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  1. Happy Birthday DaGirl Wishing you well on your special day. May the coming year bring you happiness.
  2. Congrats! This site is already really good. Now I'm sure it will get even better. /thumbsup
  3. esfan38

    Congratulations Firefly!!!

    Wow, what a mile stone. Congratulations! /thumbsup
  4. I've played Lineage 2 from that list. Not the official fee based server, but free private servers. I was a mod on 1 private server until circumstances forced the owner to shut it down. He keeps saying he'll start it up again when Cronicles 5 is goes live on Sept. 6. You can find numerous free private L2 servers running. I really enjoyed it but some people don't like the grind of leveling up your character. If you want to go fight in groups, the members need to be close to the same level. That can be a problem if the members don't have similar amounts of time to level. There's several aspects of the game that can make it appealing to almost anyone. There's fighting, questing and crafting. Though only dwarves can do all three. There's quite a bit to learn as you progress through the levels and each cronicle has expanded the map with more places to go. Gee, now I kind of want to go find a server to play on.
  5. And it's better if you can have the full amount saved up before you start to minimize the length of time you might be discovered and have your hard work crashed.
  6. esfan38

    The Countdown to Zero

    You bet. Silos are fully restocked and ready to go. /thumbsup BTW, according to the revised rules, since you are ranked higher than me you can send me res for IPM's any time you need some fired off.
  7. esfan38

    The Countdown to Zero

    Sometimes people are just looking for an excuse to quit. They just can't quite bring themselves to abandon a decent account. Then getting crashed and losing their fleet gives them the excuse they were looking for. I almost quit uni 6 when I started a new job that took me away from home for more than 12 hours a day. When Graff a.k.a Candlemass crashed my fleet I was all set to enter permenant vacation mode until my alliance members showed me how you can maintain a decent rank while only playing for 1 hour a day. BTW, I've got the next 2 weeks off so it's a good time to begin that universe domination campaign. When do we get started? /lmao
  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. But I don't need the #2 player piffed at me for taking all the debris. He'll be doing the hard work so I'll just calculate recyclers needed for 20% and call it good.
  9. You can find me with the search. What's your uni 6 name? Search does not find any gintukas.
  10. Wow, impressive hit there. So that's the evidence that the strategy can work and possibly what inspired #2 to try the same thing. BTW, he offered to let me have 20% of the debris for providing a scan report.
  11. It's esfan38 - lol I'm esfan38 every where I go. That's my online handle and I use it every where I register. So far the only time it was taken was at AOL. So if you see a esfan38 at aol.com it's not me.
  12. Here's the results of that test... Although gates in cool down appear in the jump list for other gates, an attempt to send ships to one in cool down results in an error and no ships are sent. @Llama8: 1667 light fighters costs - Metal: 5.001.000, Crystal: 1.667.000 Results: The defender lost a total of 6668000 units. At these space coordinates now float 1500300 metal and 500100 crystal. The chance for a moon to be created is 20 %
  13. Correct on both counts gogo. Destroy a moon and the fleet that was going to it diverts to the planet where it can be seen via phalanx scan. I haven't actually seen this method work yet but it seems sound and there's every reason to believe the #2 ranked player knows what he's talking about. It's a big risk to take with your RIPs but for him it's probably no big deal. I'm also guessing there's a conflict going on between the 2 alliances which would increase the motivation factor. The #2 player in #27 alliance is talking about crashing #619 player in #28 alliance.
  14. I just learned of a devious method for crashing a moon based fleet. I was contacted by the #2 player in universe 6 with this message: to which I replied: and his response: Ingenious! Destoy the moon while the fleet is out on a mission and it will return to the planet where it can be scanned and crashed. /devil
  15. esfan38

    Updated Push/Pull rules

    Hmm, it didn't look all that different to me with the exception that now the definition only counts giving res to a higher ranked player as pushing. The way I just read it, you can give as much as you want to a lower ranked player. How it would affect the rental of scanning services is unclear. You should contact a GO to be sure. By strict interpretation of the rules it would be pushing if the phalanx owner was a higher rank and it is not declared on the forum under the bounties/head hunts clause. But, I can't see that they would want scanning rentals declared on the forum as a bounty/head hunt as it doesn't really fit that category. Most likely a simple notification to a GO would suffice. Please let us know how you handle this and what a GO says if you contact one.