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  1. I think you are regressing back to A's. How about atmospheric [11] instead? Hydrochloric [12]
  2. Because the light is on. What do you get when you mix yellow and blue?
  3. There is no baby, there is only Zuul. How long is the Great Wall of China?
  4. hydroxypyrrolidinecarboxylic [22] Well, I am clearly some kinda moron. I forgot what my 22- and 23-letter words were and when I tried to find them, I came up with a different 21-letter word. I eventually found 22, but 23 is still missing. On the plus side, I found 24-, 25-, and 27-letter words, which I will write down this time.
  5. Well, I can come up with 22- and 23-letters, but not 21, so I am punting . . . Callous [1]
  6. Roger Zelazny is probably the best SF/Fantasy Author I have ever read. If you want a series, try his Chronicles of Amber series (5 books). There is a follow-up series of another 5 which I did not like as much, but which was still excellent. There is a lot of mythology (not just Greek) in his books. Lord of Light and Creatures of Light and Darkness are both really good as well. Harry Harrison is another really good author. He has a bunch of books that could loosely be called a series about the Stainless Steel Rat. I really liked Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died. Michael Moorcock's
  7. floccinaucinihilipilification [25] - The action or habit of estimating as worthless. I suspect we'll be shifting to "b" soon.
  8. OK, well, here I am on the basketball court above the United States Supreme Court . . . And, more importantly, a couple of "little" Kevin. Our Christmas picture . . . And a picture of him with a friend. Kevin's head only looks large and bald. His hair is actually blond and quite fine. No, really, it is there!
  9. Kind of cheap after your word, but, meh . . . antidisestablishmentarianism [21] - Opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England.
  10. Pteromerhanophobia [18] - Fear of flying (a/k/a aviophobia or aerophobia)
  11. Grrrr, I was planning to use Transcontinental for 15. anthropomorphically (16) - Resembling or meant to resemble the human form.
  12. Hmmmm, RIP tricks, not sure if I know any of those. First fleetsaving trick. DO NOT FS THE SAME WAY EVERY NIGHT!! Send from different moons, sometimes Moon -> invisible (and uncreatable) DF, sometimes with a colony ship to an empty sector (behind another colony ship that creates a false planet), sometimes deploy-recall to DF/colony, etc. Second fleetsaving trick. If you are not using them or going to use them immediately, FS, if only for a few minutes. Probes are fast and if you don't want people seeing them, they must be hidden at all times. RIPs don't eat much deuterium, s
  13. I think that the alphabet game was a little too difficult once you got past about "j," so I am starting something related, but different. Come up with a word in which the letter "a" is in the first positon. The next person comes up with a word with the letter "a" in the second position. It goes on until the person cannot think of any word with "a" in the next position and then they start over with a "b" in the first position, and so on. The words can be any length but should be actual words, no proper nouns, sorta like Scrabble words. Abyss
  14. Because the triangle is flat. Who was the only general to defeat Napolean Bonapart in battle?
  15. All the dog needs in order to get out of that cage is a nice pair of . . . Wire snips.
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