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  1. Thanks for the fast reply! And that does seem like a good idea, thanks!
  2. Hey there, I'm trying this build out now and I'm enjoying it but, I'm currently level 8 >_<, and I'm wondering what spells are safe to put more runes in, my glacial thorns are at 4.0s currently and flare is 4.8s, is it okay to eat more runes or should I just have them converted into more Grand Invig runes? A reply ASAP would be appreciated, I am really enjoying this build. xP
  3. In all other games I've chosen I've always been the "rogue" type character, hiding in shadows, attacking really fast etc. But I can't see any class like that in Sacred 2 ;/. I made a shadow warrior but I'm not getting the rogue type feel from it, is there any class that can be set up in a way to be like a rogue? O_o
  4. Giveaway Thread

    Yeah, they're like really really strong aren't they?
  5. Giveaway Thread

    If for some reason I ask in the future for one of those items, DO NOT GIVE ME ONE, I remember how it completely ruined my sacred 1 experience >_<
  6. Gift of Sakarra!?

    Okay thanks for the insight, I can't really see a use for him at the moment, other than setting him loose in villages and playing a truely evil character.
  7. Okay so for my new Shadow Warrior (Shadow) I took the Gift of Sakarra, the first time I ever used it was in the start area, to defeat that inquisitors apprentice, and HO-LEE-%@, that thing is HUGE, it killed the guy pretty fast.. then about 15 seconds later started charging at me, one hit took me to half hp and I ran like the wind outta there, not collecting my gear and runes. xP I'm about level 8 now and I -can- kill the Demon, eventually, but.. what's the use of being able to summon something that won't stay on your side long enough to kill a boss, and then you're fighting two bosses!?