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  1. Torchlight II Media Thread on RGF (Runic Games Forums): http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=14770 Should be updated soon...
  2. Torchlight is the second reason (the first one is a rather personal, and it had nothing to do with bugs - except those between my ears) why I haven't been playing Sacred 2 anymore, after... Well, my last post here. Suffice to say that I semi-accidentally found Torchlight, and I have been rather busy playing it, trying out various experimental builds and so on. And, naturally, participating in Runic Games Forums' discussions. I sure will play Sacred 2 again, but with Runic's recent announcement of Torchlight 2, Blizzard's Diablo III coming out next year (positive thinking) and Grim Dawn... Hmm. We shall see. Perhaps I will wait until Sacred 3.
  3. Sacred 3?

    Let's play Torchlight while waiting for Sacred 3 and Diablo 3, shall we? I just purchased it a couple of days go, and it's great fun. Recommended.
  4. Lucky/unlucky toons upon creation

    False alarm. Today my Seraphim found three uniques and one set item within two and half hours. I am relieved...
  5. Lucky/unlucky toons upon creation

    Perhaps it's too early to write about my personal experiences regarding "lucky" or "unlucky" characters, but I have played with two Seraphims within past couple of weeks - and the first one of them seemed to have far better luck of finding good quality items. I got my first set piece drop just after I left Sloeford (a Kobold dropped it!), and after that I found rare and unique items on an almost regular basis. Before my first Seraphim "retired" at level 35, she had found about 10 set pieces and more than dozen uniques (not including class-specific items). But the other Seraphim, the one I created two days ago, haven't found virtually anything noteworthy yet; not a single unique or set item. I sure hope she isn't born under a bad sign. But as I said, it's still early. I will return to this topic later, when my new Seraphim has gained ~10 levels more...
  6. Dark Seraphim and her twin sister...

    Thanks for the info. Those kind of bugs really... bug me. Big time. I hope there aren't more quests which require proper pathfinding. If I'd knew the titles of them, I could make a backup of the savegame files before trying my luck...
  7. Sacred 2 weather

    I haven't left the High Elf region yet, but I remember seeing a video featuring lightning. Besides a brief, light rain every now and then, there's always sunny in Tyr Lysia. So what I am asking is: are there more weather effects in the game; and if there are, are they limited to other regions? If that's the case, it seems odd to me...
  8. Character customization

    Same here. That must explain why my Seraphim has developed a nasty habit of dying.
  9. I have the downloadable version of this map and I also checked the online version just a minute ago, and I think there's one resurrection monolith missing. It's located roughly halfway between Thylysium and Sonnenwind, beside the main road, atop a small hill.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Could you read my edited post above?
  11. Dark Seraphim and her twin sister...

    For certain reasons I started the game all over yesterday. It was the third time already, and I am starting to doubt if I will ever leave Tyr Lysia. Anyway, I picked the "Children and Demons" quest (it seems I am stuck with Seraphim) and headed towards the cave, where the children were being held captive. And then things turned strange. Someone was lurking in the bushes beside the road - the sister of the Dark Seraphim! I am not kidding; she was the spitting image of her. My Seraphim stopped to chat with the exotic looking lady, and heard the news of the day. With "Lumen bless you", naturally. And while I was chatting with the sister, the Dark Seraphim herself was busy instructing her henchmen. I could see them in the distance. She vanished (like she is supposed to do) and my Seraphim slaughtered the brigands. All good. Then the twin sister appeared. She headed towards the cave entrance, found a nice bush and started to... lurk. I already realized that the quest was unfinishable because the kids' toys didn't spawn, but nevertheless, I decided to enter the cave. No brigands, no key. End of game. New start with Seraphim v. 2.1. Let's hope fourth time is the charm...
  12. A couple of questions before I apply the patch. First: I don't need to start the game all over, after I have applied the new version, right? Second: Is there any chance that the new patch version might "break" quests (original, untouched or those fixed by v0070) that I have already taken, but which haven't been completed yet? Just asking. I've had my fair share of issues with this game already... Just to explain the reason behind my first question: I applied the CM patch before I started playing Sacred 2 the first time. By the way, what do you mean with resetting White Griffin "to original state"? I am asking this, because the damn beast killed my level 35 Seraphim just like that a couple of days ago. I tried to defeat the King of the Skies the first time when my character was at level ~15 or so - and got my ass kicked big time. I thought I was ready for a rematch; I had all kind of nice gear, set items and uniques, good relics etc. But all in vain. White Griffin 2, Seraphim 0...
  13. Untill The Light Takes Us

    Personally, I found the documentary rather disappointing. Nothing new under the Norwegian sun. I downloaded the movie just to see Varg's interview, in which he appeared almost... Well, "likable" is not the exact adjective I am looking for. Anyway, if you already know something/everything about the infamous incidents that took place in Norway in the beginning of 90's, the documentary in question doesn't add anything new to things already told. Many times. Surprisingly, Varg hasn't commented the documentary on the official Burzum website. He must have seen it already. Frost's "performance" in the art gallery is worth mentioning - because it was plain ridiculous. But, in my opinion, the most interesting (perhaps the only) part in the documentary was what Fenriz said near the end of the movie, while he was watching Varg's interview video. Hmm...
  14. Detailed kill count?

    Is there any way to see the exact amount of enemies you have defeated in the game, sorted out by their type? Just out of morbid curiosity, I would like to see how many Kobolds my character has butchered thus far. I remember reading a thread (can't remember where), in which someone mentioned the "rat infestation" in Ancaria; a big percentage of his/her kills were rodents. Where did he/she get that information? Did the person write down every kill made?
  15. When I have fought against Kobolds my characters (Seraphim and High Elf) have said some funny things, like (I don't remember the exact lines): "Are you one of the seven dwarves?" and "I am not Snow White". Also, the plain scornful "Midget" made my day. Not so politically correct...