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  1. Does Indy develop his own photos? I guess he would probably have some interesting ones to develop from his party...
  2. :hell: I love being English, no-one can tell when you're being sarcastic or not. Mwahahahahaahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha :hell::hell::hell::hell::hell::hell::hell::hell::hell::hell: Edit: If I'd added a smilie, it wouldn't have been as amusing (well, to me)...
  3. Thanks. Gogo, you forgot to mention that I try & keep you gramatically correct... Someday you'll be able to spell properly (llama, LLama, or maybe, even Llama... )
  4. I'm in U13 & have applied... Turtlling = good. Edit: ####, now I have to research everything all over again...
  5. A more demonic smilie. With flames & horns & nasty evil stuff...
  6. Civ4 certainly beats the bejesus out of Civ3 in every way. Having seen Civ4, I'd be happy to let Firaxis take on the beloved MOO.
  7. No. I have got a Destroyer (really must send it to my more militantly inclined planet). I'm aiming for something else... :innocent: I've got the Intergalactic Research Net, now just need lots more res... Lots.
  8. Erm, no? Was that an American joke? One that your fellow Americans would get?
  9. Gogo, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times. It's SHEPHERD'S Pie.
  10. I'm afraid mine are a mere 9-8-9, and I'm saving up my res for, erm, something else. :innocent:
  11. No gogo, I spit in public & swallow in private... :innocent: :x *ahem* Anyway... If you have some decent (ie older than I am) whisky I'll releave you of that... Yup, the Llama population's still growing...
  12. Hello lady & gentlemen! Just thought I'd pop in & say hello...
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