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  1. Hello. Thank you very much, then test the form of the Dragon Mage, as I find something I write. I greet all of the CM )))))
  2. Hello everyone. Dragon mage can not be played. Rina with this quest all the time is when my character. In my posts are two errors that were not in the patch version CM 0110. Why are corrected as other tasks, then again others have errors that were not in previous versions of CM patch? Greetings to all
  3. Hi all. I play the Dragon Mage CM patch 0120, and is the second error in the game. The task "in the service of the Inquisitor" - Conflict with corpses in Thylisium. After the task can not get rid of Lieutenant Rina, all the time it comes for my character. The 0110 version does not have this problem. http://w700.wrzuta.pl/plik/4x6zGXODscN/big_0051 http://w700.wrzuta.pl/plik/9wk6n3mUpI5/big_0052 Please Amend this error. Greetings to all.
  4. Hello everyone. Thanks to all the team CM, dispensed done a good job, and I finally have everything in Polish. I noticed a bug in the game, namely, a quest involving the killing of Griffin, the game hangs. I changed the file "drop " from the 0110 version and the job done. Somewhere there is an error in your CM 0120 patch file "drop " introduced a new data leads to suspension of play, please check. Here ss quest. http://w454.wrzuta.pl/plik/2BV9rYt9wCf/big_0045 http://w454.wrzuta.pl/plik/6HXTltdU3QT/big_0046 My congratulations to all and for Kali, it helps you.
  5. subhenry

    Changing the interface?

    Hi all. You probably meant for such an interface was so good to make the colors dark blue, the gold is good for nothing, so faded. If anyone has a link they can write or how to do it. http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/1875/big0027.png Greetings to all:)))
  6. Witaj.

    Dobra robota, wreszcie cos nowego w tej grze,dobrze by bylo jakbys zmienil kolory na obramowania dla broni I skilli, ten srebrny kolor jest fatalny, moglby byc granat lub zielen, interfejs by zmienil wyglad. Pozdrawiam I zycze owocnej pracy . Jakbys mial cos nowego albo wiedzial jak zmienic wyglad to napisz do mnie . Heniek

  7. Hello everyone. Is not there some playing Pole to help make dialogues in patch from English into Polish, my English is poor. It would be nice to and Pole included to aid in the new patch. It made the translation in French and Russian, and should be in Polish, have someone help with the Poles )))) Congratulations, now 75 amendments made:))) Keep it up. I greet you.
  8. Hello. Ok, so maybe, these new quests can save so - "int" Thank you for your help )))))
  9. Hello. Yes, I play the Polish version, the new quests also have dialogues in Polish. I was on the Mantis, a lot is already corrected in the new quest, it's good. It would be nice to add a new patch CM 0110 new sets for the Dryads and the Dragon Mage, it would be great. I greet you all, a lot of good work you are doing. )))
  10. Hello. I was on the Mantis, a lot longer repaired very very happy, waiting for patch CM 0110, I think that will be published soon, is a small request, it would have been to the new patch included new sets for the Magician and the Dryad, somehow, these characters are ignored in the news. Regards and sorry for the previous post ))))))
  11. Hello. The worst part is that you take for bunglers quests, boast that they have success, but the quests do not work, the more that a successful damaged. I think the next one will be corrected.
  12. CM Patch 0100 - Easter Eggs (quest), after taking the job from the rabbit, the egg does not show up in the temple, this error also can be improved. How to turn your quest with the CM patch 090, the egg is at the top of the temple.
  13. Hello. I think in the next patch will improve the quests - Dark Rituals, Faust, and the quest of a dog, that will save new items in the daily tasks in the game. Sorry for my English but I do not know the language.
  14. Hello. I think in the next patch will improve the quests - Dark Rituals, Faust, and the quest of a dog, they will be in August in the journal zapiywały tasks in the game
  15. Hello. Quest in the desert with the invocation of the demon Sakarry not recorded in the daily tasks, these are errors in your quest - Patch CM 0100