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  1. KroniX

    hey guys! i'd like to join!

    thank youuuu 4 da welkome! lets boozeeee!! /beers
  2. hello ppl! well,I'd like to join you're cooooooollll clan! am KroniX,19years old,from Mauritius island but currently staying in the UK! my cv: ranked 1044 with 46,756pts ranked 898 on research fleet..erm..havent really got any fleet yet! am mostly concentrating on making my planets defence turtles n helping other members wheneva I kan! got 3 planets, 2 of them in galaxy 1 and the other one in galaxy 3 was in MOS alliance, but we disbanded afta a while,so now am currently in an alliance kalled SG1 which is ...bah!no comments! I love beer n pizza I was recommanded by my bro Nishroy who is in Spawn alliance n erm..I think dats it! if there's anything else,plz lemme kno! cheers to yall n thanx loads! /beer