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    Battle Mage best combact arts

    Welcome to the forum. Have you tried any of the guides? I've used a gust of wind BM, Epox's thunder boy (lightning strike) and the flame spiral BM. Ice shards are probably the strongest combat art in terms of damage and regen times - stronger than fireballs. Fire spiral regen times are high but in a combo are one of the best boss killers. Lightning strike starts very weak in damage but is good vs mobs if you use ring of ice. Gust of wind has the disadvantage of pushing monsters back but is good vs monsters with little poison resistance.
  2. Augmint

    Warhammer: Chaosbane

    There's a dwarf as well. 9 minute mark - "Stronger beards give you better armour" lol
  3. Augmint

    Warhammer: Chaosbane

    Couldn't say tbh. I've only watched a few videos about the game on the channel I've followed for Last Epoch news. Here's some more footage if you are interested. One of the videos did mention their being only 70 different monster types so make of that what you will.
  4. Augmint

    Warhammer: Chaosbane

    There's a release date - June. Looks good, but only 4 classes. I imagine most people will be waiting on other games in development.
  5. Augmint

    Whats your fave build?

    I wouldn't say the following are clear favorites but more so builds that were much stronger than I thought they'd be - Sacred - Death from above build, Arnuums set, Pump Inferno, stomp - just demolishes EVERYTHING and Lightning strike build - took a while to develop, fun to use ring of ice on mobs then the zap the hell of mobs. - Sacred 2 Fallen angel - the dryad totem build with the gold scorpion. Acute mind, tinworas, deathblow, had a +18 skills amulet too.
  6. Augmint

    Last Epoch

    Something that came up browsing on youtube. Last epoch, now in alpha stage. Has some interesting mechanics and classes ( 5 base classes then masteries) https://lastepochgame.com/alpha-demo/ https://lastepochgame.com/classes/ Mixed comments also, Last Epoch release date: April 2020 (estimate)
  7. Augmint

    Last Epoch

    They are planning for 15, the Rogue class isn't available yet in the alpha. There's a new patch coming soon according to the Last Epoch subreddit, but no mention of when the Rogue will be available. One thing I like is they have is an arena where you can test your build vs waves of monsters. The game is shaping up nice, not sure how well it will do vs Wolcen and Lost Ark.
  8. Go to silver, there's no real benefit in going past level 30 Bronze. You can get much better drops from boss/champion monsters - they have yellow and blue circles on them This is pretty useful - http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/Misc.html I'm a big fan of the 'rim valley - gotten good drops. Orc cave is good too if you are in the desert.
  9. Augmint

    Last Epoch

    Glad it perked your interest guys. There's alot more gameplay footage. The thorn totems look really fun. The wiki has more info than the official page I linked to. Beta testing for Last Epoch is anticipated to begin in April 2019. An open beta is planned for January 2020. https://lastepoch.gamepedia.com/Last_Epoch_Wiki https://lastepoch.gamepedia.com/Skills And
  10. I know there are a fixed number of playable character types but this was something I was always curious about. Lizardmen have a few combat arts but are there any unfinished/hidden combat arts like there are with spells and weapons? Wondering if in the D2 mod the temple guardian slot - ala Assasin - could be taken up by a Lizardman?
  11. Augmint

    Attacks missing/not doing dmg to targets

    Also, this is pretty useful at a low level. 2 sockets, attack and defence bonuses and regen spells http://www.pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/Eggs-EnlightenedIron.html
  12. Augmint

    Attacks missing/not doing dmg to targets

    "It's kind of frustrating to hit ~5 times (NOT miss) but not to do any damage (weapon or Attack CA)" Little or none? Anyways fwiw Vamp in knight form does less damage than gladiator or Dwarf in melee and in vamp form does less damage in sunlight iirc. For improve attack/chance to hit you can get it via - a weapon skill - e.g sword weapons - attack values on weapons (swap weapons and see what chance to hit % changes vs last opponent) - hard hit and other weapon combat arts have a built in increased attack value and damage value - put points in strength http://www.pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/GameBasics-Attributes.html - use the blacksmith (put %attack/damage in spare sockets) or a rune (less regen penalty than if you eat one) - Agility gives a attack bonus as well as defence
  13. Augmint

    Unknowns to Dwarf

    Pick Physical regen for the extra HP and reduced combat art regen. http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/GameBasics-Attributes.html You can get resistance boosts by shopping for some amulets or use Dwarven armour I hate the Cerebropods too :(
  14. Augmint

    Unknowns to Dwarf

    Welcome to the forum. I would have thought dwarven steel would help the damage of cannon blast (being fire and physical damage). Haven't used a cannon blast build but I've used the vehemance build posted in the forums and I believe dwarven steel effects last about 60 to 90 seconds. Wish the wiki had more info on dwarven steel.
  15. Augmint

    Q about RI and DA on melee DW dryad

  16. I play every couple of months. Got half a dozen characters over level 100. Played a little today, trying a Seraphim eBolts build. Only at Level 26.
  17. No shared chest in single player made me sad
  18. Augmint

    When do you start eating runes?

    Used spoiler tags for Nunof. I searched resistances by region and not much came up for Sacred/sacred UW. Would have to play through it again and cross reference things with the wiki and the map to be sure but here goes.
  19. Augmint

    When do you start eating runes?

    If you have trading and agility, then parrying IMO would be wasted. You can get good defence on amulets & armour if you shop for them and agility already gives a decent % boost. Plus as a multi-shot/ranged build you don't really need to be in close range. Use life leech and call of the ancestors and its all good. I'd farm the rim valley (if you have a high survival bonus and they are still higher level), try see what drops before going to gold. Underworld has some weird quests and the map can be a bit confusing - Wolfes lair details them well. I never played UW below Level 40 or 50, so jump right in. Early part of the game has creatures that mostly do poison damage iirc, so that's something to look out for. There are alot of undead pirates as well if you have weapon bonuses vs undead, and the heroes cave is a good test of just how strong a build is.
  20. Augmint

    When do you start eating runes?

    Good to see 4x PA combo at level 35. You won't have trouble with bosses for a long time. In gold difficulty you might wanna get more resistance, and tailor it for the region. RE: the 95 unspent skill points? Are you using a mod? I'd put it mostly in weapon lore and concentration. And try and find some +combat arts. I didn't want to make you feel disheartened by the numbers I posted. It was just a rough estimate - with shopping and good drops it will all click and your damage will go up dramatically. My regen times are pretty high, got alot of +CA and weapon lore bonuses and if you look at the wiki the bonuses for the bow, the ring and Araelfi's Pure Misery (Body Armor) are REALLY good http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Araelfi's_Return And in case you haven't checked it out Wolfes lair has great info. I like to farm the Rim valley ALOT. Great drops. http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/PopularHG-RimValley.html
  21. Augmint

    When do you start eating runes?

    For the most part try to get combat art bonuses from gear rather than eating runes (its half the regen penalty iirc). As for combat art level/no. of runes - its subjective. Try look at all the factors for damage (weapon lore, strength/dex, elemental damage, base weapon damage, set bonuses, etc) and all the ones for reducing regen (regen special moves, concentration and physical resistance improves it too - can get decent bonuses on gear). If you are having trouble killing monsters its usually because 1. you need better gear (vs no. of runes or combat art level) for more damage or less regen and 2. you should make a buff suit, get some yellow potions and start using combos. Never used the unicorn much - you could try using call of the ancestors - very strong esp if you are lucky enough to get full ettol rahc bow and set or use thorn bush - always fun when it explodes EDIT - For a comparison, I looked up a multi shot wood elf build - Level 73 GOLD SB 87%, Explosive arrow at L9 - 1.6 sec, Penetrating arrow at L18 - 1.8 sec - damage of 23K to 30K, Combo of penetrating arrow (L32) x 4. Multi shot at 19, resistance at 4900. Weapon lore at 106. Picked trading. Araelfis bow and 3 others of the set. Could improve regen to about 1.2 - 1.3 shuffling things around and shopping, maybe a bit more damage. At Level 55 and Silver (bonuses are much better in gold and beyond) you would want to do (as a rough estimate) 8 to 12K damage depending on your gear and set bonuses. As long as you happy with your killing speed then its not a worry.
  22. Warding Lore + Constitution + a little damage miti on gear IMO is stronger than just Warding and toughness and no constitution when you take critical hits from bosses into account. But from memory you can get belts with 1K extra HP in Niob as well as amulets.
  23. Augmint

    Sacred 1 sucks

    Battle Mage is the weakest character starting off so whoever said Bronze was too easy should have added a qualifier - I'd never recommend a 1st timer to play Silver. Takes time to get your builds going. If you persist and play again do all the quests you can before the goblin lawn, get lots of potions - including yellows. Get your regen times low. Put points in meditation and fire magic. Play slow, take refuge at the inn halfway on the lawn. And it gets tougher in the desert with archers, make sure you have fire resistance along with ranged defence. Use ghost meadow as well. EDIT - and socket vampire runes 2 or 3 that have lifeleech as secondary effect Storyline is pretty solid if you play it all the way through. Sacred 2 isn't as tough starting out but you need a better understanding of the mechanics and there is more micro-managing with buffs.
  24. Augmint

    New Mod: Sacred Reborn

    The combat arts I mentioned were from builds I've played - EPOX Lightning strike build (plus Ring of ice, Ice shards) to Level 115 starting NIOB, Wood elf tendrils + call of ancestors build to level 103, and Dwarf 2H Axe vehemance build to around level 60? Not exactly the strongest combat arts but I can see the changes making them much stronger. (Side tracking a little here - Lightning does about 8.5 - 9K but 0.8 sec regen and with 8 hits can take out mobs pretty well. Plus ring of ice & % split. But then again my SB is not that high to be fighting monsters 15 or 20 levels above me) EDIT - Poison mist build is gonna be much weaker