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  1. You are welcome, might see you online at some point.
  2. I don't disagree with the statements made or opinions given. Ascaron made alot of errors. My main point is that Sacred 3 would do better on as many platforms as is possible.
  3. Lag issues for the xbox360 are common and infamous. The game is designed for HD TV and the computer coding is not very good. You need a very fast connection to reduce this problem and so does everyone you play with. Ways to reduce lag are the following: (1) Turn off all your damage details. You don't need to know how much experience you get or damage you or the enemy are doing. (2) Pretty magical effects create massive lag from all classes, the High Elf is the worst. Melee and ranged weapon attacks cause the least amount of problems. Cast magic slower to allow the engine to manage the data. (3) Turn off your buff effects. This doesn't mean don't use your buffs, just get rid of the graphic effect. (4) Turn off the targeting circle. (5) People using Mods in your game, so close the room and start a new one. (6) Avoid activating alot of side quests all at once. There are likely to be more ways, I just don't remember all of them. The first suggestion will make a huge difference. Good Luck.
  4. Rectify, I don't think Sacred 2 on the xbox360 and PS3 bankrupt Ascaron. With the PC lossing the sales battle with the consoles, the error was releasing the game on the PC first. The sale of consoles hardware and games is growing as the PC market shrinks. Consoles are cheaper, simple and are easy to hook into large screens. The growing market for games is the consoles.
  5. The only way I could see the print on sacred 2 was to get a HD tv.
  6. Ignore the message I sent you, you appear to be on the Xbox, but your profile says PC. Just a bit of confusion, not big deal.
  7. I've been off the online game for about one month, but hope to play a bit more. Just hard to find players on the xbox. Tag name gasbomb129.
  8. My tag name is gasbomb129. I have about 50 characters from level 1 to 200.
  9. I tend to find that I get more set pieces from killing lots of enemies or doing quests rather than bosses. I'm sure people assume that killing a boss should give you a good item and check their invemtory every time after killing a boss, so when one drops they assume it was because they fought a boss. I usually have no idea what got me a good item because I don't check my inventory straight after killing a minion or completing a quest. It could have come from a chest, minion or quest.
  10. I run 2 warriors with: sharpened blades, tower shields and improved armour. They never die or get in the way and kill bosses faster than my shadow warrior. They have become more powerful then my shadow warrior and I'm playing on Niob with a level 199 character. The game lags and locks up less with just the two warriors also. The only draw-back is sometimes the second one gets lazy if the enemy isn't likely to threaten your character and just stands there. I'll never do four warriors after seeing the hassles some people get into.
  11. I play on the xbox360. Things I do to reduce lag are: turn off the damage details and experience counters, turn off buff effects under the display section and keep gore off. A lot of my character builds use very few spells, magic area effects are a pain with a few people in a room.
  12. I'll have to pass this on to my friends playing Sacred, nice to hear that date of 2012.
  13. Welcome, I've spent 9 months learning to play the game and still discover stuff I didn't know. I can play it no matter how tired I am, so watch those late nights, lol. I'm online with xbox also.
  14. The side quests can be a little silly, but here are some good ones. The 'Secret Chamber' quest is a massive dungeon that will score you a Temple you might be looking for. At higher levels side quests will level you up much faster than grinding.
  15. Not at all, Concentration is a must and Buffs are good. Warding Energy on the xbox version has no life bar so you don't know when it's going to drop. The shield gets better over time and you need to be loaded with runes, but don't rely on it totally. I haven't completed work on a Celestial Seraphim, so not sure about power output; but you can take all three buffs and not have the focus for the other aspects.
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