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  1. Just had another one drop for me, the Stone Golem boss at Orcish Byway dropped a Loki's Slicer for my level 33 Dyrad. Was my first time even getting a unique out of the Stone Golem, this time he dropped the legendary and a unique set armor piece all at once. I guess the maxed EP is doing its job.
  2. Just 5 minutes ago, AT LONG LAST, I had a legit legendary weapon drop for me, a level 60 Magisil. I had pretty much given up hope that I'd ever get a legendary weapon to drop from a normal monster, after the countless hours that I've played this game. I'm in the middle of the Dryad Islands, the Magisil dropped from either a champion tree or champion purple flower. I'm using inquisitor also so no EP, only around 15% CFV. I've had a few toons with maxed EP and never had a legendary drop, but now one drops for my level 48 inquisitor in Silver?! I'm still sitting here in complete astonishment... Proof: http://I.imgur.com/WV5Bi0G.jpg
  3. An Amazing Discovery...

    Probably, yes. If you have a PS3, make sure you are using a HDMI cable (assuming you have an HD TV) and not RCA's, or else you are not taking full advantage of the PS3's capabilities!
  4. SO... I had always played Sacred 2 for my PS3 on an old flat screen console television set and connected it to the TV using RCA jacks. I just recently moved and my PS3 was damaged during the move, so I took it to a repair shop a few days ago to get it fixed. After getting it back, when turning on the PS3 there were bars scrolling vertically across the screen, so I took it back to the shop again. But over there when they plugged it in, everything looked fine, so I said OK, the issue must be the RCA cables that I'm using. And they said "Oh you're using RCA's? You really should use an HDMI cable". It just so happens that the new TV that I have is a widescreen HD tv, so I bought an HDMI cable. Brought it home, connected the HDMI cable to my PS3 for the first time, fired up Sacred 2 and... holy FECAL MATTER!, it's like a whole new game! I quickly realized that Sacred 2 for PS3 was designed and meant to be played on an HD TV w/HDMI cable. I can actually clearly read all of the text now. The graphics look gorgeous compared to before, everything looks great. And to think, if my RCA cables weren't causing the scrolling bars on my display, I probably never would have even tried an HDMI cable for my PS3 and would have kept on playing in standard definition... I'm almost glad that the PS3 got damaged now, I can finally see and play Sacred 2 in its true form, and it is BEAUTIFUL. This is definitely a big FYI for anyone playing Sacred 2 on PS3 - MAKE SURE TO PLAY IT ON AN HD TV WITH HDMI CABLE! IT'S A TOTALLY DIFFERENT GAME!
  5. The Slicing Scythe dropped on Shadow Warrior. I had max points in EP as well - I think this has a great effect on what items drop and I likely wouldn't have gotten the Slicing Scythe if it was not maxed. I've played all 6 characters quite a bit, High Elf probably the least followed by Temple Guardian. The other 4 I've played a ton. I've only gotten one Quetzal's First Strike, same with Excalibran and Dark Guardian. Two Lord Wayne's Playerkillers, two Flame Smiters. Only one Ice Flash (was surprised this was not in the tier 14 list). Several Serpent Tongues. Anyone ever had an Extremely Mighty Bat of Devastation drop? I haven't... Never seen Romuil's Tears either.
  6. Thanks much for the list Flix! I checked over the list and I would say that all of those are definitely very rare, except for Nengruil's Doombringer - is it possible you included that one by accident? I can say with 100% certainty that it is not anywhere near as rare as the other tier 14's, in all my Sacred playing days I've acquired at least 30 Nengruil's Doombringers (maybe even closer to 50!), compared to all of the others in that list in which I've only acquired 0-2 of each one.
  7. Ah, that makes sense then as to why I've never had a legendary drop except for Enrico's Eternal Search... Is Enrico's a tier 14 legendary item? Do you happen to have this script available which shows the tiers of all items?
  8. This item had always seemed like just a myth to me, something only to be seen in the unique items list on the Sacred wiki. After countless hours of game play over dozens of toons, not a single one had ever dropped for me. Finally I can confirm that this beast is not a myth! I was just finishing up the orc stage and was going to pass up the orc cave to save myself a few minutes... I talked to the sea captain to start the Seraphim island levels when I said "eh what the hell, I usually get at least one cool item from the orc caves". Cleared the cave, checked my inventory, and there it was right at the top, a level 38 Slicing Scythe! Has anyone else had trouble finding this item? It seems to be one of the "rarer uniques" that hardly ever drops, same with Lorga's Sword and Zepetl's Short Sword (I've only found one each of these), compared to one's that I see quite often such as Torik's Wrath or Nengruil's Doombringer.
  9. Dear Sacred 3 Devs, I'm well aware that the game is already being worked on and it is probably not possible to make any huge changes to the road which is already being taken as far as developing S3, but I still feel the need to get this off my chest, especially since I just recently started playing Sacred 2 again (and am still enjoying the hell out of playing it). Let's think about Sacred 2 for a minute, about the game that it was supposed to be, and the game that ended up making its way to store shelves. There was a huge team of software engineers working on this game for years. They probably didn't even know what they were getting into when they started. It is a HUGE game. The world map alone is enormous, and with so much detail. So many places to explore that don't really have much purpose, but are there anyways. A lot of other programmers would have just removed such places - why spend so much time on an area which has no real reason to be in the game in the first place? For example, there is an area in the Orc country that is high on a hill overlooking two or three rivers converging together into a waterfall beneath me. It is absolutely gorgeous. It serves zero purpose as far as the gameplay or story, but that is maybe why I thought it was so cool. I was just wandering around seeing where the wind would take me and trying to check out some unexplored areas, and I found this beautiful vista. In my opinion, this is one of the things which makes Sacred 2 so unique, but also serves to show how much potential the game had if the Sacred 2 developers just had more time to work on it. Sacred 2 is the ultimate unfinished gem. That being said, anyone who played Sacred 2 and stuck with it long enough to realize what a great game it was already knew exactly what they wanted for Sacred 3 - they simply want a finished, polished version of Sacred 2. Sacred 3 was supposed to be everything that Sacred 2 was striving to be had there been enough time for it to be completed. It was supposed to build off of an already winning formula. The primary ingredients of this winning formula did not need to be changed at all, it only needed things fixed and added to it. Even the graphics didn't need to be upgraded - Sacred 2 players don't give two craps about fancy PS4-esque graphics and SFX. We just want solid, bug-free gameplay and a huge world to explore. S3 devs, you have to understand and keep in mind what it was that made Sacred 2 so unique and good and what made its players demand a 3rd installment. Sacred 2 players don't want another Diablo. They don't want a game that is similar to other popular games. Sacred 2 players want to play SACRED. But it seems you devs at Deep Silver do not realize that you already had a winning formula sitting in your lap. Maybe all you saw were the average to poor reviews of Sacred 2 when it first came out and said to yourselves "ok, let's just start over and make something similar to Diablo - yea, that shouldn't be too hard." In order for Sacred 3 to be successful, you need to take a chance. You need to trust in the winning formula that was Sacred 2 and believe that when enough people realize how great of a game a polished Sacred is, they will come in droves to buy it. I've been playing video games for almost 30 years now and I can't believe how much of my free time I still put into Sacred 2 to this day. After my countless hours of playing, I'm still thoroughly enjoying this damn game. But wow, if there was a new, polished version of what I'm playing now? I'll be there with my wallet ready the first day it's out. You could sell it for $99 and I'd still buy it without a second thought. I don't think I could say that about any other game. As I've stated before, if the new Sacred 3 stays on its present course and does not resemble the Sacred series in any meaningful way, I will absolutely not buy it, I'll instead purchase Ice and Blood (I still only play Fallen Angel). If you guys are going to change the things which made the Sacred series unique and awesome, please don't even bother with it. Or at least, PLEASE, don't call it Sacred.
  10. Sacred 3 Gameplay in "Slow Motion"

    I had just started playing Sacred 2 again a few days ago after about an 18 month hiatus/League of Legends binge and I come back here now and see that Sacred 3 is actually on it's way to the store shelves soon - wow! But then I read a few big things about Sacred 3 game play that worry me (as well as many other fans of the series): 1. No loot 2. No open world 3. Each character class can only use one type of weapon These are core components of what made Sacred so special and unique and why I still dust off my PS3 every now and then to play it. I totally agree with what podgie_bear said "Special effects do not make a game good, they usually seem to be added to hide the inadequacies in the game and in the case of that video they just hide whether the game looks interesting to play or not." This sort of reminds me of what happened with the Final Fantasy Series when FFXIII came out (the first FF developed for PS3)- the graphics were amazing, but the actual gameplay and linear world were terrible compared to its predecessors. It's still the only FF that I have not even bothered to play through a second time. If I don't read some really good feedback here after S3 comes out, I will skip it and instead purchase Ice and Blood for PC (I still only play Fallen Angel on PS3) - I will get a fresh "Sacred experience" one way or another! Before I leave, here's a meme for my fellow Sacred fans: http://memegenerator.net/instance/47714462
  11. Download Sacred 2 Gold - 13.49~!

    Vacation?!? VACATION?!?! Sheesh! I was going to buy it right now, darn.
  12. Here here, good first post! And yes, Sacred 2 > all!! People playing D3 don't know what they're missing!
  13. Been playing Champions of Norrath for the past few days or so... it's ok. Certainly a good game for being PS2. Too often I find myself comparing it to Sacred 2 though, and not surprisingly it pales in comparison in every way, except maybe the voice acting (lol). I have watched a few live streams of Diablo 3 as well, and also compare it to Sacred 2. It does not impress me at all. I don't really like this stuff with "acts" either... I love in Sacred 2 how you can go way far ahead in the world (and in monster difficulty) basically from the very beginning if you want to. These other games feel so constrained. I see myself starting another new Sacred 2 toon in the near future...
  14. Sacred 3?

    Sacred 3 is the only game I can possibly think of that I will be at the store the very first day it comes out to buy it ...although I may be over 40 years old when it finally comes out. I'll still buy it though.
  15. Thanks much for the responses and suggestions guys! I did a bit of research online on the games you guys mentioned, I think I'm actually going to try the Champions of Norrath game for PS2, seems to be basically what I'm looking for.