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    Renik's End

    I took the quest Renik's End, which is at the end of something Protection, which starts in Teardrop Hamlet, in the High Elf region. It's a chainquest. The last step is to "kill Renik" at his summer house. I go there, the compass points to an empty chair inside the house, and he's not there. I saved and exited twice, to no avail. Has someone been able to complete it?
  2. Antitrust said I should write my build, so I will. It's different from his, in that mine is entirely melee and normal attacks dependant. It uses buffs and foregoes active-usage combat arts entirely. Skills used in my build are similar, the order differs a bit. I don't take Focus or Lore skills for obvious reasons. Even making the effective level of one or both buffs slightly better would not be worth the skills points spent. Skills taken and general order: Sword Weapons - 1 Tactics Lore - 75+ Dual Wield - 75+ Armor Lore - User choice Concentration - 1 Constitution - 75+ Warding Energy Lore - User Choice Enhanced Perception - User Choice, though I recommend 75+ Toughness - 75+ Combat Reflexes - 75+ Sword Weapons is taken first, it fulfills 1 point of the requirement to unlock Dual Wield, and allows "Modifier Sword Weapons" bonuses to be active. Then Tactics Lore fulfills the rest up until Dual Wield is unlocked, with 4 points in Tactics Lore. After finally unlocking THE main skill of the class, take Dual Wield and keep it at character's level. I recommend keeping up with Tactics Lore as well, since this build relies on sheer damage. Armor Lore should be taken next, not for the regeneration penalty, but for the +% to armor total, which helps significantly for a melee character always in the fray, so to speak. Concentration is taken next, and kept at 1. The Mastery bonus is unneeded, since BeeEffGee diverts from the purpose of a melee build (and goes into ranged weapons territory), the regeneration bonus is similarly not needed. Taken at 1 still unlocks a second buff slot. At this point you can start using both Battle Stance and Warding Energy together. Before this point is reached, I suggest going with Battle Stance only. Enemies should not prove too challenging at the start either way. Constitution is taken next for the HP, up until it is Mastered, then it offers its real bonus: Regeneration during combat. No need to get it very high up until Mastery can even be envisioned (around lv 60+). Warding Energy Lore is next. It can also help with Divine Protection, probably the only skill used, because its very long cooldown is not a hindrance when it is needed sparingly (against groups of champions, or mostly bosses). It primarily helps with Warding Energy's buff though, where it gives nice bonuses to damage reduction. Both the buff and Divine Protection can be used in conjunction, though the latter will last a short time. Enhanced Perception I take as 8th skill, at level 35, primarily because levels start becoming slow at this point, and the player would do well to get more decent equipment for the upcoming battles. Before it reaches Mastery, it still can help by being the modifier for certain things like Experience per kill, and Chance to find valuables (on equipment). Similar to Constitution, it should be Mastered as soon as possible, but it can be kept as 1 until then, boosted only by the orbs/relics. Toughness provides added oomph to Seraphim's already very potent armor total, multiplied by Armor Lore's modifier, so it's important to get Armor Lore higher as well to benefit more from this. Previous to this (lv 50), a Seraphim should have pretty decent armor. Combat Reflexes adds that nice final touch of boosting evasion and reducing chance of critical. It's not fully necessary, and can be paliated until then by forging runes with "+% evasion" into slotted equipment. Afterwards, slots can be used for other things, like Damage Mitigation. -------------------- For the unique mount, given this Seraphim doesn't benefit from Combat Art regeneration, I warmly suggest the "basic" one, that adds defense and evasion instead of reduced cooldown. The movement speed is also welcome. Chances are, if you're careful enough, you might never need to buy a mount again. A Seraphim can be *that* strong. I wouldn't tempt fate and play hardcore mode my first time around just to prove my point however. I would avoid horses prior to getting that unique mount. Because simply, Battle Stance is that important, and buffs do not stay when mounted on a horse. At an effective level of 18.1 of Battle Stance, it gives +170% or so attack and nearly +120% defense (and a hefty +150% regeneration time). So this build relies entirely on hitting fast and killing quickly, taking very little damage. Equipment that reflects damage seems to work independantly of evasion (or maybe I'm seeing things), so even with capped evasion, you would be able to fight hordes of monster and see them become corpses before you even hit them. This build is well-equipped to fight many enemies at once, but ill-equipped against ranged fighters. Be advised of this flaw, especially in pvp (as in pve, ranged fighters typically don't run away for long). The buff BeeEffGee can be upped to be efficient, but without Ranged Weapons, the accuracy will be low. What else is important with this build, is putting runes in the ever-so-important Battle Stance and Warding Energy buffs. Can also spare some for Divine Protection. For completion's sake, you can put all the other Combat Arts at 1. The rest I suggest using for forging into slots, or trading for Battle Stance and Warding Energy. Once Dual Wield and Constitution skills reach 75, this build becomes extremely efficient (double hits and regeneration in combat). Once Enhanced Perception reaches 75, even better for the items. Mod your two main buffs as you see fit. Augmenting the attack of Battle Stance is pretty important for accuracy, the rest is pretty much open to preference. You will get mods for Exalted Warrior by putting points in Dual Wield amongst others, so they will be acquired naturally. In my personal build, Dual Wield reaches 174 at level 200. Diminishing returns make any investment above ~150 pretty wasteful, but this being the main skill of the build, and double-hits being pretty important, it is the highest. Most skills are left to preference as for their level. Armor Lore mastery isn't all that important, but a high skill level always helps.
  3. I tend to like extreme builds. After my "extremely melee" Seraphim, here is my "extremely hot" High Elf. Arrant Pyromancer Focus 175 Arrant Pyromancer Lore 175 Armor Lore 75 Constitution 75 Concentration 36 Combat Discipline 150 Ancient Magic 75 Delphic Arcana Focus 10 Riding 75 Enhanced Perception 75 So it focuses *only* on Arrant Pyromancer, boosting its damage, regeneration time, some more damage and some more regeneration time thrown in for good measure. The best buff to have is still Grand Invigoration for such a build. The Fire Demon's AI is sorta screwy, and he doesn't boost Arrant Pyromancer much. The second buff would be Incandescent Skin. For both buffs, regeneration penalty should balance its regeneration bonus. With the few points in Delphic Arcana Focus, the buff can be modded thrice. Arrant Pyromancer Focus makes those runes give all they've got. It's important to keep the cooldown low enough still. Don't put too many runes in Ancestral Fireball, Blazing Tempest, Incendiary Shower, Incandescent Skin and Grand Invigoration - seeing as a high cooldown means your death. Try to keep Ancestral Fireball below 2-3 seconds, Blazing Tempest below 10 seconds and Incendiary Shower below 5 seconds. Given that, everything else is fine. Arrant Pyromancer Lore boosts Damage, Execution/Casting speed and Critical chance. Note that the Execution thingy does not work in combos, but that's a minor point, we're taking this for the damage! Armor Lore at 75 for the regenration penalty reduction increase at Mastery, and well, for the Armor of the High Elf to reduce damage some. It's still not good to count on that build to tank monsters though. Armor is best at low penalty and with good bonuses, rather than high armor value, for this build. Armor Lore is also picked to prevent the movement speed penalty of higher level armor. Constitution at 75 or more, for the "regeneration during combat" found only at Mastery. This stacked with Grand Invigoration makes up for the High Elf's weakness greatly, and a higher HP is always good for a cardboard character. Concentration at 36. Mastery is not needed as two buffs are sufficient. Fire Demon is screwy and ONLY has a penalty for Arrant Pyromancer aspect, while Crystal Skin can't be used at the same time as Incandescent Skin anyways. The skill is taken only to reduce cooldown of Arrant Pyromancer. Next is Combat Discipline. Above 75, but not exactly for the Mastery, because of the higher damage above 75. Good idea to invest a lot in this skill. At Mastery is also makes combos 20% faster, even if the combo is only 1 Combat Art. Personally, for a two-part combo, I like Ancestral Fireball + Incendiary Shower. For a three part include Blazing Tempest to clear any survivors. For a four part (at Mastery), include Glacial Thorns. Ancient Magic tops the damage off with...even more damage. Bring it high enough for it to be worth it, but 75 is fine. Delphic Arcana 10 to give mods for Grand Invigoration. It will also boost the aspect's max level without penalty slightly. Riding at 75 to get the bonus of speed (Mastery) and at all, to boost the unique mount's regeneration speed. Obvously, you should take the Arrant Pyromancer-type mount for best efficiency. Enhanced Perception at 75 to get the "Chance to find Valuables" bonus. Any higher is unnecessary. ------------------------- Main Combat Arts will obviously be the Arrant Pyromancer ones: Ancestral Fireball, Blazing Tempest and Incendiary Shower. Incandescent Skin as second buff once you get Concentration. For Fireball, I suggest getting two fireballs homing-on-target that do splash damage. Good for single and multi-target mobs, and you don't shoot 'nothing' most of the time (because of the homing). For the others, go as you see fit. For Incandescent Skin I suggest: Inferno, Energy Focus and Arrant Pyromancer Expertise. Damage isn't what this build lacks, so extra cooldown reduction is always nice like this. Grand Invigoration would unfortunately lack any mods, but keep investing runes in it up until you reach equal regeneration penalty for the bonus. You won't regret investing in it for the HP regeneration, making potions obsolete in the early game.
  4. Little Sara

    Web-Based Game

    They intend to add Pizza Witch pretty soon, this would be Burger Ninja 2. They'll also add Reaper's Game, a combination of Reaper 3 and Zombja 2. There is Pirates, Dating, Housing as well on the way in some months. The game changes a lot over time with new stuff.
  5. Little Sara

    Web-Based Game

    I started playing a web-based game about 4 months ago. It doesn't have much in the way of graphics or instant action, but it has a lot of different content, usually riddled with puns. My boyfriend calls it a 'clicking game'. A few games on Facebook (the Vampire/Werewolf/Zombie/Slayer ones) probably aimed to copy the playstyle, but they ultimately lack the content that this game has. The game's name is Billy vs SNAKEMAN (yes in caps), and is a parody of Naruto, Bleach and other things like Code Geass (depends on the content really). It's what came after Anime Versus, though it's significantly different from it. It works with a random number generator the whole time (players call it RNG). There's also no annoying pop-up messages every time you accomplish the smallest feat (which occurs on Facebook). The plot is that you are an anime ninja (not Naruto, but the concept is the same as if you were Naruto). You need to become stronger, learn techniques, make allies (including many from Naruto, even Naruto himself), gain power through different means (mostly permanent items), gain levels in your 3 attributes (Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu). And eventually "loop" which is restarting with lower levels, almost no allies, but keeping the permanent items, opening other content, gaining other means of improving yourself (like themes) and a higher level cap. See it like a New Game+ feature that never makes you "too strong", unlike in Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, but still stronger. Current content includes regular missions, the Party House (like a casino), ninja villages (which are all player-lead), Reaper missions, Monochrome missions, The Trade (involving attacking others), Outskirts and Wasteland, Robo Fighto (mecha-fighting), R00t, Burger Ninja, Zombjas and an arena to compete against others. I've been asking around and the game is short of 2 years, so it's not exactly new, but having small publicity (much like Sacred 2) makes it so not too many know about it. Much of the content has been revamped (what people call recode) and balanced some months ago. I said above it works with a random number generator. Well it's simple if you take a table-top analogy to it: Levels are dice you throw. Strength is an amount added to the dice. Range is how many faces the dice have. Difficulty is how much you need to get as a number on your throw to get a success. Successes is how many times you need to beat the difficulty in one attempt. It's pretty easy to understand. The game also has a "How to play" FAQ to help understand the basics and there is a wiki site dedicated to it that was started by players. I'll link to two pictures of the game. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a213/Sar...lyinterface.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a213/Sar...geinterface.jpg For anyone interested, my signature leads to the game.
  6. Little Sara

    Web-Based Game

    A few months to reach level 34? Even without massive permanent item bonuses, one can reach level 60 (season 1 cap) or 20/20/20 levels, in about 3 weeks. It's a good idea to not do missions which are too hard for your character. Such as attempting B-rank missions the moment you become Sp. Jonin, if you know your success rate will not be acceptable in B-rank missions. In other words, going after permanent item bonuses and leveling up doing C-rank missions is a good idea. The Zombja part of content is fairly recent, about 2 months old.
  7. Little Sara

    Microsoft is not a monopoly

    The gathering of browser info, exploitation system and such is standard though. But this: "Additionally, with your permission, we may send you information about other Massive products and services, and/or share information with third parties so they may send you information about their products and services." is basically allowing them legally to spam you
  8. Little Sara

    The Wrong Answer Game

    Cause he wants more beer. Why are videogames addictive?
  9. misapproached (13) I'm not sure it really is a word, but it did show in use online when I googled it. It probably isn't in the dictionary, but is in usage, which makes it popular usage.
  10. Little Sara

    Web-Based Game

    Well, in reality to progress you don't need to invest more than 15 minutes or so a day. If you invest more it's optional, because you got lots of time, and probably more to chat with other players than anything else. Edit: I'll add that I'm available in-game to help if needed whenever I'm on. Party House chat is also a good place to ask for live help. My character's name is the one in signature.
  11. Little Sara

    Which Deity Should You Pick?

    I like the one that reflects damage. I already build my character to be highly evasive and highly reflective of combat damage, but the godspell can be great for boss fights. Overkill for anything else seriously.
  12. Little Sara

    What is your Favorite Sacred 2 Character?

    Seraphim all the way here. I'm also a lame left-clicking player and she fits the bill with my build.
  13. Little Sara

    Annoying enemies

    Annoying enemies I met so far: Ogre Warrior (ice circle slows down FPS and attack speed consequently). Octagolamus (attack that pushes you away, twice in a row...). Carnach (teleports like a mofo). Swirling Mist of Miasma (slows down FPS a LOT, harder to avoid his tornado-like attack, which is potentially lethal - in Gold it would one shot me, a graphical glitch prevented me to see it and I just saw my toon die one hit). Champion Undeads who often have 3 lives, AND those Undeads who have 3 lives even if you drink a Potion of Undead Death (one wonders what is the default % to banish undead, if +100% can still have them have 3 lives). Olms with Weaken (or that grey cloud thingy anyways) who slow down all subsequent attacks. Looks like -66% attack speed. Ghost Warriors in Jungle who become "ghostly" and can't be hit. Fenfire (most annoying enemy evar, they have low accuracy *physically* but their attacks NEVER miss, and it HURTS) - much like Diablo 2's Act 4 electric thingies, in Hell they can one-shot you if you don't have 50% Lightning-resist or more. Temple Guardian in Wasteland, especially Champions, with the 'fire bomb/trap' thingy that does significant damage, you need to move ASAP when you see it. A few other enemies use it (some golems in Seraphim/Dragon, and some Champion Brigands in High Elf), but they're not usually in such huge groups as the enemy TGs. Nameless Guardian with it's shield and high-damage hits. Though a trick: lure it/them out of the door (and yes, its bigger than the door, but he can go through, believe me). Passed the door, the Heart of the Machine won't help it anymore.
  14. I added this to another thread, but I thought it might deserve it's own. I'll remove it from the original one. Is there some sort of bonus, something unlocked, by getting achievements (reaching lv 5 is Respectable for example)? I know many of them, but not if they're worth trying to get. Most of those "achievements" are acquired through normal play: Level 5 (any character) Level 15 (each character independantly) Level 35 (any character) Reach Main quest in Human, Orc, Seraphim, Dragon, Swamp, Desert, Jungle, Jungle Isle, Wasteland (each is 1 separate achievement) Finish Light Campaign Finish Shadow Campaign Those should all be acquired in Bronze/Silver, without really trying. You'd obviously need two characters (one Light, one Shadow), to get the last ones. But there are others, more obscure achievements, and I'm wondering if there's some sort of bonus to unlocking them, sort of like the stuff you can get in Star Ocean Til The End of Time, by collecting battle trophies (which range from easy "Reach lv 10" to insanely hard "Beat Freya in 4D Difficulty Alone"), at some % ratio of them (there are 300), you unlock character outfits, then a sound test, Universe Difficulty, 4D Difficulty, and Full-Active Mode.
  15. Possibly you were at coordinates 0,0,127, try to ask the console for mounted coordinates. 0,0,127 does not exist by the way. first coordinate = x from west to east second coordinate = y from south to north third coordinate = layer, either 0 (surface) -1 or -2 (both are different dungeon levels) 127 doesn't exist.
  16. Against many bosses, unless you're outright godly, your p value might be below 1. Your formula is too complex for me to calculate it, I'm not about to squareroot, divide and multiply etc. Consider say, Kral of the Winged Daemons (boss of Jungle region) with 45,000 HP, 800 attack and 300 damage versus a Seraphim with 4,000 HP, 1000 attack, 500 defense, and say 1000 of resistances Keep in mind evade isn't counted, and that, except for spells, they are calculated *after* chance to hit is calculated. So if the boss has say, 30% chance to hit me, and I have +100% evade (resulting in something like 60% 'real' evade'), it won't hit me very much at all.
  17. Yes they stack. And yes it was always shown.
  18. They're not an exception, they have the Swamp level maximum. This part of the map is obviously considered part of the swamp.
  19. Its 921 skill points, counting the 10 "free" skill points (picking a skill makes it lv 1). The problem with trying to do what you said: ie increasing CAs naked and one at a time and such, is that regeneration time and maximum CA level without penalty both vary with level. Hence your data at lv 1 would be very different from data at lv 50, lv 100 or lv 200. Here's a rundown though: CA damage -> increases with player level (due to automatically assigned atttributes), increases with CA level CA regeneration time -> diminishes with player level, increases with CA level CA cooldown time -> fixed time, only affected by mods Buff penalty on regeneration time of all combat arts -> diminishes with player level, increases with CA level, only applicable when the buff is on obviously Secondary effects -> depending on which, may diminish with player levels, armor (of hireling) increases with CA level (not sure about player level), many increase with player levels, %-based ones seem to diminish based on player levels (chance for shrunken heads is one). Maximum level without penalty of CA -> Increases with character level and with appropriate Focus-type skill. Provides diminishing returns as it gives 0.33 CA maximum at first, but then it becomes 0.20 per level. Going above maximum level has benefits, and penalties. The only one without penalties is Grand Invigoration (only bonuses, no malus, and its a buff, so no regeneration time there). Pros: Slightly higher damage/better effects/longer lasting time Cons: Less cost-effective, CA regeneration time increases per rune read while damage/effects increases per effective level. Alternative: Combat Arts+ on items provides 1/2 of the regeneration time increase for a full effective level (yet it won't go past the maximum level without penalty without being slowed down as well). Example: I read 5 runes and have Battle Stance at lv 5. I get full benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness: I'm getting lv 5 effectiveness for 5 runes. I read 25 runes and have Battle Stance lv 15.4 (hypothetical) I get the benefits of effective level 15.4, but the "Regeneration of all combat arts" penalty worth 25 runes. Alternative example: I read 25 runes and have Battle Stance +7 from equipment, it gives me Battle Stance 19.4 (hypothetical) I get the benefits of effective level 19.4, and the "Regeneration of all combat arts" penalty worth 25 +7/2 (or 28.5) runes. ------------------- At some point, even if you were to only use buffs and didnt care if it had a huge +400% regeneration of all combat arts penalty, the effective level would 'cap'. The increases are 1 full effective level at first, then 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1, less than 0.1...and at some point you'd need 100 runes to even give 0.1 etc
  20. Little Sara

    Sacred 2 Character Achievements

    There is one for 25 bosses, I'm not sure which bosses count for that (White Griffon? Nimonuil? Dragon from Human region? only main quest ones?)
  21. If the Troll Shaman vendor on mount island's wares malus matched the one when the mount is actually owned, it would be an improvement, wether it ends up being +30 or +50% generation of all combat arts (not that it matters much for a horse, since you can't even access your own combat arts or use buffs).
  22. 1. See max mob levels on the wiki, however this was tested on Single Player and seems to corroborate with the PC version (yes I got those numbers on another version, but so far they match). This is here: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacre...and_Game_Basics 2. To get to another difficulty (than Bronze or Silver), the main quest has to be totally completed, ending with pressing the switch after defeating the 4th Nameless Guardian, there is no alternative. Multiplayer may work differently (such as allowing people to join Niob games), but your character's difficulty in SP and as story continuity progress (ie in Campaign mode), is based on the amount of times you completed the game (and starting difficulty). 3. Multiplayer level seems to determine the *maximum level* of a certain difficulty (1-60, 1-100, 1-200), rather than anything else. Meaning at a certain level you are forced into a higher difficulty? I'm not sure about mechanics of MP. I'm not sure what privileges you need to enter a higher difficulty, or create it (need to be lv 60 or more to create Gold game, have campaign in Gold?). ------------ If anything lv 40 in Silver does not corroborate my numbers, since lv 48 is the maximum in the High Elf region (and it only goes upwards as you go further). It may be a bug, or due to other players and averaging of levels, or something similar.
  23. I don't think this being in the file says its not a bug, it tells you how it works now, not how it should work.
  24. I have the NA version, but I tend to play solo except for trades.
  25. Little Sara

    I failed

    , and . are both decimal, that doesn't say which it is either way