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  1. All-out Melee Build, last skill choice?

    Thanks mate! To be honest one of the major reasons I wanted to go with Knockback was that I thought I already had picked it, haha... Yes, I'm too lazy to do a play-over atm But since I hadn't, I'll be following your advice and going with Force. ESPECIALLY since I got it mixed up, thought knockback only added just that, knockback, and that the Combat Art had no knockback as of default... It's not a problem now but if it gets farther... Well I can see the annoyance there So It'll be Force, Intent, Rage as suggested! Furthermore after getting a little half-decent gear with my Inquisitor that has some bargaining (a nice two-handed axe with some RpH and some +all skills) this guy is a killing machine Demonic Blow and Scything Sweep at ~3s regen with three runes eaten in each and damage in the high 200's, meaning I hit for 350-400 regular hits and 700-800 crits... Still haven't found a champion mob that survives two hits and Gar'Colossus solo at level 19 was almost... Ridiculously easy That's probably just the twinking talking but I REALLY look forward to seeing how this build develops Thanks again for all your input! EDIT: Will be posting full build with mods and strategies here as soon as I have a little time on my hands!
  2. All-out Melee Build, last skill choice?

    No offence Claudius but I prefer not using Veil, it doesn't quite fit my playstyle (the smashing of faces and severing of limbs without hesitation or thought ). I'd really rather not do a three-aspect build either as I mentioned and Blacksmithing is out of the question since I'm on PS3 Appreciate the effort though! Right now I'm leaning more and more towards the skill-setup posted above, I like the balance between offence and defence, unless anyone thinks I'm gonna break my beloved little facesmasher by going with it? To me it looks rounded, perhaps a bit boring but that's less of an issue, and solid? Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. All-out Melee Build, last skill choice?

    Hmm this makes it a bit more interesting... Hafted weapons 75 and Tactics lore 200 leaves me at a total 0f 801 skillpoints with the rest unchanged as above but with the addition of 75pts Combat Reflexes... Since HW is points wasted, this raises the question: where to allocate the final 120 points? Either I can split them over Combat Reflexes and Toughness... Oooor... I Split it 60pts Combat Discipline for extra damage goodness since the increase skyrockets after 75 and remaining 60pts split over CR/Toughness... Leaving me at: Hafted Weapons 75 Armor Lore 75 Tactics Lore 200 Concentration 1 Malevolent Champion Focus 75 Death Warrior Focus 75 Combat Discipline 135 Toughness 105 Constitution 75 Combat Reflexes 105 Grand total: 921 skillpoints... Can you tell I like balanced builds? Haha... What do you think? Regarding Scything Sweep, cant' really say why but I REALLY like the knockback haha so that's staying, the point about Numb is very valid though... Aswell as the Frenzied bit, that's probably the way to go when I give it some thought! Thanks!
  4. Hello all! I've been tinkering with a Shadow Warrior build since I started one last night and I'm really enjoying it. The purpose of this build is all-out melee, I've no interest in casting at all. I can't however decide on my last skill choice and some skill point allocations. Pointers would be very welcome! And just to clarify, this is just the skill bit, so far I haven't put very much effort into the modifications but that is also going to be geared towards melee. What I've got so far is (in no particular order): Hafted Weapons 200 - For melee attack and damage obviously Armor Lore 75 - For defensive purposes Tactics Lore 124 - Mod points and damage Concentration 1 - Solely for dual buffs, nothing more Malevolent Champion Focus 75 - Rest of the mod points in this aspect aswell as regeneration times Death Warrior Focus 75 - As above Combat Discipline 75 - The Mastery Regen is really nice and I like three-Combat Art combos (thinking of Demonic Blow, Scything Sweep and Frenzied Rampage for one-button goodness) Constitution 75 - Survivability Toughness 75 - As above I'm modding Demonic Blow for Area of Effect (Vehemence), Armor reduction (Frailty) and Life Leech. Scything Sweep gets Knockback, Numb (stun) and Rage (hit storing). Frenzied Rampage is undecided as of yet but most probably Wounding (open wounds), Intent (crits) and Vampire (life leech). This gives me one attack for really all purposes, high single-target damage with good survivability through lifeleech and Area of Effect/arcing damage for groups. So... Should I dump a load of points into Astral Lord Lore and make two combos (single-target and groups), stay with nine skills for the extra points or go with either Combat Reflexes or Spell Resistance? Current skill layout has 146 points left over. I'm leaning towards making two combos, one of which will be Demonic Blow and Scything Sweep modded as above, for massive group damage. The other one being Frenzied Rampage and Spectral Hand but I reaaaaaally don't know if I wanna go down the three-aspect road... Feels like it's gonna cripple the purpose and usefulness of the build. Pointers? Thanks!
  5. Well I wouldn't say "random build"... I don't think spending two points in armor lore at level 12 instead of 2 points in concentration et cetera is going to bork our builds and so far it hasn't We're a great complement to eachother and so far we haven't hit and rock walls at all Sure, I haven't planned every levels skill choice in detail but we both have a rough idea of what our builds should accomplish and I'm gonna leave it at that for now. I'd rather see us having fun on the way (atleast the first time around ) than having a really boring time until we "complete" our builds or whatnot. Besides, if we DO screw it up we'll get the chance to try a new class Appreciate all your input though, helped alot!
  6. Need help with Among Orcs please

    Nevermind, after another 30 minutes of dumb running around I finally found it... God I hate that awful mini-map
  7. Hello all! Me and my girlfriend have been trying to complete what I believe to be the last part of Among Orcs for roughly an hour now and we simply can't find the way from the Orc-Thag village to the hill with the Grurag Chieftain on it. We've been running around for ages but we just can't find the path that leads up the blasted hill! Any pointers? Thanks a ton in advance! Edit: shadow campaign.
  8. Where has this game been all my life? No seriously, I really enjoy this game, we had a blast last night even though it was really confusing at times and it took alot of getting used to menus and so on. But damn, this game rocks! Girlfriend seemed to get hooked right away, SHE was the one not wanting to go to bed at 1 AM when I get up to go to work at 6 AM We decided to not go super serious on our first builds, although I am secretly pushing her towards a decent build albeit without telling her Some things she's just better off not knowing, she really doesn't wanna be bothered with all the micro-managing anyway so generally I've been giving her two options for every choice, slanted towards the one I think is better and she happily accepts it as "her" choice haha, I'm evil She's going for a HE nuker, haven't decided which aspect yet but starting off with magic coup and dual buffage and so far it's working great. I'm going for an Eye of the Storm-build and loving it, couldn't resist laughing manically out loud when my Clustering Maelstrom made short work of a 10+ pile of kobolds There's one thing I wonder though... The EOTS-build I've been glancing at stated the skill choices (in this specific order) Bargaining, Concentration, Combat Discipline, Astute Supremacy Lore and so forth... Is this even possible? How can you pick Concentration/CD before putting 5 points in a primary aspect skill? This has to be a slight error by the build creator, right? Anyway I went with Bargaining, then AS Lore and now I just got concentration so it's not like it was a gamebreaker, would be good to know for future references though if I run into this issue again. Thanks again everyone for all the tips and pointers, you all helped make our game experience awesome from the get-go!
  9. Well sounds like you guys will play much more relaxed then I am capable of playing so not sure you can really go wrong. Here are a few things that I did to make sure that I could cope with playing with my wife. (I use to be a fanatical gamer mind you and she does not play games) 1) Pre plan out BOTH builds and have it on PAPER so there is NOTHING to think about when you level. This REMOVES any stress on where to put points on either of you. You can still have hours of fun planning and she can too if she is into that but write it out so you don't have to worry about "messing up" in the game. 2) If you plan on playing these 2 characters through the ENTIRE game (meaning through NIOB) then I suggest you at least make sure they work well together in the later levels. When my wife and I first started out she took the BFG SEPH (we stumbled on this by accident really since she just wanted to play that character based on looks and we put 1 point into everything to test) and I took the Pyromancer elf.... well it could not have been more boring if I tried. My fire was completely worthless and unless we were fighting a boss I might as well have not been there. I was pretty much just there to help carry loot which got SUPER boring after a while. 3) I do all my wife's equipping of items, socketing, managing of points, runes, etc.... She loves just playing the game with me, killing stuff and having fun. She does NOT want to get bogged down in the minutia of character optimizing at all as it turns her off. 4) If you plan on playing through NIOB you will HAVE to have access to a shopper somehow, someway unless you don't mind dieing a LOT! 5) One combination that I think might be fun would be a shadow warrior army guy along with a high elf. This would give you guys some meat shields and both characters would be helpful through the entire mid to late part of the game. If after a while you start playing and you simply would like to restart with the most powerful DUO available for 2 people co-op IMO, hit me up for my builds and I will pass them along. We started with nothing (although I did make a bargainer and ran him up with our guys to buy us stuff. if you are interested in doing that look up the DRYAD VD Bargain builds or hit me up as they are wicked easy/fast to level up) and we are cruising along in NIOB arguably easier then we did in SILVER! Other then 1 set piece of equipment, we are not using anything that we did not find ourselves on our main guys. Now my VD DRYAD shopper is a completely different story as I gladly accepted handouts to run him up with minimum gaming time. You other option would be to make one of your main characters a shopper (likely the high elf IMO). Can you tell I enjoy talking about this game and strategizing even more then playing?! LOL Well to be honest I'm gonna see how the lady likes the game before I put my mind to if I should plan her entire build or just help her make her own decisions. We'll just have to see. But I'm taking bargaining for my Inquisitor so we'll have that covered. It might even turn out (as when we played Borderlands) that she ruins her build completely but doesn't mind. If that's the case I'll take over, I just don't want to risk making it too... What should I call it... Too much of a job and too little of a game. We'll see how she reacts, but as of now it's HE and Inquisitor. I haven't told her but I have pretty much two complete builds but I don't want her to think about that too much before we actually play the game because I've been noticing even me talking about planning the stuff makes her worry about how complicated this is gonna be haha. I'm like you, I love planning in detail and analyzing and so on and so forth but time will tell if I'll get to do it for both of us or if I'll lure out the RPG'er hidden deep within her, it's in all of us, just needs a little nurturing So for starters I'm gonna try and make the game as enjoyable for her as possible, how that is, only time can tell! Thanks alot for all your input though, it's invaluable! I'll make sure to let you know if this is the turning point that makes her a gamer or if she'll never let me decide what game we buy again...
  10. Alright, feels like I'm getting a hang of the mindset surrounding this game, sure is nice to have some nice folks like you all to help one out though Regarding my Inquisitor being the punching bag I suppose I'll have to dump a load of points into vitality and be on my tippy-toes! Now just an hour more of work and then off home to start the carnage, too bad I couldn't get tomorrow off haha...
  11. Thanks for the pointers man, very appreciated Turns out I'm lucky, the game arrived one day early, yay for quick postal service! This is a VERY good pointer, thanks a ton, this adds a whole new element to it... This enables her to get some time to get a feel for the game before she finalizes her plans for the build! Perhaps something along the lines of: 1. Delphic Arcania Lore - For Magic Coup and modding points. 2. Armor Lore - For defensive capabilities. 3. Concentration - For dual buffs. 4. Primary Elemental Aspect Lore skill - For damage and modding points obviously. 5. Primary Elemental Aspect Focus skill - For regens and modding points. Would this be a viable build early on while still giving her some time to try out the Fire and Ice combat arts respectively and getting a feel for which ones she likes more? I've been seriously thinking about going for an Inquisitor with an Eye of the Storm-influenced build (bargaining included). Could this be a successful combo? Me up close with melee and Area of Effect, she ranged Area of Effect. For massive carnage! Thanks!
  12. Hey there keyser! I'll get right down to it, no we don't mind dying, to be honest I'm actually counting on dying Not that I'm not ambitious, rather realistic Her stick control is rapidly improving but it's still... Let's call it erratic when put under stress hehe I'll probably be controlling the camera but knowing about the melée situation adds another perspective to it, definately... Regarding drops and difficulty I don't want it to be too difficult but not too easy and I don't mind being less of a killer than she is, although she doesn't mind that either. I spoke to her regarding what she feels and she thinks ranged caster, preferrably high elf. Perhaps some durable pyromancer or ice build for her and I can do... Ranged dryad perhaps? Or if she wants to play a nuker is there something else more suitable to team up with? What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  13. Great, thanks, seemingly out-of-nowhere hysterical laughing has just made everyone at work look at me funny... Although you're closer to the truth than I'd like to admit, he he...
  14. The part about being more lethal than me is probably going to make her love playing I've been listening to you folks here and looking around a bit and now I have a couple of good ideas of what to suggest and what to play myself aswell! I'm really REALLY happy I got jumpy and started looking into the game early on, making a broken build and having to start over wouldn't have gotten us off to a good start hehe. As of now I'm thinking Shadow Warrior tank build and all-out nuke High-Elf, BFG and ranged Dryad or Shield Maiden and something undecided... I'll make sure to let you guys know what we decide on once the time has come Don't think we're gonna go furniture shopping this weekend after all, she's probably gonna have to pry the controller from my hands with a crowbar...
  15. Hi there Rommel and thank you kindly! Hmm sounds interesting... I actually think the BFG build might appeal to her being not so complicated but still versatile... I'll keep it in mind! Well now that you say it it sounds rather obvious hehe. Thanks for the input!