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  1. My best until now is average 0.1922 Rocketing Rabbit What more funny... On laptop
  2. thek

    Dryad Island Tree Miniboss Won't Die

    This is most irritating mini-boss. He has a spell that heal more than half of his health :/ When you are too weak you are unable to kill him. Your damage must be big and you very fast at dealing it. If not - don't try to kill him.
  3. thek

    Paying with a credit card

    Everything depends how card will be used. Pay pal is system of online paying and is quite usefull and international. But you were asking about cards, so there are only two options: credit or debit card. There is difference between them. Main is way of paying for transaction. Credit card takes your money for a transaction at the end of month as a 0% credit (usually). Debit card takes your money for transaction immediatelly. So for online shoping is less safe. When you are cheated you may always stop transaction when you have credit card (or at least try to stop), what is almost impossible when using debit card. What more... Not all cards are accepting international transactions or companies use bad exchange ratio for foreign currencies. And many times they add additional fee for transaction with cards (no matter credit or debit) so look out for all additional costs of transaction, because sometimes you may pay more than you wanted and expected. If we talk about safety of transaction... It depends only from your caution. Look out for keyloggers on your computer and sites where you buy. Transaction MUST BE encrypted and using at least https protocol during it. Check exactly that site and avoid scams. Chip cards are more safe than with magnetic stripe, because it is much harder to copy data from it. So choice and safety depends only from you and is based on your caution... With my experience I know what I'm saying, because I was using many times debit card for many trasactions even in public places. Remember about not giving card anyone. For transaction with card you need: card number, safety code (mostly 3-digit number at back side of card),personal information (like first, second name and surename) and PIN. Three of them are on card so when someone steal it, only need PIN to use it. Don't let no one take it from you. For example in restaurant, someone could add extension to terminal and copy data from card. Also can look on your fingers and remember your PIN. So being carefull is best way to avoid any dangerous situation. REMEMBER: In security chain, human is the weakest link.
  4. thek

    Sacred Gold on netbooks

    Sad to say, but in this game resolution IS a real problem. Game is working only with this fixed resolution. Sometimes you can start game in different, but it's rare and it is a huuuuuuuuuuge luck. Problem is also in a ratio. When you have panoramic display it also won't start and only way to play is switch in that case to window mode. You may have even few times better configuration than needed, but you cannod win with fixed resolution :/ I was playing Sacred on many desktps, laptops and 95% of problems was solved by switching off movies (problem withdifferent version of wmv codecs) or switching to window mode. Lasting 5% graphic problems was caused by drivers, but not very often. In your case I'm more than sure, that resolution is involved.
  5. thek

    Your Location

    I was born in Lubliniec, and lived there for almost 25 years. And that is what we are known of... Then for 1.5 year I went to Glasgow and worked there. From about more than half year I live in Konin with my girlfriend
  6. thek

    Something wonderful?

    As I write earlier: First push the button. Then go to Something Beautifull and talk with guy inside. He gave you a quest with Ascarom staff. Ascaron staff are people with "!" above head on map, but better map is on wolfes-lair Clicking on "!" link you to screen of that guy and his exact location.
  7. thek

    Something wonderful?

    Yes it's quest with Ascaron member staff You should open this gate by clicking buttonin cave in Jungle area. This cave is HERE on middle. Then gate about you say becomes open. Inside is guy who will give you quest. Talking with all Ascaron staff in many places of Ancaria. You probably meet them to this moment few times.
  8. But activating captain in Thylysium to get to Mount Island is without sens. Map don't reach to that point. At least in my panoramic display (1280x800) I cannot reach there even. If you have that message you can find nearest Captain in Artamark Gate or same village you talk to decipher map but little on north-west HERE. Simply click on captain (steereing wheel over head) and it show you map. Mount Island is south-west from Seraphim Islands.
  9. thek

    Defragging our computers...how often?

    I defrag only when see that my system is slowed down. But I'm good in keeping it in good condition (I have an aye on autostart, registry, firewall, AV and free discspace) so defrag is rather rare. Last time about 6 months ago. I also use Auslogics Registry Defrag (registry can be also fragmented) and then Auslogics Disk Defrag. Of course first I remove unwanted files, game, software and manually clear system registry with RegCleaner (RegClean is different application). Today I have more mork far from computer so run defrag. Too many times I have added and removed files from HDD from last defrag
  10. Hi... I don't know if that help you, but along with Schott I've started making interactive map of Ancaria. Now it is partly done (without markers), but it has different layers for Surface (Powierzchnia), Undergrounds (Podziemia) lvl1 and lvl2, so that may help you with the view of Undergrounds and searching paths. Markers aren't working now (but legends is already in sidebar). I'll start working with that stuff before New Year HERE you can look on it... Maybe that help you a bit...
  11. I just finished packing gifts This day I'll spend with my girlfriend family. I helped her with christmas tree (living not artificial) somy fingers are a bitter sticky Of course a little help with Christmas Supper and now waiting for First Star and family... Merry X-Mas for everyone and white... because from few hours it's snowing in Konin
  12. thek

    Walther boss

    I add my opinion. Onbronze I was fighting with him my 4x level SW and traps killed him very fast. I didn't use even one potion. Many, many, many times harder for that char was Ghost of Christmas Future. With each hit that ghost was loosing than quarter milimeter. Walther died after maybe 20 hits. During incoming days I go there with my 2x fire-HE and check his toughness
  13. thek

    Sacred 2 Character Achievements

    And I had some strange bug :/ I have char from unpatched version. It's about 50lvl and because of many crashes all his titles are vanished. He has almost 50lvl and only one title despite about 550 side quest done and about almost 50% WD.After typing PRINT ACHIEVEMENTS in console it show me only 1 title To compare my fire-HE on 23lvl have 6 titles when I type this command (I'm trying to do less than 20% in campaign so don't have much of them).
  14. Hey... Maybe add minibosses on Christmas Island? There are 3 of them on it
  15. OK... From unknown reasons this goblin doesn't appear just after patching :/ Show up today. Yesterday I run near his place twice and twice loaded game. Today was third time but this time he was in his place