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  1. My 10 Questions About Loot

    Another quick question: On my Lv. 35 Dryad I've been able to accumulate different pieces of gear that have gotten my +%chance to find valuables up to between 92%-126%. Is that good for a Lv. 35 or do I need more?
  2. My 10 Questions About Loot

    Woohoo! Thanks for all the replies guys. They have most certainly helped. So, considering I've never been to The Great Machine, I am wondering. Do mobs there have a minimum level cap? Or can you go there at any level and start farming? Cause I am currently level 26, and I think at level 35 or so I'm going to start farmin bosses alot. Thanks again.
  3. Well, I recently read a topic in which someone was looking for a specific item; Nlovae's whatever. And I read a post which said something like, 'it doesn't matter what enemies you kill, but champions and bosses have a higher chance of dropping rares and uniques' . . . . Now, here are my questions: (1). How do I know whether an item is rare, or unique? (2). Do bosses have a higher chance of dropping rares and uniques than champions? that kinda seems like a noob question, but there you have it... (3). If I am looking for a specific item (Romuil's Tears), where should I look to find it? (4). Following question #3: Is one area, or one boss, more likely to drop certain rares and uniques? (5). Following question #4: Are drops completely random in occurrence? (6). Do certain bosses have a high % chance to drop uniques because of their location in Ancaria? Like, because you come across the White Griffin before you get to Carnach, does that mean that Carnach is more likely to drop uniques and set items? (MINI HYPOTHETICAL ?: Because on the console, its possible to teleport to Seraphim Island at Lv. 1. So, if you did that and got to the Carnach boss by Lv. 5 would he be more likely to drop good stuff over the Griffin at level 5?) (7). Is focusing on +chance to find valuables gear really worth the loss of strategic fighting gear? (8). Do certain items (Romuil's Tears) not start to drop till a certain level is reached, or a certain area is explored? (9). Following question #7: (FOR EXAMPLE) Is it possible for a level 5 to find a unique sword? Such as Romuil's Tears? (10). Is Bargaining a better General Skill choice than Enhanced Perception if one is looking for Set Items, Rares, and Uniques? Well, there you have it. . . . My 10 questions about the mystery of loot in this amazing game. Please answer them. If you wish, you may send me a personal message. In fact, they are prefered. But for the sake of answering these questions for other who wonder these same things, I suggest you answer them in the topic. Thank you so much for your time. steeleraine
  4. fema, it depends on your play-style. Do you like hitting fast with two weapons? Or do you like hitting slow but really hard with a 2-Handed weapon? I have 2 Seraphim, one with Dual Wield, one with a 2-Handed weapon. They are both successful, it just depends on your personal preference.
  5. Hey, I created a topic several days ago about a cave that is really good for leveling up in Tyr Lysia. I wanted to give individuals, who are using my guide, a visual of how to get to the cave. So, I thought, "Why not just hit the print screen button of the map on Sacred Wiki?" Well, I tried it, but there is one small problem . . . . I don't know where to find the place that printed screen pictures are saved to on my computer. Do any of you know where I can find it? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Requesting Guide for the Carnach Caves!

    Kinda, I was kinda just wondering how many bosses were in there. I guess only one. . . . ? Thats pretty upsetting.
  7. I was running around down there on my level 42 Dryad looking for bosses So, can someone either: (1) Reply with a thorough guide with pictures of how someone should run this dungeon. Or (2) Create a Topic to be hopefully stickied of a thorough guide with pictures of how someone should run this dungeon. Thank you. steeleraine
  8. Whats the difference. . . .

    Thank you for the explanation. My weapon should be fine until like level 22ish then I'm going to have to upgrade. :/ I really love this Seraphim build I came up with though. What do you think of it? 2H-Sword Seraphim *Combat Arts*: >Exalted Warrior - Soul Hammer (Aim, Battering, Coup de Grace) - Pelting Strikes (Succession, Enfeeble, Indentation) - Battle Stance (Premonition, Drill, Retaliation{x}) >Celestial Magic - Hallowed Restoration (Recuperation, Master Healer, Antidote{x}) >Revered Technology - Archangel's Wrath (Red Hot, Explosive, Greek Fire) - Divine Protection (Capacity, Boost, Improved Mirror) *Skills*: (in order of importance) 1. Tactics Lore 2. Celestial Magic Lore 3. Revered Technology Focus 4. Sword Weapons 5. Armor Lore 6. Concentration 7. Enhanced Perception 8. Constitution 9. Toughness 10. Warding Energy Lore *Attributes*: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality.
  9. Whats the difference. . . .

    Of course we would have to find a Kaldurs first...Ive never even seen one But you're right, dual kaldurs owuld be the peak of killing Seriously, everyone is always mentioning these weapons and other items that I've never seen. Although I was fortunate enough to pick up a Khander's Slicer (in reply above). Anyone know of any rare 2H weaps and where they drop? I am currently working on a 2H-seraphim and she owns, but I want to stay up to date with the best weapon. I am currently using a sword from the Blind Guardian quest, the one with +%chance to find valuables. And its got 2 Gold sockets and 1 Silver. I made the thing ridiculously good. Its pretty awesome. Especially with Archangel's Wrath! XD
  10. Alright, I'd like to add an update to this Topic. Here it is: (test) 1. I created a Seraphim and started a Silver Free World Game. 2. I teleported to Stoeford and ran to this cave from there. 3. By the time I got to the cave I was level 3. 4. Two cave runs and I was 4. 5. I am now Level 13 with 1 hour and 46 minutes of play time. I'd also like to add that I have NOT been using Mentor potions. Have Not. Personally I feel that this is a fast way to level. Please post if you know a better way. PLUS, I have been getting fantastic drops and my char doesn't even have EP! Its stupendous! Too bad mobs cap at 39ish.
  11. I am specifically asking about the XBOX 360 although I am unaware that matters. Anyways, I have a main Profile and my highest char is a 42 Dryad, I just downed Gar for the first time and just got my unique mount. But I was just wondering if I could create a new profile, new char, and join into a Free World of my 42 Dryad and down Gar again to boost through levels on a different Profile. So, I tried it. . . . I never got to Gar, I found that mobs I was killing with my Dryad weren't benefitting the level 1 I had as player 2. Anyone know why this isn't working? And . . . . Is there anyway to do this successfully? p.s. I apologize if there is already a topic on this. If there is please messege me the link and delete this topic. Thank you.
  12. Melee High Elf? WHAT?!

    And they can't Dual Wield.... A sword and shield would be the only melee I could/should go with? Thats somewhat aggrivating.
  13. Melee High Elf? WHAT?!

    Hello. I have been wanting to make a melee class that uses a 2H-Sword. But I already have a Seraphim and 2 Shadow Warriors. So, I thought I would try out a melee HE (MAGIC COUP). To give you a rough idea of the build I've been thinking about: (Keep in mind I want to be able to take alot of damage) Combat Arts: Arrant Pyromancer: - Blazing Tempest - Modifications: Scorch (dmg), Spell Flow (-regen.), Ambition (+crit%) Mystic Stormite: - Glacial Thorns - Modifications: Frost (dmg), Devastation (+crit%), Fusillade (+thorns) - Cascading Shroud - Modifications: Mist (-phy.dmg), Inconspicuous (-detection), Steam (-fire vul.) - Crystal Skin - Modifications: Glacial Mirror (spell reflect), Focalize (+Combat Art inten.), MSE (regen.) Delphic Arcania: - Magic Coup - Modifications: Heavy Damage (dmg), Life Leech, Stray Damage (hit nearby) - Shadow Step - Modifications: - Grand Invigoration - Modifications: Phase Shift (-cooldown), Sanctuary (invul.), Mend (heal) Skills: 1. Delphic Arcania Lore 2. Sword Weapons 3. Mystic Stormite Lore 4. Tactics Lore 5. Armor Lore 6. Constitution 7. Combat Reflexes 8. Enhanced Perception 9. Speed Lore 10. Spell Resistance My questions is: Can High Elves even use 2H-Swords?
  14. Great topic idea, I can't contribute anything worth a half cent cause I am so new to the game, but maybe in the future I can run some tests. Although I currently have over 50%+ chance to find valuables on all my armor and stuff, so I find set items fairly often. Although I do have one question. . . . Is an item considered a "rare" when its got a specific name? For example, I picked up a Bow called "Bull's Eye" (actually it might have been a quest reward but I do so many quests I wouldn't know which one). Its got great stats and stuff, but is it considered a "rare" if it has a name like that?
  15. Yeah, my main char is a Dryad (almost 40) and I have learned that Ancient Bark and GGT is just so OVER-POWERED! Plus, I'm using a sword/SHIELD. This char is unbelievably tough. Its rare that I ever even need GGT because of Ancient Bark but when I do drop to half health I pop it and by the time it runs out, I have taken down enough mobs for just Ancient Bark to keep me alive. I love this character. BEST TANK IN THE GAME? (seriously...... is she?) Lol! Anyways, this character is the only one I've made that I haven't just ditched. We'll see how I do against Gar'Collosus (probably spelt that wrong, am still in Tyr Lysia, so I only know about this boss from reading these forums. And the "Guardians" who are they? They sound tough! But I can't wait to get to them! A challenge is always invited by my OP Dryad.) roflroflrofl, I dominate