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  1. Portal. It's free on Steam for PC and Mac for another couple of days. I played through the whole thing in one night, without taking a break. It's good.
  2. The Funnies

    I guess it's true what they say about Germany.
  3. I had about $8 left on my gift card when I bought the books in my last post. I used that money that place a special order at the bookstore. The usual order time is 5 to 10 days, but they told me it could take a bit longer for some reason, so I expected to get a call from the bookstore only in a week form now. But today, I went to that store for business and in passing, the cashier intercepted me, saying she had had my book for a week and had called me twice. I had not heard from them, so I was a bit surprised. $10,97 later I was owner of this marvel of literature:
  4. Another gift card, another shopping spree. It may seem like I buy everything with gift cards, but it's not the case. I just happen to have gotten a bunch of them in the last six months, and I prefer t use my own money on more important things like food, lodging and internet access. This time the gift card was at another bookstore, where I got... By lucalain at 2010-04-09 More Dune... By lucalain at 2010-04-09 Another classic and... By lucalain at 2010-04-09 A game tie-in. Now that I see the Aspho Fields cover, I remember reading good things about the author from a reputable source. That thought didn't occur to me when I bought it. That's not all, though, because I had yet another gift card at an electronics store where I went shopping last week. I was looking for the season's blockbuster, but it wasn't in stock, so as I wandered the aisles looking at nothing in particular, I found this, which I did not expect to ever see in a brick and mortar store: By lucalain at 2010-04-09 The action RPG Torchlight. It cost $22 with tax, which I thought wasn't a big deal, but just the next day, while sitting in chat for an online game, someone asked whether we had bought this game that weekend. I said I had, at a retail store, but then they told me it was on sale for four (4) dollars on Steam the very day I paid 5.5 times the price for a boxed copy. Dang.
  5. I missed the boat. Have a nice unbirthday Gogo.
  6. The Funnies

    What's funny about the one with the cards? First time I see all of these. Good ones in there.
  7. Pretty warm. We had temperature in the twenties the last couple of days.
  8. It's down. I never had a chance to try it .
  9. About a year ago I started receiving men's magazines of the Maxim brand. One day I found one in my mailbox, with my name and address on it. I hadn't subscribed to it, and it's not my kind of literature, so I thought a friend or an acquaintance had subscribed me to it as a practical joke of some sort. An inquiry brought no results. No one seemed to know about it. Seeing that, I thought I was being being made victim of some shady business, but a quick search on my one other magazine's publisher's website found no mention of this particular unwanted one, and to this day I haven't found anything about it on my bills. Can anyone help me shed some light on this problem? Is there a way I can make it stop? Am I a victim of fraud? It sort of hurts my Tech Duck sensibilities to throw away an unread, perfect condition document every month. I can't give it away either, because no one wants it.
  10. I had something important to do at the mall today, and since it's 40 minutes away (on foot, because I had to walk), I decided to murder three pigeons with one rock by shopping for things I needed. My computer microphone decided to break a few days ago, so I needed a new one, but then I figured I might as well get one on a headset so I wouldn't have to bend down over the keyboard to speak and could replace my old MP3 player headphones with something more comfortable. I went to the electronics store, but there I saw headsets were $30, which was sort of out of my price range at that moment, yet I didn't give up. I remembered what my mother had said all those years ago about dollar store microphones, specifically that they were a dollar, and so I went to the dollar store at the other end of the mall and sure enough, the first thing I saw was... By lucalain at 2010-03-20 ...a headphone and microphone set, selling for $3. Prices must have gone up since the olden days of my mother, but it was a pretty good deal, I thought. Next, I went to the bookstore. Late last year my favorite uncle, my godfather and my namesake pitched in to offer me a $60 gift certificate there. I work at a bookstore myself, and I know both places get pretty much the same stock, so I had plenty of time to figure out what I wanted and whether it would be available before I ever went to the mall. So with my battle plan in mind, I went straight to the fiction area and picked up... By lucalain at 2010-03-20 By lucalain at 2010-03-20 ...some classics which for some reason I hadn't had a chance to read, and... By lucalain at 2010-03-20 By lucalain at 2010-03-20 ...David Gemmell's Legend and The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend. Of course, I had to walk 40 minutes with all this stuff on me on my way home.
  11. I'd love to have a decent sig :)

    Let me tell you something. We graphics artists don't like working on requests like this one. First you give no information on what you expect, on what you want, and we don't know what you like, so we have to use our imagination for the whole graphic work, and then we don't know whether you'll like it because we don't know you and we don't know what you expect. That's a gamble we're not always willing to take, with the amount of work and time graphics can take to make. Next, you tell us you'll take anything, whether it's good or bad. That tells us you likely won't keep what we give you for long, and that adds to the gamble above and detracts from the artist's willingness to invest time and energy. Now you gave us some details on what you want: dragons, eagles, Sacred, and your PSN name. That's enough to find something to work with, but then inspiration hasn't struck yet for the kind of background, text, effects and all the other stuff that goes into making a signature. So I, and whoever else cares, will have to take some time to think on that a bit. Also, a signature is usually used to sign posts, so ideally the name you use in a given community should be the one in your signature. I could put both names, certainly, but it might look awkward.
  12. I'd love to have a decent sig :)

    You're not giving us much to work with. I see you're Australian though, so that gave me an idea. I made this signature for fun last weekend. You can have it if you're feeling patriotic.
  13. This is the superhero concept game, where single words turn to masterpieces of literature. This is how it's played: The person above you posts a superhero name. You, as the following poster, write a short description of the superhero based on its name with details of your choice such as powers, looks, origin, nemeses, sidekicks, vehicles and whatnot. Your goal in that is to write an amusing description for everyone to read. Next, you think of any word, stick a -Man, or any typical superhero naming suffix, at the end, and let the next poster have a turn. You can use any word of the English language as long as it's not a censored one, or a word of another language if it is spelled or sounds similar to an English one. This is to add an element of speculation and craziness to the game for added fun. Think of words like "eruction", except without naughty connotations in its English sound-alike. I start: Start-Man.
  14. All right, we can collaborate. I'll continue where I was with the Shadow Warrior. I'll have to find most of the armor pieces again for the other classes, however, because I didn't take the screenshots in a specific format and I sold the armor when I was done with it since I didn't have the stash space to keep it all. I have to tell you, though, that my game is set to medium graphics. As an alternative we could contact whoever made those pictures on the German forum and ask them whether they would contribute them to the wiki. That's what we do in my field of study. This project gets somewhat redundant if we redo everything. Darn, I hope I don't sound too negative. I'm being positive, seriously.
  15. Damnit you, I've been working on this since last summer, and you had to scoop it. Well good job anyway, I guess.