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  1. S-P

    UnBended - The Gambler

    Back on topic, are those small daggers on his belt? I guessing hes going to be more like a rogue type class. Would be interesting to know what types of combat arts he will have.
  2. S-P

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Yes, sort of. If you have an game pad then probably yes but if you are using a mouse like me it's difficult to implement, I spent most time rolling backwards. Dodging is one of two skills that you can have, two seems to be the max. Combat arts are also limited to two as well, you just choose new ones when they are unlocked (using gold).
  3. S-P

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Well I was one of the ones that preordered it. Well it certainly is not a sacred game, more like a hacknslash game. There are no drops other than gold (which you can't actually use) as far as can see. There also gold/green globes that drop which replenish your health and energy bars. I've only played an hour and I'm struggling to stay interested in the game. I want to at least complete the game so I can at least get my moneys worth. Oh, almost forgot you get a new weapon when you beat the end level boss. So If you haven't got it I would probably suggest you don't bother as the only thing that is Sacred is in the name, and the Seraphim.
  4. S-P

    New Sacred 3 Game play review in Spanish!

    Not good...
  5. S-P

    New Sacred 3 Game play review in Spanish!

    Well I've pre-ordered it, that was before I read the posts in the Steam forums....
  6. Just pre-ordered S3 on Steam, then I went to the steam forums...There certainly not much love for S3 on the steam forums. Have I made a mistake in pre-ordering S3?
  7. S-P

    Is Sacred Citadel any good

    Just played the the demo, OMG what the hell was they thinking. I just hope S3 is not going to be like this.
  8. S-P

    Is Sacred Citadel any good

    SC looks to be almost the same as Orcs must die! And being a scrolling platform? I feel like someone dropped me into the dark old days of platform games. Is it really worth getting it? I think I'm going to keep hold of my hard earned cash and wait for S3.
  9. I did a Google search and Play.com have got the disk version in stock.
  10. Yeah, I found the same problem when I faced it with my Seraphim. The statues regenerate and heal. If you are quick you can see the dragon fly in to drop it's ice bomb on you, as soon as you see it run out of the way.
  11. How do I get rid of an annoying follower. I did a quest for the Inquistion and now I've got some Lietenant flowing me around and I can't seem to get rid of her. She was supposed to teleport back to the Inquistion dungeon after the completion of the quest but hasn't done so. Anyway of removing her. Edit - I'm also using CM Patch.
  12. Blazing Tempest is defiantly my favorite Area of Effect.
  13. S-P

    Blowguns with Damage lore

    I know what you mean, but I was curious about basic physical damage Blowpipes that have secondary damage on them I.e. 2% weaken etc. I was just wondering if Damage lore increased these base stats or just the elemental damage that you get when you socket them. I know later you tend to get them with some other damage other than physical, especially with a shopper like my dryad in which case it takes that as a base to work from.
  14. S-P

    Quest NPCs mortal?

    I'm using the CM patch, so I go to the army camp then, I'll check around there thanks. Is there a list of changes for the CM patch?
  15. S-P

    Quest NPCs mortal?

    So have I missed something then. I've usually just gone there and shes there, but this time she isn't. I guess she must have gotten killed by one of the bandits that hang around that location.