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  1. Least favorite is Griffinborough, I remember in my wide-eyed youth how fantastic a place it seemed, until I saw the layout, horrible. I only like going through there as a High Elf or a Dryad so I can Shadow Step or Forest Flight myself through the place. I have a few favorites, depending on my mood, if I was to pick one it would be Villa Boerdijk, something about living in solitude in a wooden trailer speaks to me...
  2. It doesn't help, your projectiles go right by or seemingly through Giant Bats, Mudsuckers, Vampire Bats, and Flying Foxes. I have it modded Salvo, Lock, Vulnerable. BFG seraphim was one of the first characters I played when Sacred 2 came out on consoles, and I always had to resort to other things than the BFG to kill them, usually I kept a sword/shield on me or used RP->FN. Just to make sure, shortly after I read that post, I took my level 78 seraphim into bronze and ran to the cave for the Tutorial Hirelings quest and tried it on the Giant Bats, and could only hit them with it when they where swooping into me.
  3. No, not at all. The targeting on consoles for ranged attacks is pathetic at best.
  4. JFkdj

    Azrael, Harbinger Of Justice

    Nice guide, might have to try this one out. You probably just need a break from the game, I didn't play for about 10 months, now I'm back playing it for almost everyday again and it seems more fun than a grind. Edit: Just noticed you're from CT also, nice.
  5. JFkdj

    Download Sacred 2 Gold - 13.49~!

    Just got done downloading and installing, followed your instructions, no problems so far. I prefer to play on a console, but wanted to try the expansion and the Dragon Mage.
  6. Yes, you can use a high level character to socket high level rings and ammys into low level armor and weapons.
  7. I believe the way to do it is to join a gold, platinum, or niob game, accept a quest, the activate a res. monolith so the game saves and then leave the game. If you choose save game after pressing start I don't think it works. After that you should be able to choose that difficulty when you start your own campaign. As I've never done this, I'm not sure if this is exactly how it works, but it's something like this. And yes, if you do this for niob, it will unlock the gold and platinum achievements.
  8. When I start new characters I take my time in Tyr Lysia to get some levels and mod some combat arts. When the area you're in isn't a challenge anymore, move on to the next and eventually you'll be finished with silver. On gold you should be able to cruise through the campaign, doing whichever quests you like. I usually do Blind Guardian, Undead Legion, the the class quest. When you reach Platinum and Niob you should be very sure you can handle an area before venturing into it or it could be very brief, and then you're starting a new character on sillver again.
  9. Select "Start Game" -> "Create Game", then under Game Mode change it to "Free World". Difficuly, Online/Offline, etc. all self explanatory.
  10. I would suggest using fire damage and perhaps life leech. I've taken him out with my ice HE, the key is to do more dps than he can regen.