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  1. Sounds awesome dude, could make a torrent? or use TESNexus or something?
  2. Or you could use this package and simply load the save file and choose your hair. I'll upload to mediafire: DOWNLOAD
  3. Awesome dude, cheers. I'll have a look. I'm on Sacred 2 Gold. EDIT: Perfect, I'm all set. Not in the human region but most of the start area is complete which is almost exactly how I had it. Thanks chattius, Much appreciated.
  4. Lol, well at least you two repsonded. There's a ray of hope.
  5. Man, it sucks the big one. Hopefully someone has one. Basicly I just need the quest completion part. I went around and finnished most of the quests in the start area. But even just a save game with a few quests done but into the human land. Actualy, my first save file I had from right after buying the game was just after the squid boss I was on the dragon island or something I can't remember. EDIT: No one? any early Shadow Warrior save will help
  6. Has anyone got an early save file for a Shadow Warrior? I lost a hard drive recently along with backups and with all the build exparimentation I am reluctant to do the starting portion of the mainquest all over again. Has anyone got a save file that is just after the main area? A Shadow Warrior that has just made it into the "Land of the Humans" or whatever it was. Around level 20-30? Hope someone has one. I'll modifie the save file myself to rename and reskill.
  7. It installs Sacred aswell as Ice and Blood automaticly and a vanilla install in version 2.65.1. The first install I did myself worked perfectly, but I messed up windows while tinkering so I reinstalled (Clean format) and it didnt work after that. I just reinstalled 7. dual booting, 7 was perfect for everything else bar this.
  8. How conveiniant. I just developed the exact same issue... ugh hah
  9. Id say make sure you have all your drivers up to date, DirectX, GPU drivers and sound. Also, are you using the same disc your husband used? if not try his with your key. Maybe the disc is corrupt or possibly your disc drive. Don't panic though I'm just spit balling over here. Also, are you using the default directory? It hasnt mattered for me but you could try install on an alternate harddrive and see how you go.
  10. This shows promise. I know where not realy in DnD but it would be awesome to see some Blackguard type spells for the Shadow Warrior. Or some Devine Champion or Paladin stuff. w0oo
  11. Thats no mask. Ive been told I look like that without the corpse paint. Don't know about that though.
  12. Me either, Its comming. Me and many many others are rallying to get it played in our local cinema. Can't wait.
  13. Good work dude. Ive been trying for a while. It sucks when you get bored though, first thing I do is roll a smoke. What to replace it with? I have a great metabalism so the eating wont effect me too much. I wanted to start running/Lifting and get my muscle mass back up. But I don't have the equip so thats out till I have more cash. I was thinking of giving myself something to save for, like a new GPU or something. And each time I want one I'll just think Well, thats one more pay day I'll have to wait. I'll see how I go. Edit: Going to see how long I go today. Sacred, take me. Keep m
  14. <lie>Ive done better 3D Models.</lie>
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