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  1. Xodusness

    S2 Silly Pics

    Hahaha, so many fun pics Keep em coming ^.^
  2. Aaaah, nice Here I was thinking socketing runes was useless
  3. Xodusness

    Kiss me you big beautiful Dryad Trader!

    I don't think you can post 2.31 patch
  4. Xodusness

    Going on a vacation

    yeah, I know it's important not to get carried away.. All work, no play makes a dull guy.. me no want gerrrrr But I'll make a giant effort now, coz then my pay will rise by quite abit, and I can ease out more after awhile when things settles down and my new benefits can be reaped without working my rear end off *ish teh greedy one yesh* !
  5. Odd, that's what I say to my wife sometimes ... Hmmm.. That pun was actually un-intended
  6. Xodusness

    Going on a vacation

    Now I'm back home again, had a great time 2 days out of the 14 was rainy, the rest, sun and 24-26 degrees C Looking to be quite busy on the work side for alittle while tho, so won't be able to play much if anything for awhile longer (My manager has gotten very sick, so I stepped in as temporary manager until she got back which means a big load of extra work, but also more pay mowahaha) Will at least poke around the forums tho =)
  7. Xodusness

    Kiss me you big beautiful Dryad Trader!

    Nice one Gogo Shopping is fun
  8. Weee! Thanks for the welcome guys Is great to be all the way in
  9. Xodusness

    Going on a vacation

    Pics is a go(go) Pun intended
  10. Come 27th I'll be leaving for Gran Canaria for two weeks, and up until then I'm occupied more or less with x-mas stuff, so I'll see you again after the holidays =)
  11. Xodusness

    Your Deeds Shall be Forever Remembered

    Awwwww.. Just saw on the ladder your refined toon has died Put.. So sorry to hear that.. What happened?
  12. Xodusness

    Hello Fellow Ancarians

    Welcome to FDM Noctos =)
  13. OOooh, this is definately cool, and who knows.. Maybe some secret way to finding your inner Zen