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  1. In case anyone here has US version and hasn't been able to install I am just going to post up the way that got it to work for ME. First I uninstalled sacred 2 via add remove programs then I deleted the sacred 2 folder (that was left over) THEN I used CCleaner to clean up the registry and bits of files from my computer (possibly some sacred 2 ones). After that I reinstalled sacred 2 and didn't start it up after it was done. I restarted, then installed the first large patch (for the US) Then I restarted AGAIN and installed the christmas patch and I didn't touch or do anything while it was going then IT WORKED! Hopefully thats not too hard to understand and might help some peeps, it worked for me at least. Uhh btw, how do I get the ladder and beta network thing going? I don't really understand how its in the game, I went to play online and nothing is changed...
  2. Lol I wish I could join all of you but I got the canadian version so I can't play with anyone. I was looking to play last night after FINALLY get that crazy patch installed but I only found 3 servers with 1 person each and they were all locked..... I can't NOBODY is playing this pretty much.. Btw what the heck is a lightsaber? Is it like a mod? Or is it really a saber made of light that you can get in game and stuff?
  3. Wow you did a mega good job on this map Schot! At least now I know where to go when I wanna kill something big. Great job with all the information to.
  4. Seeing that picture makes me wanna blow off work and go home and play it right now! Ascaron is great for giving us so much content without charging us extra!
  5. Okay that makes sense. Thanks for the fast reply. I really wanna kill him. I guess you can close this now lol.
  6. This looks fantastic. The Sacred 2 team are really great. Too many companies these days leave stuff out of their games only to sell it as "DLC" later on. It really pisses me off... Especially because I'm dumb enough to buy it lol. Anyways props to them they are freakin awesome!
  7. I've been playing Sp and Mp both a pretty good bit so far and managed to beat 2 mini-bosses (the white thing and the kobold chief) but I found a spot on the map near the "Orcish-byway" and it shows a big pictures of a golem or something with red around it I think. I'm wondering if thats a boss (the area looks very boss-esque) and what I have to do to activate it. I have done all the quests in the Orcish by-way and I just can't figure out how to start this. And also do you have to activate EVERY boss/ mini-boss with a quest first?
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