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  1. Tony_Bananas


    BTW, I play as Impaler in servers 2 & 3.
  2. Tony_Bananas


    Hey, who are you calling Shirley?!?
  3. Tony_Bananas


    TheMadTopHatter is the Founder of *MAD*, we're all from DLV though. I'm the leader of Legion_of_Doom[Legion.D] in server 1, ranked 12th there, playing as SalDaPsycho. That server is a friggin' ZOO! I play as Impaler in servers 2 & 3, I'm in IRA in server 3. I'm only playing at Space4K, not really playing it. I had gotten wiped out with the account I started after the reset, deleted it so as not to become a farm for GoJ. I then acquired an account that is Sentih capable, guess what, it's right smack in the middle of a GoJ galaxy! Didn't take long to get crashed by Technopimp, he attacked almost nonstop for about 2 days! That account is on VM for the duration of the war. Other than that, RL has gotten interesting, I now work as a field inspector in construction, doing rebar inspections, testing concrete, testing soil compaction, etc. I'm currently assigned at a 300 million dollar project for the Royal Bank of Scotland, down in Stamford, CT. 14 stories of nightmare is what I call it! Right from the start, the surveyors set the entire building 1 foot too low!! Oh well, it keeps things interesting to say the least! Hope y'all are doing well in RL, glad to be back in the game!
  4. Tony_Bananas


    Hey all, long time no see! Some of you will remember me from Crazy8s originally, then the merge. I've been back playing server 2 for quite a while now and had joined DLV. Well, DLV is going to disband and I contacted cyclops to ask for an alliance with *MAD*, which is made up of ex- DLVers. This is the first time I've been able to log-in at the forum here, and I LOVE the posts by Amune! FR is dead in the water, I farm most of them regularly now! At any rate, I hope our two alliances can become allies. We're ranked 5th at the moment. As you know, any alliance I have joined, I have fought for with everything I had!
  5. Tony_Bananas


    Hey all, just stopped in to say Hi! I haven't been here in a while, just wanted to let ya all know what's been going on. Since Rahvin left Vendetta altogether, he gave me founder status to Crazy8s in server 1, everyone went inactive on me and I disbanded the alliance. I'm still playing there as SalDaPsycho and was given founder status of Legion.TC and I'm trying to keep that going. I've been able to reach 11th - 12th in ranking there! I'm playing as my Space4K name in servers 2 & 3, Impaler, and I'm in DLV in both of those servers. It's good to see D.A.R.K. on top, and doing very well in the game!
  6. This is what I use for buildings in Vendetta, I use the planet pics from Ogame in Space4K.
  7. Welcome! /guns :Mafia2: /guns
  8. Tony_Bananas


    Thanks for all the welcomes! You folks make an old guy feel right at home! (I'm 53!) /guns
  9. Tony_Bananas


    Hi! I'd like to say thanks for having me in the alliance in Vendetta, I came from Crazy8s. I think this merge wil make us a very strong presence in server 2! I play Ogame as well, Unis 4,5, and 19, if any of you are in those. In 4 and 5, I play as Old Geezer, and Impaler in 19.