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  1. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    New myth in Dark Souls haha. Evidently you're supposed to be able to find the Furtive Pygmy from the openening sequence (from what I hear the Director recommended the pendant because it's supposed to change/unlock certain story elements, have heard that he actually said it was used to talk to the pygmy), however so far it seems no one has found him/knows how to use the pendant. So, many are searching for the pygmy/a way to use the pendant, while many believe the pendant is bugged (it does have the wrong item description) and the pygmy doesn't exist. Possibly something to investigate while playing DS.
  2. Rndm

    Elder Scrolls - Sky Rim

    From what I understand they're also doing away with Major/Minor skills, all skills will now contribute to leveling up when raised, and instead of specific bonuses set along a skill path (heavy armor: 25=normal, 50=heavy armor burdens you less, 75=even less armor weight, 100=your heavy armor doesn't weigh you down at all) you will have a bunch of perks, each tied to a specific skill/playstyle (don't remember too many specifics for this, though I believe it was things like: (for blocking/shields) getting a shield bash or having better damage reduction etc.) that you will be able to choose each time you level up (think this should feel familiar to Fallout players), so it seems like actual Builds will be more prominent in this game vs. Oblivion where you just raised whatever skills you felt like. Might actually be a mage before trying melee in this one, as dual wielding spells sounds pretty awesome.
  3. Rndm

    Dungeon Siege 3

    Same here, don't know why it's left out of rpgs now (dragon age games didn't have it ), as unless it is a game with a large amount of sidequests to do (elderscrolls) you wind up leveling up/getting good equipment just to play the final level or run through the secret post-game dungeon repeatedly. I put it down mostly because after finding there was no new game+. I didn't feel like playing through with the things that nagged me the first time (capped experience in each area so you can't grind to higher level early, no respec system [though I guess they added one in the dlc?] and some skills [clock trap for reinhardt] that took so long to activate that they lost their 'tactical/trap' value, as enemies were already smacking me around by the time I could see them and then cast the spell). Until they get new game+ and maybe fix a few things (and add more than 3 sets of armor that were endlessly recolored) I'll delete the game data to make space for other things (skyrim).
  4. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    lol, well I think the fallout wiki is better about spoiler than the dark souls wiki (you have to click show X to see the story info), whereas they just say "you find this after you kill X and run through Y". Though there really isn't a whole lot of story to be ruined in Dark souls (kind of like demon's souls, you're told what's going on in the beginning and then get tidbits here and there til the end). There is one specific covenant that is easy to miss though (if you don't do the correct story choices it's gone til next playthrough ).
  5. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    Yeah, probably a good choice, there are a few spoiler there haha. Though some of them can be hard to find/join if you don't already know where they are/what the requirements for joining are.
  6. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    Another new feature in Dark Souls (and one of the best things they added imo) is the Covenant system. There are a total of 9 Covenants (groups in game that have their own code/goals/special items) that you can join, some are easy to find and join while others require finding it through luck or taking a specific story route to get. Some are good, some are evil, and some are neutral. The different groups are based around different types of gameplay, be it co-op, PvE or PvP with most having awesome rewards for sticking with the covenant until a higher rank. Here's a link to the wiki page explaining them all: http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Covenants
  7. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    Would be awesome if they did, have only seen maces/morning stars so far though (so far they don't seem to have added new weapon types, just changed some attack animations slightly). One piece of advice I'd give is to not be a wanderer starting out (evidently my armor is not as good as a thief's starting armor) and say that it seems the Master Key Gift (in character creation you choose a special item to start with from a set list of stuff, like healing items, binoculars, ring that improves health, etc.) , an item which is reusable and opens any basic lock, is one of the more useful Gifts to start with as in the first area there are many doors that cannot be opened until you obtain the keys from certain foes (unless of course you have the Master Key). I've also had to do a lot more luring out in this game as opposed to dark souls, as a group of even the most basic enemies can do massive damage if they surround you (whereas you could pretty much barrel right through the basic enemies in boletaria's first area). Have not yet tried using dual shields, though from my experience with dual scimitars dual wielding just looks cool without offering any real combat advantage. It also appears that some special enemies can backstab players in this game (whereas I think only the Old Monk boss in demon's souls was able to do that).
  8. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    picked it up tuesday, and gotta say they delivered on the "harder than demon's souls" part, died a bunch and I'm not sure how far into the first area (Undead Burg/Parish) I am. definitely more open than demon's souls, as there are no archstones that teleport you to self contained levels, so far it's all one big area with different paths through. Bonfires act much the same as the nexus from the demon's souls, as it restores your health, you can level up your stats at them, repair your armor, etc. However, every time you rest at a bonfire it respawns all of the normal enemies (bosses/dark knights do not respawn). Also, instead of becoming a spirit when you die you are "hollowed", when in Hollowed status you look undead (which actually looks cooler than your living/human form imo lol). You can still only summon other players while in "human" status, however you can be summoned even while "human" (though from what I hear the servers need work as players can only see people summon points if that person's ping is close to theirs, rather than in demon's souls where a summon point was visible to everyone who was playing online). Another addition is that of Estus Flasks, these are your healing items, the lowest number in a stack you can have is 5, and these are your -only- hp restoration items (at least so far as I've seen), though they are recharged every time you rest at a bonfire. You can increase the number you have in a stack by offering Humanity at a bonfire, though this can only be done while you're in a Human state. You can still invade other players' worlds, though now it seems that invasion is limited to consumable items rather than an infinitely useable item. I've also heard that dropping items in a level and waiting til they disappear/resting at a bonfire will create "Vagrants", some kind of enemy, in your own server or possibly other peoples' servers. Sadly, no extra functionality for dual wielding seems to have been added. Almost forgot, appears you can join different groups (Covenants) in Dark Souls, it also appears that this is the only way to learn spells/miracles, as one npc was only willing to teach me miracles after I'd joined his group, and it appears that you have a rank within each covenant, as he wouldn't divulge details about his group's working unless I offered a certain amount of souls. All in all I'd say it's better than demon's souls in nearly every way so far.
  9. Rndm

    Dark Souls coming out

    Hope it's how it looks then lol, think the first one suffered a little from linear and claustrophobic environments. They were good atmoshpherically, but I prefer more open environments (tall towers of latria [still linear, but looked very vast and open], and the most open environment was [imo] the swamp, where you don't really want to explore lol). Yeah, I thought sneaking felt a bit cooler, but took way too long waiting for the right gap in guard patrols, and then the reloading when you get spotted...think I'd be doing an aggressive/slightly sneaky playthrough next, though I also don't feel like playing it again for a while haha. Seems like that'd take a lot longer than using storm ruler (especially on subsequent playthroughs). Though the storm ruler also makes that the best spot to grind for souls imo (aside from exploiting glitches/duping legendary souls, though I don't believe the latter is possible any more).
  10. was that one of the earlier skills? never really played as the vanquisher.
  11. Hoping they change up their spell damage growth in this game lol; I think in the first one the Alchemist's first spell (poison bolt) would up being the most damaging/best spell, simply because it used %of x stat rather than a flat +x damage modifier, which disappointed me, as I loved ember strike . Still, customizable characters, open world environment w/dungeons and multiple towns, and a modding tool=Could quite easily become my favorite game, always been fond of this style of game (isometric rpg yeah?).
  12. I enjoy the TG, continuous area damage spells, shield, crazy attack power buff (combat alert I believe?), aaaaan spikes, have to love the spikes. And the mobiculum, normally don't use Prop Lev much, but love the mobiculum's animation for that CA :trans: .
  13. My first character will be an embermage, followed by outlander and possibly Berserker. Engineer comes last.
  14. I believe Skyrim is single player only (though multiplayer would be awesome).
  15. Actually, I still think skyrim is my most anticipated, with Torchlight II as a close second. And Goldeneye seems interesting, remember playing that when I was a kid.