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  1. As has been done for the last few years, it is time for a joint Ghost Story. Slightly different format than in the past, but we have a week to put something together so let's see how it goes. Each person contributes one paragraph or a short bit of dialogue.






    The house was built on a small mound a little back from a winding lane. The once-white paint was faded and peeling, leaving gaps where the warped boards showed through. The shutters hung loose and clattered when the wind blew. Panes were broken or missing from many of the windows. The chimney was at an odd angle and the roof was missing several dozen shingles. The young couple saw it as a fixer-upper. A place to raise their three-year-old son. The seller did not bother to mention its history. . . .

  2. You go Rik! I would have to say that you are the first real friend I made in oGame, back when you invited me into TFCA . . . which then promptly dissolved. I learned about moonshots there and you gave me my first planned moon. That is what enabled me to build gravitron (on the second try), and my lovely RIPs, which rose to a shocking level of 13 back in 2006. You also introduced me to DarkMatters, for which I'll never forgive you. :starwars: oGods only know how much res we traded over the years! I'm very proud to have met you here and of your accomplishments in oGame, which have been phenomenal. I wish you the best during rehab. :D


    - Ike



    4 LETTER WORD - Item


    BOY NAME - Isaac


    GIRL NAME - Isabel


    A COLOR - Indigo




    BEVERAGE – Iced Tea


    FOOD – Ice Cream


    SOMETHING FOUND IN A BATHROOM – Incandescent Lights


    A PLACE - Ipanema

    SOMETHING YOU SHOUT - I Rule! [Kevin Spacey in American Beauty]

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