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  1. Gudyleila

    Problem with completing City Achievement

    Well, first thing is, are you REALLY SURE you've been to all towns? I thought so too, but I had only been to 41, and I missed a port town in Tyr Lysia, Bluestonbury. I used this site http://www.ps3trophies.co.uk/threads/18513-All-42-towns to get my trophy (PS3), but it's the same thing on 360 or PC. Just make sure you've been in everyone of the places shown there in the map and you will get it. Good luck with that, and I hope your game isn't bugged or anything like that.
  2. Gudyleila

    Gamesave Corrupted

    DAMN that sucks bro. I have 1 O.S to spare, I think... And if you want to create a new toon, add me up! I was trying to get a new Dryad (since I think I screwed my other one) but didn't had the will to do it. Now, with a partner, I think it will be fun.
  3. WHOA! Lots of info here. Thanks guys. Ill have to re think what I've done with my toons. Im doing ok on Gold (still in Human Realm), but I have the feeling Ill get PWNED in higher difs because I haven't put much points (if not at all) in Armor Lore. Maybe ill have to restart those toons, we will see. Thanks again for all this help guys! =D
  4. Thanks Mystix123, that really helped. I didn't know the difference between those two because Armor and Defense were the same thing in my head. Now I know they aren't. Ill favor Shield for now, and if I see my regen time getting too high, ill put some points into Armor. Thanks =D
  5. So guys, I was wondering, which one is the best for defense, Shield Lore or Armor Lore? Because I usually put 5 points in Armor just to get Shield (with a HE) and NEVER put another point on Armor. With the Dryad, I go all on Armor and don't pick Shield at all... So, which one provides more defense at the long run, Shield Lore or Armor Lore? Thanks in advance! =P Gudy. EDIT: BTW, should I pick both and put both in mastery, or only one? I'm kinda confused with this.
  6. Gudyleila

    Sacred 2 - PS3 : PSN Accounts

    hello again people! I havent been here for a while (maybe a couple months) due to the PSN outtage and stuff like that. Now I decided to get into Sacred 2 again, what a great game this one is! Anyways, my PSN is Gudyleila, I play Light Story most of the time, now I'm playing with a Dryad and a High Elf both mid 40s. The Elf is on Gold and the Dryad on Silver. I can start a new toon from scratch if someone wants to team um from start. BTW, I have a mic but I don't think it works with THIS game. Maybe its a NAT thing, who knows? Ah, it's good to be back! See you guys on Ancaria =D BTW, if you send me a friend request, please write DarkMatters or Sacred 2 on the message, so I know who are you!
  7. Hello. I posted this topic at another place, I think it was the wrong place. Anyways, I'm in need of the Boots of Rememberance from the High Elf Set Adornments of the Ancestors. I don't want the boots for me, I just need them borrowed to wear, get the trophy Fashion Victim, and ill give them back right away. Heck, you can eaven have my hole set after that, my main char is a Dryad, so I wont use this H.E anymore after getting the trophy. So, she is level 43. If you have one of those boots around this level, could you borrow them to me really quick? Add me up and put something like Sacred 2 or DarkMaters on the message that ill add you. Thanks, Gudy.
  8. LMAO Im starting to HATE you already! =D DAMN youre a lucky man buddy! Just a quick question.... do you have EP? If so, which level? Im almost sure you have it and its mastered, but just checking... Ha if you keep finding stuff like that, please, do post here! XD
  9. WHOA thats awesome! DAMN I wish I had those XD Congratz on your findins mate!
  10. Gudyleila

    Mic trouble on PS3

    Thanks for the tips Sarcolemming! Ill try those out today, if possible. And yes Rndm, I have the same problem with recently met players on Sacred 2. I dunno why, but they dont show up in that list. Ive seen that with other games, but I think they were dl games, not disc ones... Well, this game is bugged as hell, so you never know what will happen next, right? =D
  11. Gudyleila

    PS3 Players With Mics

    DAMN I dont think I can join your game, since my chars are level 45 or 2 lol Ill see if I can level up a new char and than Ill try to join you! XD BTW are you dark or light campaing?
  12. Gudyleila

    Cool dual wield idea

    It was cool alright.! If you can get hold of a copy of Sacred Gold it is well worth it, although you will be limited to SP now I suppose. I will never get rid of mine as I still love to go back and play it when my withdrawal symptoms get too bad. It is a far better game than Sacred 2 although lacking the fancier graphics and special effects, it has that special something that Sacred 2 seems to lack. Ha, I know what you mean... Its the same thing with Cod 4 being much better than MW 2, or Ocarina of Time being much better than Majoras Mask... Both have inferior graphics and less equipments and stuff like that, but they are so much better than theyre sequels.
  13. Ok heres the deal: Ive tried to make my mic work on this game, but I cant. Yes, my mic is paired right, yes it work with other games, yes I can have audio chat... The problem is ONLY with this game. Do any of you guys know anything about this? BTW, in the ingame menu my mic isnt mute, but still other people cant hear me. And if they have a mic, I cant hear them, eaven when the arent muted in the menu... I gets annoying to play with some friend that does have a mic but you cant talk because of some bug... Anyways, if any of you guys can help, I would appreciate! Thanks in advance! =D
  14. Gudyleila

    PS3 Players With Mics

    Well, I DO have a mic, but it doesnt work on Sacred 2... I dunno why, but I cant make it work in that game... Yes, Ive tried in other games, Ive tried voice chats and works everytime, but not on this game... Go figure... Anyways, my PSN is Gudyleila
  15. Gudyleila

    Holy Blazing Barsteward Banana Swords!

    Heh peeps, if I were you I wouldnt miss a chance like this one! =D Go fetch! XD