up engaged and finally my best RL friend gave me a link to his copy of digital download sacred 2 gold. So.. here I am.
  8. Another calculator would be awesome but in order to do it right I would need to lock down the damage bonus calculation as well as figure out where +% damage is applied. To get the damage bonus calculated would require taking multiple charcters of multiple class and level and plotting a graph of damage bonus values vs various int values in order to figure where the line crosses 0 at each level. From that you can average a value of damage bonus gain/int and the rate at which int needs to raise to retain a consistent bonus. From there it would be trial and error to find the +%damage location it the equation. To make a calculator would also require a person to input values of focus, ancient magic, combat discipline, as well as item/buff modifiers. From there, with the sacred sim, it's not wholly far off to have a complete character calculator since the skill formulae are already on the wiki.
  9. Here's one from my naked level 16 Nimbus High Elf, Nimbus level 1 (84+42+210+105)/10*0.25+5=16.025 In game displayed damage is 15. It appears the CA bonus damage is relative to character level as with 35int at level 1 the starting bonus is 9, but at 16 with 85int, it's only 5 (was also 5 with 91 int from SB). I also don't yet know where the +damage% bonus from gear is calculated. I'm leaning towards it only being applied to the step values of the combat arts. If you take the above formula and account for some rounding.... say the actual bonus for my int is 4.6 and the game rounds to the nearest for displaying the tool tip then you would get a value of 15.625 for damage and maybe the game just truncates that value. The value of the CA bonus from int being based on character level means that if you want to stay ahead of the game you need to invest stat points and keep gear up to date, just like with any other stat in theory.
  10. Yeah, so it's been a while... But here's some new maths for everyone to think about: {base CA damage}+{CA damage step level}/10*{BaseSpellDamage value}+{CA damage from stat tool tip (int for spells)}=CA Damage Fireball level 1 for level 1 naked HE: (700+350+350+125)/10*0.25+9=47.125 (48 in game displayed damage) Level 1 Baneful Smite for Level 1 seraphim: (490+245+490+245)/10*0.25+5=41.75 (40 in game displayed) Level 2 Baneful Smite for Level 1 seraphim: (490+490+490+490)/10*0.25+5=54 (54 in game) Level 1 Skeletal Fortification for Level 1 SW (assuming +3 bonus CA damage from int...can't remember actual value): (700+350)/10*0.25+3=29.25 (29 in game) Level 2 Skeletal Fortification for Level 1 SW: (700+700)/10*0.25+3=40.5 (40 in game) Now this does leave a bit of room for some decimal rounding. Because from writing Sacred Sim I know the game truncates decimals and also doesn't necessarily use 0 as a baseline. This means that if the bonus damage from stats is normalized to 10=0 bonus for example then we can figure out the damage bonus per stat point and get a non-rounded bonus number. However, with a rounded bonus number we can derive a very close approximate value.
  11. I think most people tend to start on silver. Maybe bronze if they find they're not able to keep up with healing pots. I doubt, though, that anyone actually completes the game through bronze. Usually if my build is going to have riding I'll run through the main quest quick to get my special mount. Usually gets me to about level 13 or so. Then I immediately switch to Silver.
  12. Running the changelog through google translator isn't much help. But they say they are only patching scripts. Not fixing game problems. Now, I'm all for fixing broken quests and maybe I just don't play enough but I really haven't noticed any on my high elf. I know some exist since people have mentioned them and I'd like to help in this case. However since I can't really judge what's broken I guess I can't judge what's fixed either. Some of the quests listed in the changelog have worked perfectly fine for me...
  13. I had completely forgotten about that part and wonder if that's why he had to divide by 4, or multiply by 25%. He said himself that he didn't know why he had to use 4... Maybe changing the variable to 50 and dividing by 2 would give the same results in his baneful smite formula. I'll see if I can look into that.
  14. Amble

    Christmas Island Mod - Christmas 24/7!

    Does this still work with 2.65.2? I'm afraid to try incase it causes character corruption.
  15. I was trying to see if I could work out some damage mechanics with the information given in this post. The equation given there seems to be all over with the decimals, though it doesn't end up mattering since they get truncated anyway, and he doesn't explain where he gets his numbers from specifically. Like for "int/2" he actually uses int/2 as a percentage multiplier... IE seraphim's 25 int, divided by two is 12.5, which turned into a percentage multiplier would be 1.125. Translating those figures to the only class I'm familiar with, the HE, his calculation works out to be consistent, in that it's consistently incorrect. It's close but is always off by 3 on the low side. Which I figure means he's on to something. That's the only post in that thread with any damage calculations so I don't know where to go with it and I couldn't get anything more accurate than he got myself.