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  1. Thanks Flix Can I also roll back if you know...?
  2. Hi guys have been using cm 1.50 on my current install of Sacred 2 If I want to play cm 1.60 do I need to reinstall the game....? or can I use the 1.50 disable exe and them use the 1.60 enable exe to update to 1.60? I also presume I will need to start a new character? Will 150 characters still be loadable for their chests? Thanks
  3. I cannot help on the bargainer tree aspect - except to say it sounds like a good idea to me; but I dont have the experience to know I am playing a Dragon Mage and I play single aspect Mentalism with polearms with life leech or leech life Mentalism has Mind Blaze which is a placeable Area of Effect attack and it's my main killer; it also has a buff and a debuff, which I tend not to use much I make sure my defense and armor rating are good (dexterity and blacksmith arts etc) and I am pretty hardy - no deaths so far Of course I am only at level 35 in silver so my experience th
  4. hey Gogo I still get the issue with moving between pages in threads Very occasionally it works - but mostly not However I discovered a simple work around which I'll share in case someone else has this issue after choosing to change page when it freezes on the loading screen refresh and there it is Simple Thanks for replying and morale support and all you do for the Sacred community
  5. hey Gogo I am still having issues using the forums since you changed them to the new design The same issue of not being able to move from page to page within a thread Could it be because I am using Windows 7? Has anyone else reported this issue very frustrating for me; all I get is an infinite loading screen
  6. Well, shortly after I tested the forum and replied to you I came back to Dark Matters and hey presto! it works now I'm now able to navigate the threads, so hopefully whatever it was is resolved and I wont have any further issues I'm back playing Sacred 2 (Dragon Mage) and I enjoy reading the in-depth analyses you and others have written over the years helps me make my skills choices etc Thanks
  7. Hi Gogo No I am still unable to use the forum threads with my PC or phone I can only load the first page of any thread My phone and my PC internet are with different service providers I have gone to a few other forums I use to check that I can use them and I can in all cases So I only have this issue with Dark Matters Very odd - has no one else reported this issue? I will ask a friend to try on their PC & phone and get back to you
  8. I cleared the cache and tried darkmatters.org and still the same issue I can move between threads, but not between pages within a thread So I can only view the first page of any thread I tried Internet Explorer on PC; and I tried 2 browsers with my phone (Chrome & the Samsung browser) I get the same result in all cases - infinite loading screen I cannot go past the first page of a thread on PC or phone in any browser I have
  9. Hi I am having problems reading threads because I cannot get any pages after the first page of a thread to load When I want to read the second page I just an infinite loading prompt So I can only see the first page of any thread
  10. I decided to reinstall and start playing Sacred 2 again after a long break I always play Dragon Mage for some reason and I am pleased to see that the Dragon Mage can now take Blacksmithing I think I notice a different spell effect for Energy Blaze; not the casting effect, the after effect on NPCs affected by the spell But not sure about that Thank you to all who have participated in creating the Community Patch and the new 1.60 update
  11. @ Flix I always had a lot of slowdowns and stuttering in towns on my previous rigs; but no crashes. The slowdowns bothered me enough to put the game aside repeatedly with the intention to wait until I had a rig that could run it properly. It was disappointing, but it didn't move me to anti-Sacred raging like some. I came to the conclusion it was a CPU bottleneck due to the code not being well optimised. But that is just a best guess. I am not a programmer. Does anyone know, does the game code run single or multicore? I still had problems on my previous Core2Duo (2.4Ghz). Many older games a
  12. I always use Nvidia; and I dont use compatibility mode on W7
  13. Very odd; I wonder why that is? Do you use the CM patch?
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