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  1. Very, Very glad it's back up, now I can go back to lurking on my fav site, and I frakin' FINALY, after what seems like years, well actualy it was years,lol, got I&B installed and working, just yesterday, must have been some kind of congruent miracle, eh? Any news on the wiki, is it coming back too?
  2. Well, thnx, I did think of that myself 2, but I wasnt sure. But Karisall has a different red weapon. Anyways, I dont think ill put disarming on my poisonous daemon, I wonder if mabye Moca could get it done? And mabye if u know (or anyone else knows) what weapons can Moca equip? Like mabye the big Ogre wepons, or something... not sure if anyone still cares, but as I have Moca now(am replaying, lol, level 31 Deamon ), I have him equipped with a good 2 handed sword, but am thinking about switching to an axe..., this is wierd, dude has 140 Charisma, but only 48 physical regen? wasup wit dat, eh?
  3. Well, I am a self-admited lurker, lol, and was for years, tho I did register the day I found DM, thru a link on the Sacred wiki. Yes, I lurked for years, reading, learning, experimenting with some of the ideas I found here. All in all, it has been very entertaining and enlightening to watch the evolution of this site, as I never felt comfortable enough over at the SIF to post anything, it just seemed like there was some underlying negitivity there, and I did NOT want to get drawn in. This place seems much more laid back and open, but maybe that's just me? Anyway, while I am not much for posting, as I am sure you can tell by my count over the last 2 years, I am here to stay, so keep it in mind that rand is hiding here, somewhere, and just might show himself at any moment, eh? BTW, I've never played MP, I'm not big on that, even when I was playing WOW and LastChaos, I did so solo,just never been a team-up kinda person, eh?
  4. yes, after, the trick is to change the permissions in the security tab ti give you FULL rights, and then delete the original shortcut and put a new one on the desktop pointing to the new location, but I recommend that you FIRST read everything you can find about permissions and how they work, BEFORE you try this , if you make a mistake, you might never be able to access the program again to fix it! So, do this ONLY at your own risk, I am NOT telling you TO do this, just telling you what I have done, eh? Also, one more thing that is very important is the "start in" line on your shortcut, it MUST point to the new location, or you got nothin, Know what I mean, Vern?
  5. As noted in Dragon Brother's original post: ForgeSlot_BronceFactor = 1000, ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = 1070, ForgeSlot_GoldFactor = 1150, Effects the bonus provided when socketing into a socket (1000 = item modifiers remain at 100% of the value on the jewellery, 1070 = 107% of the value or a 7% increase). however, I believe there is more to it than just those three lines, and looking thru this thread, I have not seen this info posted so, here is my idea, I believe that the lines; SlotGoldPercentageImprovement = SlotSilverPercentageImprovement = also affect this and that the #s must match the first two #s that you put in the 'Factor = "slots, ie. if you set ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = to say, 1500 which would be 1.5 times normal, then you must also set SlotSilverPercentageImprovement = to 15 to match, otherwise while your changes to ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = will show in the item description, it will not really affect your stats/skills more than the normal increase would , so, sorry if this has been covered, maybe I just missed it, but if not, well as Paul Harvey used to say, "And now you know the rest of the story." eh? Actualy I have had a chance to rethink this, it seems that the two numbers that follow SlotGoldPercentageImprovement = SlotSilverPercentageImprovement = are the precentage, ie in the cherry balance.txt the lines are: SlotGoldPercentageImprovement = 15 SlotSilverPercentageImprovement = 7 these are as I noted the precentages of improvement, so changing them to just the first two numbers you put in ForgeSlot_GoldFactor = ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = will probably not do the trick, I think this will take a bit more experimentatation to work out, eh? I am going to try changing those numbers to the first Three digits and see what that dose, I will post those results here when I have done enough testing to have a better idea of what it really does, so don't go changing those just yet, as I may just have been mistaken as to the actual effect, lol. Also, If anyone else has any info on this, I would be most gratefull if you would let me know, eh?
  6. hello, sorry for not checking in sooner, so many things to do, so little time, eh? anyway, @lujate, thanks, kinda what I was hoping, eh? @wolfie2kX, I'm running win 7, but the original install, waaaay back in '08 when I first got the game(US version) was under Vista sp1, and the first install of the UK/Int. version was in '10 under sp2. I never noticed the problem until I reinstalled it under win 7, and I have it set to run in Vista sp 2 compatabillity mode. also yes, the file checker says changed files, eventhough it is a clean install, after using the Sacred 2 cleaner AND manually removing anything else, except the save files which I saved to a flash drive and reloaded later. I have at this point, tried every method recommended here and in the Int. forum, more times than I can count. I actually got it up to 2.43 once, but then when I tried to go to the next patch, no luck, so I stupidly uninstalled AGAIN, to start over, since then I can not get past 2.31... @lujate #2, Yes, but I only moved the files to the external HD after I gave up on patching, the install, I.e. registry entries are still for the C: drive, so I don't think that's it, unless there is some effect to moving the game files I am not aware of, which is quite possible, as I make no claim to being anything more than a self taught amateur when it comes to computers and OSs, lol.
  7. AND yet, still no ociffer's saber, (hint, hint) but I'm sure it's gonna happen, sooner or later, just hope it's not too much later!! but yes, all in all it seems that this game still has some life in it, but hey, what do I know, I'm still playing plain old vanillia Diablo 1, lol....
  8. TY,TYVM, gogo, any and all help gladly accepted, eh?
  9. Hello, Lurker guy here, lol.. Not really sure if this is a bug, or the result of some edit to the balance.txt, but here goes, I am playing a SW in v 2.31(can't get any higher version to run, no matter what I do, and I've tried everything that has been suggested here and a few things that aren't, eh?), anyways it seems that none of my skellies do ANY dammage at all, to anything. Up till now it hasn't really been a problem, but it is irratating. I use them mostly to hold the attention of the mobs while I concentrate on dusting the bosses, but sometimes that don't work, and then I get dusted, really NOT fun when you've got a good 50+ level Astral Lord in HC that you want to keep, eh? So, I would be thankful for any advice, has anyone else had this problem? I looked at all the posts here and saw nothing like this? Also, the edits to the balance.txt were all from the Balance.txt editing thread, so I don't se how that could be it, 'cause wouldn't someone have noticed this before? I am running windows 7 32 bit on my desktop, and 64 bit on my laptop, but the game is installed on an external drive that is shared by both. It is the same in 32 and 64, so thats not it, anyone got any ideas for me? thanx, randdaman ps: attached is a copy if the balance.txt, if that will help? balance.txt
  10. if anyone is still reading this thred, and hasn't figured it out yet, you can get a enemy to split more than once, but only one at a time. the trick is to hit the main one till it splits, then kill the split while the main heals some, then go back to hitting the main untill it splits again, kill the split, ect, ect, ad nausium.......I've gotten up to 5 splits out of a goblin shaman before it died
  11. it's very possible to change character name use this sacred 2 editor from cheathappens.com http://www.mediafire.com/?qcjmnxbydg4 file deleted, any other links?
  12. I just joined the forum this week, was looking at the old threads, found this one, I have an entire external HD (800 GB) of games, PC and EMUs, with all the mods I can find for them, I get most(and the best) from http://www.moddb.com/ I haven't checked there for Sacred 2 mods yet, but if they dont have them now, they soon will, and it is in english too
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