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  1. Few things I noticed with GoW. If a mob gets stunned they don't get pushed back. So it could be a good thing or bad thing. The poison damage also stack with each cast. From my testing I think it ticks every second for 5 seconds. Poison from each cast of GoW have its own dot. I'm fairly certain it does poison damage, it does a lot less damage when used against hunting spiders compared to earth elemental. never seen the dot critical though. The stun is also pretty handy. I think it can stun most bosses, at low level it can pretty much perm stun bosses, on noib testing it seems to kee
  2. Can you really get yellow dragon head from young dragons (with the addon?) I have killed a lot of young dragon, got tons and tons of white dragon head, but no yellow or blue ones. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm thinking about making an utility Ice warden (with the addon), and basically come down to two builds. The first one is a standard melee devout guardian warden, as per this thread by Dobri http://www.darkmatters.org/forums/lofivers....php/t9517.html Alternatively, taking that build, I'm thinking about replacing tactical lore, Enhanced Perception, and hafted/sword lore with Source warden lore/focus and combat discipline to turn him into a source warden AOEer. Just wondering in people's general experience, which type of Temple Guardian are faster levelers and have better
  4. Toughness it is then. Does this build use any other combat art from other aspects for utility purposes? if he doesn't I can see expert touch being fairly good on this build. thanks.
  5. I'm going to try a Pryo HE in ice and blood, and just wondering if experttouch mod would be worth it? Would shadow step still be useful if it is on the same cooldown regeneration as pryo spells? or would that be way too risky. Thanks.
  6. I don't think you can get the same amount of raw damage due to Ice & blood nerfing not only acute mind value but how much damage you get from stats. But, as Chattius has said there is a bug with staff lore where darting assault basically is treated as melee weapon (ie, no target limit, no travel time) but with range of 2 screen. So when combined with darting assaults and other combat arts like that it is even more powerful than before.
  7. Hello, just couple of questions. 1. Would this build still work with Ice & Blood? I imagine it should be just as good if not better due to RpH items. 2. I don't really need Enhanced Perception, just trade and smith. Now, if I replace Enhanced Perception and devout guardian focus with source warden lore/focus, wouldn't this mean my shield and battle aura will be rather low in level due to lack of devout focus? Thanks.
  8. I believe the "animations" themselves are controlled by cast speed. So at combat art level 80-ish I think you believe that DD would offer 100+% protection from Combat Arts? The math says so, but I am a firm believer that anything we can use, the enemies can also use. So if some monsters have the innate ability to bypass your blocking, you will get hit by a Combat Art at some point or another. Really? is this still the case even with Addon? I tested Dust Devil, even at level 140 it only offers something like 60ish % chance to block spells. So I guess no combat art immunity. O w
  9. That's true, but in Noib bosses has million+ hp even if you don't count armor and damage reductions. Unfortunately I don't think there are any ability let me hit that hard. At least not with the Addon. Never played the inquisitor, does this mean with high level pet you basically double your life leech % and then some? That could be very interesting. While GoW does do good damage, it is beginning to lose its luster in plat. I can't perm stun bosses anymore nor take out 1/5th of bosses' hp in one cast. While a shuriken does kill slightly slower, but it is far far safer, I don't even need
  10. Couple questions. Are darting assault and Ravage impact attack modified by attack speed? I think I read somewhere that combat art typically have their own special animation and they are not affected by attack speed. if this is true I wouldn't need to pick ranged lore. From the wikia it says dust devil offers 20% +1%/level to block spells, that seems insanely high, does this mean you can effectively become immune to combat arts in a dust devil with enough dust devil level? this seems too good to be true. Thanks.
  11. Doesn't ancient bark kinda offset that? I know she can't get toughness for damage mitigation. Also, so long as she can keep on leeching, she can survive so long she's not stunned, disabled, or one shotted later on. Trying to determine if I should build my temple guardian, my Dragon Mage, or dryad for Noib boss killing. Temple guardian looks pretty scary as well with haft mastery, Kahdour's legacy, and battle extension. Can your battle extension perform double attack as well? Would it be a quad attack? Out of the three it appears Dragon Mage is probably has the worst killing speed, but
  12. the sets are pretty good. the dryad can see 5% from full detheya's. the seraphim over 3% from 8 pieces of revelation of the seraphim, and the temple guardian over 3% from the CC10. High Elf has no LL% set bonus, nor does the Shadow Warrior. wow, 5%. She can dual wield on top of that... Wouldn't that basically make dryad the best boss killer in the game? I know it just means she can kill it in 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds, but that's still much faster.
  13. Thanks Gogo. So besides set item bonus (which I think only high elf and dryad has) there is no other ways of getting life leech by % except through the few unique weapons and yellow two handed weapons/shurikens right? Just want to confirm because I heard people talking about 4, 5, or even 9% life leech by %. I have no idea how one can get that much life leech %.
  14. Not counting the bonuses you get from full set bonus. What's the highest life leech % you can get on different weapons and in total? Are there any other items besides the rare weapons with life leech? shurikens? Two-handed swords? Pole-arms? And what's the optimal level to shop one? thanks.
  15. What about things like, reduce attribute by %, such as weaken and maelstrom from Dragon mage. Lets say I have a DM with maelstrom that says -40% to all attribute. If I cast it, would the 87% damage mitigation now be 52.2%? and the 10000 armor now becomes 6000 armor?
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