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  1. Humppaleka

    I must be getting old

    I saw this and just hädin to answer. This is such a great movie, loved it since seen it. Vampires, violence, a titty bar and Salma Hayek= pure epicness Even while Tarantino is pop now, this little gem is often overlooked... By the way, isn't this Tarantino's first?
  2. Humppaleka

    Saying hi

    Nice, thanks. Yes I have the addon. Well I usually will play pretty late, except that my work starts in a few weeks. Astral SW, so be it... Just asking, would it be good to have a shopper/blacksmith TG? My other toons wouldn't need to take the skills except maybe EP. And combine that with, Source Warden and Lost Fusion, yummy.
  3. Humppaleka

    Saying hi

    I would greatly appreciate that! And I appreciate that you even thought of that. Could you contact me when you have the set and agree a meeting someday? I'm crushed, as I can start playing next week. I'll lose my mind with only my smartphone for the week-end, as I'm stuck on the countryside, celebrating a late midsummer festival. E: Typo... Damn dictionarys.
  4. So here's the deal: I have no idea what do "templates", "camp servers", "camp toons", and such mean. Or I have the slightest hint of an idea, but no idea to use that idea, if you get my idea. I haven't played online a lot, mainly single player as I've struggled with my impulse builds... (as you may know from the introduction) Could someone explain them or is there a nice and neat FAQ somewhere?
  5. Humppaleka

    Saying hi

    Haha, thanks all. Yep, going to make a char (conveniently named Humppaleka) to the Europe HC servers. Argh, so much choices, a Shadow Warrior, a Temple Guardian, a Seraphim fighting in thongs or a Dragon Mage... Maybe I can decide someday. Or have them all. Temple Guardian Shopper/Blacksmith and the others for fun. Okay, what is FdM?
  6. Humppaleka

    Saying hi

    Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this site almost a year ago, and have lurked the channels every now and then. Now, I'm totally addicted to Sacred 2 and can't keep myself away from this forum. What else... I don't know, I'm from Finland and I like metal music, sauna and beer. (a typical finn that is ) Oh yeah! The Sacred chars! I'm thinking of moving on to Closed Net HC, maybe starting a SW/LF Temple Guardian or a Summoner Shadow Warrior. (and would gladly accept tips on which servers you usually play, as I'd like to play with about everyone here ) I tend to favour the odd builds, that come together only when playing and not on paper. They have destroyed a couple of characters I must admit... The reason I don't have a character is because I just bought Sacred 2 Gold, and have to reinstall everything. But change is good once in a while, eh?