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  1. Worse than a mass destruction weapon, I give you this… stinking cheese
  2. LOL Don't complain saying I didn't warn you now
  3. lolllllllll I like this smiley ^^ If I bring cheese here, it'll smell death for 1 week at least
  4. Congratz anyway, Cyclops ^^ I wish you tobe first with dark
  5. Strange to see you with the Darks ^^ Maybe we should have a talk, one day For now, congratulations for your new family
  6. Amune

    Goodbye Cruel Golden Arches

    Maybe, one day McD will disappear:) Fingers crossed
  7. Amune

    Goodbye Cruel Golden Arches

    As Claire said, I think you need some emergency poutine Next time, you'll avoid the McD, I think (And if not, just see Supersize me )
  8. Take care of the dark side of the force haha
  9. lol with a name like this, I hope you'll enjoy your new alliance Welcome
  10. Amune

    Hell Pirates

    And you are from… Right? Welcome on this forum Amoun But… a nap (or an alliance) while you still don't have any members seems strange. Good luck anyway
  11. I was talking about your account on s1 and mine on Sacred 2 And they have almost the same level (I think mine is better )
  12. So, you've got only 2,5M of production:) I've less than you, but I've got really better BO, factories and bars Try to up your BO