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    Did I scare you? No? Well, perhaps we can all work on scaring each other! With a mere ten days to go until Halloween, it is time for the annual Halloween Ghost Story. Just add a new paragraph to the end of the story and let's see where it goes. Remember, cliff-hangers are your friend!



    Julian lay cozy in his bed, looking up at the patterns on the ceiling of his room. The light from the newly-risen full moon filtered through the branches of the old oak tree outside Julian's window and made eerie shapes on his wall and ceiling. Hе watched the shifting patterns and imagined what they might portend as hе slowly drifted off to sleep. His dreams were at first light and fanciful, but soon turned progressively darker. The shadows on the wall began to shift faster and faster and eventually the dark patches seemed to actually detach themselves from the wall and move toward the bed. Julian tossed and turned in his sleep as hе tried to escape the out-stretched arms of the small figures that made a scratching noise as they limped across the hardwood floor to the bed. They began to climb the legs of the bed as Julan tried futily to beat them back. Just as the shapes were about to grab the covers away from the bed, Julian woke with a start in a pool of sweat. His heart pounding, hе quickly scanned the room . . .

  2. @GoGo: I don't use Twitter, personally. My view is it is for extroverts who feel a need to be in constant contact with their friends. The kind of people you see with a cellphone glued to their ear or a bluetooth in one. On a roller-coaster at an amusement park and talking on the phone ("yeah, I can talk . . ."). Just not my thing. I am fine being by myself without a constant stream of conversation. :woot:


    I'm not sure what useful function it would have here. Of course, clever people often find useful ways to use any technology, so who knows?


    - Ike

  3. GoGo:


    Twitter allows users to send up-to 140 character messages to their profile and anyone who is 'following' them can read these messages. The idea is to say what you are doing. In facebook terms, it is like having only the status [What's on your Mind?] box and instead of friends, who are mutually agreed upon, anyone can be a follower.


    So your Twitter feed would look like (most recent first):


    Egg McMuffin coming back up. :hugs:

    12:43 PM Jul 16th from web


    I don't think the bacon was cooked. :o

    12:40 PM Jul 16th from web


    Mmmmm, it is delicious! :hugs:

    12:23 PM Jul 16th from web


    I just got an Egg McMuffin and am heading to a table. :unsure:

    12:21 PM Jul 16th from web


    Standing in line at McDonalds. :agreed:

    12:18 PM Jul 16th from web




    - Ike

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