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  1. I hve returned to ensure that everyone knows, Dragon Mage is King.
  2. So basically the seraphim and dragons got together to have a baby named "Dragon Mage." New head connon activated. Er. That makes little sense.... If you read the book that came from Sacred 1 - The Book of the Seraphim, And I quote.. "Memorandum from Urisa'N TachYon regarding the use of cloned warriors: The first test run in the defense matrix GT-AS 565 went entirely satisfactory. The DNA morphing of Dragon Battle Lizards with female Elifa slaves produced effective fighting amazons in a very short time. These warriors can be used in combat against the three-dimensional giant Worgaria
  3. So basically the seraphim and dragons got together to have a baby named "Dragon Mage." New head connon activated.
  4. There's only one, at the very end in the Great Machine (shadow path only). There's also a possible Seraphim fight with the CM Patch, but that is basically fan content, not anything the developers made. Which leads me to another question, do all characters follow the same story path in light and shadow stories, or do they branch off after a certain point? I want to know if I beat the game with my light DM, is there a point in doing the main storyline again with my light high elf or seraphim; or should I just run off and do their own stories while committing vast genocide.
  5. so Seraphim NEVER appear as a enemy in the game? I ask 'cause I never played the ShadowPath by far...I just started a hardcore inquisitor, goi g to try a full mage build, but I would assume he'd have to fight at least 1 of them.
  6. Based on what I just saw of the regular wiki page, fallen Angel is a prequel to sacred 1 set 2000 years in the past.
  7. That back story is different from what I read about sacred one. Its obvious that the sacred universe is a multiverse, so is sacred 1 and 2 two different universes. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:History_%26_Mythology
  8. I thought the inquisitor were dark elves, notcgigh elves and I called seraphim celestial because I read that the were born from the blood of the goddess ofcwar after she died.
  9. This was more of a comparison of mounts vs the forms when it came to evploration. I probably should've made that more clear. I'm still trying to figure out if I want yo waste money on a horse on my DM, I have more then enough to spare since the only vthing I ever spend money on are the runes. I bought a horse on my HE because it felt needed, but it doesn't fill so required on DM, heck more places feel accessed to me due to dragon form.
  10. Its me again lol, so here is abother question for the people who still frequent the boards. Forms Vs Mounts, which is better per say? Now I know in the long run it is mounts because they don't have a time limit attached them. Has anyone tried modding away the time limit for the forms? I just want to run around in dragon form some times and those limits make it hard to roleplay as a territorial dragon. I guess its all for the best, I haven't found a princess to kidnap anyways >.> Anyways Are mounts faster the DB or DF? Are their any mounts that handle terrain obstacles on the sa
  11. It was more for the "Artist" reasons, and some roleplaying reasons. I tend to have a habit od putting myself in RPG skyrim (redguard destruction wizards represent!) Shadowrun (Human Mage/shaman) and in sacred it would only be the dragon mage or SW, I really don't like elves that much. I don't hate them, but they aren't my favorite race. Also I've been having the urge to do some fan art, and depending on whether or not I added dialogue, I needed to know the DM race.
  12. So, something crossedmy mind for the first time while playing, what racebis the dragon mage? For the most part, the races seem obvious, high elf, dryadld, and inquisitor are elves, TG is a android, SW a human,and seraphim a celestial. Do what are Dragon mages, human? Elf? Mixture of whoever can press dragons? This question crossed my mind after just receiving a quest to capture some fun away slaves. Despite the fact I'm walking the path of light (I hope there is a option to free them, I've barely ran into any quest with choices.) I originally assumed DM was human due to the lack of pointy
  13. Sorry for the double, OK so here od some new information, my campaign progress continues to say chapter 1 part 1 A when at this point I should be in Part 1 D. So the game isn't registering my progress... Even though I'm continuing to progress through the story with no problem.
  14. I don't see how, thistarted the second I reinstalled the game, switch the very first character I wanted to play to silver. I didn't get cm patch until yesterday, a day after this started. I also don't understand how something that affect the game universally, only does it yo that one character. I redid everything on another character and didn't get this bug. Thanks for your response.
  15. Before I made this post, I did quite a few quests. That's what I meant by "all I had done is still there." Everything works fine, its just every time I log into that specific character on silver, it always loads at the beginner area and I have to fast travel to where ever. And its only that character it seems. I played my high elf until my laptop overheated to see if I could recreate the problem, but no luck. Even the HE still loaded at the last place I saved. And it only affects that character on silver difficulty, it also doesn't appear to be mod related.
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