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  1. Rain, rain and even more rain. What happened to global warming and summer We had 1 week summer in start off May then 1 week in July. Rest was rainy cloudy or a mix off both. Been working way too much, got promoted to fireteam boss. Cant wait till January where I go/fly somewhere with sunshine with my girlfriend. Doesnt matter where, I am sick and tired off rain and clouds.
  2. hmm ... On work if demolishing stuff mostly : http://www.metalnationradio.com/ Or best number I listen to at the moment ... Kreator united in hate.
  3. ReSpec in UnBended - Yay or Nay?

    I hope theres No respec at all. It would killl ther longviety off the game, having a respec. It would be like D3, and just a quick playthrough game - then be bored while hunting a new game ... Just my hunble thoughts off respec in all RPG games now a days.
  4. I am there sometime. But mostly when Lotro are getting server maintainance. Meaning not playing alot.
  5. 30 degrees celsious in shade here in denmark. working and drinking around 5 to 6 litres off water on work a day right now. Darn I hope we get cloudy and around 20 degrees .... loong time till vacation time for me ( x-mas ). I suspect you could fry bacon and eggs on the paving I make right now ...
  6. Diablo 3 Expansion! Reaper of Souls

    If first character pwr level to 70 takes some around 3 to 4 hours . Mostly because you cant create torment, max are expert difficulty -> way less xp.
  7. Diablo 3 Expansion! Reaper of Souls

    Pwr level-ing 1 to 70 doesnt take long, unless its first char created. Then you cant create torment 6 at your level. The trick are create torment l6 on the character in need off speed level, get a friend or more level 70 with twink gear to level you. The monsters are set at game creators level, reason the char in need off pwr level creates game. Even if you die alot, level 1 to 70 will take 1 hour, if 3 or 4 man party. You need 30 to 35 rift keys to cap, or it will need to be campaign. Best for campaign are the smithy quest in act 1, in my mind. SO it doesnt matter if slightly boring below level 70. When gaming D3 I am EU side, cause US side are mostly empty off friends to party. P.S. On D3 break, since update 21 for DDO got releaced.
  8. Sacred 3 - Official Announcement Trailer

    I saw the video. I try not get hyped about sacred 3, but will definately try it. Currently passing time in DDO, like always. Theres simply no other game that can hold my interest for a long time.
  9. Neverwinter MMO

    Just hit level 50 on my Crowd-Control (arcane) crit witch. Tiefling. She got played some like 65 hours since thursday. I roughly did around 80 % off content in zones, I could not do 5 man stuff till OB day. Anyway just 22 mins to go till open beta. SO you try it out, instead off me telling how it feels for me. It should feel right for you, or atleast be fun - or not worth the time for you. SO now time for you to judge, instead off reading my view off game. P.S: I like how fastpaced conbat are, kind a like in DDO ( only DDO did right ).
  10. Neverwinter MMO

    Yes beholder, since noone wanted roleplay, or pvp/pve. Just passed my yearly smokediving test and got 1 h delayed. Finally time for Neverwinter, I am online x-fire and skype. Probably busy, so ill set skype on auto pickup
  11. Neverwinter MMO

    Only 9 h to go ... Right back 2 work, pretemd to do some
  12. Neverwinter MMO

    Ingame guild DA, will be created on Beholder shard ( server ), on tuesday. Only me and Temper start today, rest comes tuesday 30th - official open beta releace day.
  13. Neverwinter MMO

    Just so you can see some action Gogo. Or waiste a couple off hours watching it
  14. Neverwinter MMO

    I got a control wizard (Tiefling) level 39 in beta weekend. I gamed some like 40 hours. And partied some random peops for the player made dungeons, for loot and fun. Theres inbuild party headset support, makes it easier to game and not having to type. Basicly its fastpaced, spam, dodge / move out off harms way. You see Area of Effect from opponents, so you can move out off harms way or block. You kind off use instant skills to buildup a daily killer skill. Feels really awesome, and actually surpriced off the ruleset 5. Never liked ruleset 5 playing tablrtop D &D as youngling.
  15. Neverwinter MMO

    yes new game, new engine. Extremely smooth fastpaced combat. I cheated a little and got a founder pack, to try beta weekend 4 a couple off weekends ago. And well havent done much in any game since, exept chat friends. It doesnt feel turn based. Its a MMO, solo / party game, PVP/PVE. Daily events, zone events, player made quests etc. SO far got myself hooked in just 2½ days off gaming. Checkout Youtube / streams that others made.