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  1. Another book that "could have been" - had Prince Valor lived long enough to put it out there. Green Ancaria A quick note to all of the heroes running around the kingdom these days... PLEASE pick up all of the stuff that your enemies drop when you kill them. In the wake of the recent undead uprising, there have been a lot of casualties and consequently, the kingdom has become cluttered by lots of useless swords, axes, armor and other gear that quite frankly, is becoming an eyesore.
  2. There are a lot of books in Sacred, but you gotta think there could have been a few more... Like this one: Oblivion Armaments The Oblivion Armaments initiative was an experiment by Comrade Chancellor Vladimir DeMordrey during the reign of Aarnum III. Chancellor DeMordrey, being typically power hungry as most of his lineage, decided to bring together all of the blacksmiths, sword, bow and armor makers to flood the market with cheap weapons and armor in a bid to raise an army to take over Ancaria. The sales pitch for these products was: “Our Weapons Will Send Your Enemies to Oblivion.” While it is true the weapons and armor were inexpensive, quality suffered as the various smiths were in such a rush to get these arms made, they ceased putting any care into the finished product. The Chancellor DeMordrey was summarily executed following the failed coup attempt as his troops, unable to put a dent in the royal guard’s armor fled in terror and were mowed down by the king’s cavaliers. Much of the weapons and armor made by the group now renamed Oblivion Armaments was seized by the royal army and melted down, however, the sheer number of weapons and armor that was created made it impossible to collect all of this misbegotten junk. In addition, many of DeMordrey’s soldiers who were killed in battle were buried with their weapons and armor as a sign of their shame. The smiths involved in the creation of these abysmal weapons were all sentenced to ten years hard labor for being willing accomplices to DeMordrey’s treachery and production of such substandard items. The smiths collectively argued that this was their plan and that DeMordrey had gained their cooperation by taking their families hostage. The jurists were moved by this argument and as such the sentence was reduced from being drawn and quartered to the one given. The jurists’ counterargument was simply this: “All it would have taken is just ONE of you to have the stones to have put a flaming arrow in Vlad DeMordrey’s eye socket to have ended this farce before fifty thousand people died needlessly.”
  3. Yes! I was wondering that very thing. I love Sacred 2 as much as Sacred 1, but it does lack that coherence. What I love about Sacred 2 is the gameplay. There are certain areas that I find awesome, but the game world as a whole doesn't blow me away. And the class choices, although super cool individually, do feel like a bit of a grab bag. They were, perhaps, a bit more unified in Sacred since they were modeled off of a number of classes that were going to be available to the player in Armalion. But whew. I was just reading the lore page for Sacred on the Wiki. It's a real head scratcher. The biggest flaws I see are that they try to say that Shaddar is this huge, menacing Necromancer guy with a whole realm of terror out in the desert, but then he's never referenced as you go through the game. There's no sense of impending doom. And then they throw in the demon, who immediately kicks Shaddar's ass. It just doesn't make sense to have 2 villains. I was thinking that I wished I had the ability to mod the game so I could make the story better in all the quests and stuff and flesh out the world. It feels like there's a rich story in the gameworld, at least in that central plains area, but then all the actual text is just... blah. The biggest thing I don't get, and I want to understand if it means anything... is when they say "This world is Sacred." The lore page says that the Gods made the heart of Ancaria out of their own blood. But none of it makes any sense. That page also says the Dark Elves killed all the Dwarves. Which also doesn't make sense, considering you can play a dwarf. I feel like the world that they designed for Armalion has a sense of depth and weight. It has to have some kind of history, you feel. But the lore we're given is senseless. It feels like it was written artlessly, not with the kind of art that you can sense went into the game world. Mind you, I do feel like the gameplay that Ascaron designed is unique and special. You can tell that the team for Sacred and Sacred 2 had a real mind for unique gameplay and trying to give the player a deep customization experience. (Though I'd say that failed to put that depth into the enemy design somewhat.) But if there was a person or persons with a mind for story on the Armalion team, they must have not joined on with Ascaron. I dunno. I find Sacred 1 to be more cohesive story-wise than Sacred 2. As far as the details in Sacred 1 being all over the place, I think that kind of adds to the charm. Remember, Sacred 2 is a PREQUEL - the events there happened about 2000 years before Sacred 1. It would seem that the world we find in Sacred is a world that is in serious decline. A sort of dark ages, if you will, compared to the bright shiny world of Sacred 2. The books, I think were conjured up by multiple sources, none of which ever really coordinated their efforts. LOL Too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. There's also a book that says the Dark Elves captured the 5 elemental stones and were wreaking havoc on the land and the Seraphim came in with BeeEffGee's blazing but got their butts whipped... and it was the Dwarves who came in to save the day and kicked the Dark Elves butts... Now, this is impossible. First off, the Dwarves have been missing since before Sacred 2 (2000 yrs before Sacred 1). The Dark Elves didn't exist in the time of Sacred 2 yet. The schism that split the High Elves into the Wood and Dark factions (as well as the others like the ice elves) hadn't happened yet. There's also a book claiming that Sophia, queen of the Seraphim is the mother of Aarnum I... Which would likewise be impossible. Humans and Seraphim are different species and since there are no male Seraphim in the game, we're not even sure they CAN reproduce. The bottom line - People have been known to make up some of the wildest B.S. and sell it as gospel truth. In a time where understanding and knowledge is at an all time low, people will invent stuff that sounds good to fill the gaps in those areas. Or to sell themselves as being more important than they really are. The bit about Aarnum I being Sophia and some dude's love child smells of just that - propaganda made to make Aarnum sound like a bad arse...
  4. So.. I came across another use of the word schniepel today... Seems there's a schniepel that has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame... Who knew..? FWIW, they claim to be a "grindcore" band.
  5. True. But I only had their voices to go by. Google wasn't much in the way of help on the spelling front.
  6. And while we're on this subject.. I found a relevant grave marker. This one is located in the S. Hedgenton area - inside the compound of the mansion southeast of the city where you have to rescue the husband from some robbers... Seems this guy was just as clueless about they are as I was..
  7. Fair assessment - the goblins also tend to shout for Mommy and Daddy... Especially right before being killed off. Thanks BTW..
  8. Been going old school lately playing Sacred Underworld... Noticed the goblins are always saying Shneeple quite a bit. WHAT IS IT? I noticed they're babbling on in some Germanic dialect - I did catch an old Yiddish word - Dreidle - the traditional Jewish toy top thing. What goblins want with those, I dunno.
  9. OK.... So today started out kinda MEH.. But then this came across my Facebook feed.. RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE What is it? It's a 4 player coop hack and slash game based on Rooster Teeth's hit show. WOOT! Read more about it here
  10. Well, if you want fruit with your bacon, how about a Swineapple? It's a pineapple stuffed with boneless short ribs that's been wrapped in bacon: It's made in a smoker/grill. It's a sort of Hawaiian version of a TurDuckEn.. - you know - the turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. Except this is made with pineapple and pork. The instructions can be found here...
  11. Yeh.. It's got that retro 80s/90s vibe for sure. It's also why this would work so well if it ever sees the light of day.
  12. I was surfing thru Facebook today and came across a post for something mind blowingly cool... It's a cartoon series that may be coming soon... It was conceived by a guy named Wesley T Louis when he was merely a lad of 13 years. He never quite finished the original comic book back then. But he discovered the 10 pages of the original draft a couple of years ago - and brought it in to work with him. And thus THIS highly addictive masterpiece was created... This IS kinda confusing - Who uses VHS tape these days? I'd have posted the VIMEO version - which is clean - but I don't think IPB supports Vimeo.. OK OK.. So it's a bit derivative.. It's like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats and other similar fare from the age. But it's still pretty epic The home page for this can be found here along with the official video. Now this is being crowdfunded by Wes Louis and The Line and we can help further the cause of making this happen by buying the 108 page comic..
  13. THE best set for shopping/bargaining - without reservation - is the Mutation set... They offer the most sockets of any set. The down side - it's rather rare and hard to come by. All characters in Sacred 2 - except the Dragon Mage - have one. Since the DM was a late arrival as part of the Ice and Blood expansion, there wasn't any set developed for him. Best things to socket into this set - Necklace of Greed and Urthak's Sparkles. These boost bargaining like nothing else. These too are ultra rare.. I wrote about how to do this here...
  14. This is actually part of at least one easter egg in the game - Bobby Fischer. Read more about this here...
  15. Oh yeah.. Checked, double and triple checked to make sure everything was plugged in correctly and not being bent. Everything is, per the manual... Yes, I RTFM'ed.. lol
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