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  1. I have very high bargaining and went searching for a lightsaber, after about 3 hours I finally got one only to find out it lowers my attack speed by 18%. Now it's like I'm swinging a 2-hander. Are all Lightsabers like that or is it just random? I suppose I could pump sword mastery up some more though.
  2. Exactly Kind of the same concept of why owning a real music cd always seems better than a burned one.
  3. I want Ice & Blood baddd...Just unsure of buying a download and not at an actual disc...lol...I know sounds dumb.
  4. http://s861.photobucket.com/albums/ab178/j...17-06-05-15.jpg
  5. I open up my inventory and cursor over the item, hit the print screen button and it closes my inventory then takes the screen shot, am I doing something wrong? As a matter of fact, my portrait/healthbar disappear and so does the map.
  6. I just screenshotted it, I haven't been able to find my Sacred SS's though...I'm still looking as I type this. How come when I take a SS it closes my inventory?
  7. I just screenshotted it, I haven't been able to find my Sacred SS's though...I'm still looking as I type this.
  8. First time I have ever seen it. I saved it just for grins.
  9. It was a blue item and I have v 2.43
  10. I found an item today that dropped from the Griffin boss...Scholars Cuirass of the Gods-Seraphim...with +2 Archimedes Beam...I've never seen an item like that.
  11. This Pure Devout Build viable at high level?

    I don't have Ice and Blood. Maybe I should take Ep over Speed Lore. If you take all Willpower don't you miss with melee alot?
  12. Hey guys, I am liking this build so far at level 19 just wondering if it would be viable at high level. Devout Guardian Focus Armor Lore Tactics Lore Sword Weapons Warding Energy Lore Concentration Combat Discipline Constitution Toughness Speed Lore I am focusing on Deathly Spears/Battle Extension Stam 25%-Strength 75% Any ideas on my skill choices or anything for that matter?
  13. Hey all, Quick question if someone finds the time. What rings/ammy's would be the best for this build? I was assuming +magic damage but then thought of spell intensity. Or am I off base totally? I just don't know how to socket for a Temple Guardian..or which BS arts to use.