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  1. Ash, were you able to get your icons to appear in-game? I added them to the skin.zip file (with Winrar since Windows keeps corrupting the zip file) as well as re-creating the folder structure (as czevak suggested), but I can't see the new icons in-game...
  2. Thanks mate, I'm not too fussed about the speed, as long as I get it.
  3. ####! My skin.zip pak file's become corrupt, could someone either upload a copy or mail me one. Unfortunatley it's ~24 meg...
  4. Yeah, % LL is pretty overpowered, almost brokenly so. Anything that makes the final bosses that easy to kill is owerpowered IMO. Though it is useful for hunting for items for bosses.
  5. I gues the answer to that depends on whether you would prefer the immunity reduction from Ancient Magic mastery, the 20% regen reduction from CD (not sure off the top of my head if that's on top of every other regen reduction or not) or the additional chance to weaken/slow/fire DoT from Damage Lore (and additional damage from DL mastery). One thought is that if you go for the weapon lore/damage lore route, you'll find it easier to hit with weapons & at a higher speed, thereby getting more regen per hit over a given time period. This would also allow you to have your CAs at a higher lev
  6. And that's fine for Campaign mode, but if I'm playing in Free mode, I just want to play with my mates, not play with those of my mates who happen to be logged in with the same alignment character as I'm on with. There was an aweful lot of complaining in-game & on the SIF about this early on & I think that this is one case where "realism" (for want of a better term) should be trumped by playability & the "fun" factor of being able to play with my friends, rather than a subset of my friends. I also think that the Light & Shadow campaigns should have been more different, IMO t
  7. I think that this is one of the differences between an aRPG & an MMO. aRPGs are all about the player (or a few players) taking on large numbers of monsters in a fairly short time frame, therefore it's more offensively focussed, since you need to kill a lot of (comparatively) low-ish HP monsters fairly quickly, so you end up with characters with fairly high damage/offense & comparatively low hp/defenses. In MMOs, the combat is more geared towards longer fights with smaller numbers of opponents, so characters are more defensively focussed than in an aRPG, it also allows the possibility o
  8. I thought Plat was level 100-200? The simplest way to get your shoppers into Niobium would probably be to edit the balance.txt so that the min level for Niobium is 0 (or 1).
  9. I posted here & re-installed my gfx drivers which fixed the problem. Only now it's still an issue, after running the AV this morning (booting up for the AV run & the login screen was as it should be), a subsequent boot & the login screen's black again.
  10. I tried running MalwareBytes Antimalware & Avira AV (run most mornings) & neither of them came up with any issues. I also looked through that thread (I've seen it before) & tried running through post #8 (I assume this is the one you're refering to), but when I get to this bit: There aren't any users/groups which consist of a string of numbers, there's 5 users/permission entries (Administrators, system, users & 2 authenticated users), so I'm slightly wary of doing the "take ownership" bit (on the other hand, #### it!). I've also tried the "OEM background" thing but tha
  11. Ok, the login screen is "there", it's just black. If I wait a reasonable amount of time for Win7 to finish churning away, the cursor flickers/disappears & if I then type in my password it logs in to Windows properly, it's just the login screen is black, so it's a bit difficult to tell when it's finished booting Windows & has got to the login screen...
  12. Which would at least explain why it seems to be installing updates each evening. What bothers me & makes me think that there's an issue is that there's no "configuring updates" screen inbetween the swirly-windows screen & the login screen anymore. At least if there's a screen which says that it's running some stuff & is x% through I know that it's ok, rather than just displaying a black screen while it churns away in the background. If I can get back into windows, I might roll back all of the updates from yesterday & today & then apply them one by one to see if there are an
  13. Of course it would, just like having the save files on your PC means it's possible to edit them & cheat, that's a)not a good reason for not supporting SP/Open & b)doesn't mean that many people will actually do it. Doing that on Closed is quite a bit different, since the core/important files (Balance.txt, Spells.txt, Blueprint.txt, etc) used are on the server & you can't access them. Also, if you've modified your files you can't log in to Closed (IIRC).
  14. Yeah, I think that's what's happening, it took 7-8 mins to get to the login screen this morning, but it hasn't come up with the "configuring updates" screen for a few days. It then installed a few more updates this morning (including IE9) & after a quick reboot ~15-20 mins later it still hadn't got back to the login screen. Does boot logging cover the configuring updates stage? I don't mind it doing updates, it just seems to do them almost everyday & then it takes a conciderable amount of time to boot afterwards.
  15. Source Warden might have issues with bosses, since you'd have to use Primal Mutation (probably modded for fire damage) to kill bosses, in conjunction with the fire resist reduction from Fiery Ember, and Fiery Ember/Icy Evanesence + Charged Grid for mobs, and Untouchable Force moded for stun/debuffs.
  16. Start up Sacred (switch to windowed mode & lower the gfx settings if necessary) & create a LAN campaign game with your level 1/2 shopper character. Start up a second instance/copy of Sacred 2 (click the shortcut, or however you start Sacred, again) & enter the LAN game with a second, high level character (high level so that it won't have any problems killing the monsters & if it's high enough you can "just" run through ignoring all of the monsters) & use that character to run the shopper. I've done the same in Closed MP, so you can definitely have two copies of Sacred 2 run
  17. Yes, creating a shopper network is almost as easy in SP as it is in MP (with the possible exception of lower XP due to not having anyone in-game with you & it may not be possible to get the shopper run up into Niobium at a very low level & the mods on niobium gear are noticeably better than any other difficulty). Additionally, since the character files are on your pc, you can make a copy of your bargainer at whatever levels you want to have a shopper as you level him/her up, that way you only have to level up a shopper once... If you're creating a shopper, then yes, you should alwa
  18. Ok, apparently it was just taking forever (~10 mins or so) to start up & since I didn't see a "Windows is installing/running some update" screen, I assumed that it'd fallen over... Edit: 'Cause that's what windows has taught me over the past few years, if it doesn't boot up, it's probably fallen over. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions & handholding.
  19. The version I installed includes SP1, so that's not it. There's HD activity for a few mins but then it tails off. The startup restore said that I'd connected & removed some hardware (a camera) recently, but other than that all it's tests came up ok... I think that my options at the moment are either trying to find these updates that it installed yesterday & getting rid of them, if that's the issue (but if it was, wouldn't it not have booted up this morning?), or re-installing windows. Or give it ~20-30 mins while I'm having dinner to see if it'll start up...
  20. Windows is now refusing to boot (it boots into safe mode fine, I'm going to try the startup restore in a sec). It shut down fine last night (as far as I'm aware) & installed some updates (not sure, but how could I find out what these are & remove them if necessary?). Booted up fine this morning & ran the AV & then turned off automatically. Now it refuses to boot up properly & my wife's not used it during the day. Edit: Oh yeah, I tried enabling the boot log, but that only keeps a log for the most recent boot, ie, into safe mode, not from the previous attempted b
  21. Lost Fusion should be do-able, Jolting Touch for bosses (slow, but low risk), Amp Damage/Furious Emblazer ofr mobs.
  22. A marvel of German engineering I'm sure!
  23. There's at least ~6 hours where the sun's beneath the horizon & he can work on them then Gogo, why does he need to sleep?
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