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  1. You could cap LL so that Area of Effect attacks/spells don't leech off everything, or return it to being a % of damage done (which would also remove it as the best way of dealing with bosses, which would be a good thing IMO).
  2. That's what passing a note to your neighbour in the meeting is for mate...
  3. They've not mentioned S3 specifically, but I'm not aware of anything that Keen is working on that could be concidered "Germany's most successful/popular IP" (especially since most of the other positions that article mentions are for S3). He's also part of their management team (ie, board) so from that respect he wouldn't be that close to development (certainly in a large company), but if he's leading on specific IP he would be fairly involved in setting the "tone" & style of the game (presumably S3).
  4. Release dates always get pushed back.
  5. Did you have any of the item mod that reduces the opponent's shield absorption (can't remember what it's called, it's either a reduction to the % absorption warding energy (ie, split between HP & shield energy, the Guardians have 100%, so everything goes to their shield) or the damage reduction of the shield)? Or some life leech (since life leech doesn't require you to do damage to leech, just hit the target)?
  6. Any in-game text is stored in the global.res file which is compressed/encrypted so you can't just go in with a text editor & change stuff. As far as inventory gfx goes, in the Skin.zip file there's an inventory folder (Skin.zip\datazicons\inventory), though I think those are the backgrounds for the inventory slots. So no, I'm not sure where the item inventory gfx are stored.
  7. I'm sure we will, but which year? I also wouldn't expect much info to be released on Facebook that's not released elsewhere at a similar time. But it is at least one way of getting in touch with them...
  8. There are some lines in the balance.txt that you could tweak to provide the added XP & monster stats (HP, armour, attack & defence I think, not sure about damage) that additional players in MP bring. You could check the Balance.txt thread in the modding forum, I think that lists the lines.
  9. No, that's the ending vid from S1. I think S3 is (still) at a fairly early stage, hence no info.
  10. Personally I would have preferred to be able to have more slots for CAs than weapons if I wanted to, or more for weapons & fewer for buffs, etc. I like the flexibility that the console version offers in that respect, but it wouldn't have been as "neat" on the PC UI (with the weapon/CA slots either side of the compass).
  11. That's a lovely view point, I assume that you've never been made redundant & had to go through the process of finding a new job? It's not fun & I hope that you don't go through it when you do eventually get a job.
  12. Probably not, since it would involve mapping keys as well & there isn't an option in the options/controls for more than 5 CA keys (though you might be able to fudge that in the options file). There are some xml files that control the UI that you might want to poke about with. The expansion allows 5 CAs to be hotkeyed.
  13. Uploaded v0.2 with some DM changes: Dragon Magic aspect. Dragon Form has different mods, the first mod of each tier now shifts the Dragon Mage into increasingly more powerful dragons mod 1a - Draconic channelling - Intent concentration allows the Dragon Mage to transform into a more powerful dragon mod 1b - Wyrm's Fury - Tear your enemy limb from limb with the true power of a dragon (0% + 4% per level damage bonus) mod 2a - Draconic channelling - Intent concentration allows the Dragon Mage to transform into a more powerful dragon mod 2b - Basilisk's Talon - Pierce even the toughes
  14. I've updated the description with the CA changes.
  15. Yes Gogo, it affects all classes. IIRC, in vanilla Sacred 2 it only affected weapon-based CAs (I think), but this was "fixed" in Ice and Blood & it now affects all elemental damage (as it should), regardless of how the player does the damage.
  16. It can be done, yes, the only problems with making too radical changes to aspects are that the tooltips are largely hardcoded in terms of what information they display. For example, I changed Untouchable Force into a summon buff, but it's not possible to change the CA tooltip to display the minion level (since the Untouchable Force CA tooltip is hardcoded to display damage, chance to stun, etc).
  17. I've already added some base fire damage to it (as it stands, it does a % damage that's not any specific/resistable element), what makes Eternal Fire special is that it can spread to other opponents & IIRC, the fire damage (et_spelldamage_fire) spreads with it. #1b & 3a wouldn't be possible as that's not how the CA works (as defined by whatever code they're using for the spellcontroll entry, interestingly, they've used the same one as for Viperish Disease). 2b should work I think & it should be applied on each damage pulse. 2a should only work if you've added some "proper" el
  18. You could get Damage Lore by taking Tactics Lore first, which would also make your Deathly Spears & T-energy Shroud more effective. The only downside I can think of is that you're not taking Concentration so you're limited to one buff (T-energy Shroud is probably best). Primal Mutation is fairly effective against bosses too, since it does fairly high damage & if you pick the fire mod you can take advantage of resist reduction from Fiery Ember. It's not quite as effective as DS though (since you can get DS to hit with most of it's spears if you get as close to the boss as possible).
  19. And another one: The skilled Mentalist can focus his will into a single stunning psychic hammer blow.
  20. I think they ran out of time/money while they were doing the expansion, hance the lack of Mutation set, and they'd removed the Xmas isle/quest prior to the release of the expansion... If Ascaron hadn't done bankrupt, I'm sure we would have seen more sets released. In any event, you've done a massive job Wolfie, you've uploaded an insane amount of gear!
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