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  1. dang. This one fell through the cracks. Never even heard of it before. Sounds interesting. I remain,
  2. A fantastic intro. munk. Bravo! I remain, Etherian
  3. Firstly, a big welcome to the forum. Secondly, spend as much time here learning the game. The game mechanics was the steepest part of my climb. Coming from D2 for so many years. Sacred's mechanics are completely different. That would be my advice for a green horn. I remain, Etherian
  4. Looks like you still have a very fine machine there in that year old computer. I cannot say from experience per the Steam version. I run the boxed version with the CM Patch installed. Virtually bug free. Welcome back aboard! I remain, Etherian
  5. Difficult question to say the least. As far as I am aware, Diablo 2, Necro Summoner, build still is "king of the hill". The last Summoner I built had a maximum of 56 "summons". Granted he was wearing elite gear with +36 to summon skills. Teleporting with "Enigma" light plate would pounce all 56 summons on one unfortunate boss or minion at a time. O_o I remain, Etherian
  6. Welcome aboard mate. Looks like your Q & A is finalized. Enjoy your stay...man that poutine pizza looks fit to eat! YUM... I remain, Etherian
  7. Been a good long while since I have visited her. If I recall she has massive amounts of CA power. Thinking back I made a battle suit specific for her & the Eye, socketed with % Combat Arts Reflect jewels. This tactic changed the odds. Not only is your toon pounding damage, but she is damaging herself as well when the % Combat Arts Reflect ticks. Go for something like 60-70% stacked with a fair amount of DeathBlow socketed as well. Works wonders on the "Eye" to be certain. I remain,
  8. Yes indeed. A great intro. Bar is open. Free rounds on gogo & Schot...close it out till 2 in the morning. I remain, Etherian
  9. The Seraphim has been proven time & time again to be the "Ultimate Shopper". Personally, I would put your daughter on a quest via Seraphim. Perhaps to make the quest epic. Turn the Seraphim into a fist only toon? Anything you can think of the make the quest more difficult, as I know that is your MO. The Seraphim in various builds is overpowered in Sacred 2. Change the dynamics a bit. Level the playing field. Do whatever it takes to make the quest a tad more difficult. Just my 2 cents of course. I remain, :-)
  10. Razor DeathAdder here. Big Money. No Complaints! You get what you pay for in the end. Seriously! I remain, Etherian p.s.~ yes I am a fan of buying once and forgetting about the whole ordeal. Much time wasted otherwise, with this or that...time is money. Perhaps better said, life is worth living.
  11. A epic intro. Love honesty over all else. Sorry to hear of your uncle, even though I have never known the man. I however am close to *sizeable work truck* within the industry I work. If he was on a ventilator, one can imagine the overall mayhem. Nuff' said. Enjoy the show. It only gets better! I remain, Etherian
  12. Welcome...enjoy your stay. Bar is open & has been for years. Thank goodness our vendors are always here to fill our taps! I remain, Etherian
  13. Good Evening and Welcome to our part of the webverse. Yes, very intersting times we live in, tech and all...always growing leaps and bounds. Enjoy your time here. Positive you will. I remain, Etherian P.S.~ free poutine in the open bar. Drinks are on gogo & the crew!
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