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  1. Hi, can Anyone help me, I want All Version of Sacred 2, because I Made this With Other patches time ago... and I can Start Patch 2.0 and 2.2 or 2.4 anytime :) the patches are Not corect But you know what I mean! with any Patch you can do other things, what a newer Patch stopped working :) I Hope you can help me :) or have Anyone Version 1.00 PAL and can Play it (SecureRom ) and uploading them :) I think problem is this secureRom to Play the Game or start ... I love Modding the Game, Many of you make a Good job. they mod skins or skills or change colors and many More... (Best what I make or find out, but this was Made times ago to drop Best set 4Slots on the quest to the begining from the New Island ice and Blood .. and at the beginning when you Open a grave you get no item but enemy Boss spawned More of them at the Grave and people they join my Server ... say LuL and I am dead Xd ) Best regards FantasticStar
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