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  1. Editor for Fallen Angel 2.43 patch

    Being able to change out skills and CA modifications was wonderful. From what I played around with it, you can't give yourself items or runes but can edit money. I was able to use winzip, when I tried to just open it without anything installed (since I had to do a complete reimage of my laptop) Windows said to use Winzip, so I went with the Eval version.
  2. Editor for Fallen Angel 2.43 patch

    Very nice, I'm only runnin 2.43 patch and didn't know if it was Ice and Blood compatible. So far from what I've tested of it, it's a great editor.
  3. Editor for Fallen Angel 2.43 patch

    Update for the editor has been posted. Here's what all has been updated. Karach0s
  4. After searching for hours to find and good Character Editor for Fallen Angel 2.43 patch, I finally came upon a very nice (under construction) one which offers a ton of features. I don't know if it is backwards compatible or able to work with Ice & Blood. It's in .7z format so you'll need Winzip, which can be found here: WinZip I've scanned it via McAfee and found no viruses of any kind. The Direct link to it is: Character Editor Source of the download and where updates are posted are here: http://www.cheathappens.com/show_board2.as...p;titleID=14440 There are three applications inside the .7z file which is a decoder for the sacred 2 saves, and encoder to use the saves again and the Character Editor. To use it, just open up the "Sacred2CharacterEditor", open up the character you wish to edit. Which is found for Vista users under (Profile Name)/Saved Games/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred 2/. Sorry, Xp/Win7 users, I don't have much experiance with those OS's. When done just goto File/Save Current, that's when the other two applications will kick on to finish the process. After that, go into the game and have fun! I don't take any credit for this, just posting what I found, in hopes you guys and gals might find it useful. Enjoy!, Ghost
  5. Game keeps restarting (PC)

    Well after 5 hours of reimaging and updating everything, it seems to be working better and on the up side all the junk I had on it is gone! I installed the game without Elite Graphics and did the patches one by one. On another note, I went out and bought another internal drive and installed it onto that to see if that helps any at all. When playing for about 5 minutes it gets choppy and a few minutes later it corrects itself. This is while under 1920x1200. I'll give the 1080 a try right now. Thanks for the help and warm welcome. Ghost *Edit* I tried 1080 and it really didn't seem to help any, I haven't shut down in quite a while so I think that problem is behind me for now. On 1080 or 1200 it still gets extremely choppy. That's with graphics to the lowest settings.
  6. I just got the Sacred 2 collectors edition from Amazon and just went through the install/update(2.43). I start up the game and try to make my character, but then my computer shuts down completely. My spec's are: Gateway FX Laptop Vista 64 bit Home Premium Intel Core Duo 2.26GHz Processor 4 Gigs of Ram GeForce 9800M GTS with 512MB 1920 x 1200 x 60 Hertz My PC isn't overheating, any thoughts on how to fix it? Thanks in advance, Ghost *Edit* I few other things I've tried is running it on Compat mode through Xp SP2 and it won't even start up the game. The green lettering comes up saying something a long the lines "Set up Managers" or whatnot and stays there for 10 minutes until I have to end the process. I've also updated DirectX and my Vid drivers to the latest available and no change. I was able to get into a lan game with the updated drivers, with graphic settings to Lowest, it ran great for the first 20 seconds or so and then started to lag out. Eventually shutting down the laptop. I read a post a few days ago saying don't use the auto update that comes with it. Could this be the problem with corrupt installs? If needbe I'll reimage my pc to see if that helps but I was really hopeing that would be a last option. I know I shouldn't but I also have it installed via a external HD, I've installed all my games on it and haven't had a problem yet. Would this be another issue or restarts? Thanks again, Ghost
  7. Thank you guys so much! It worked by activating the same monolith. I guess when I was farming the squid it screwed up then. Again thank you
  8. Thank you Loco! I'll have to give this a try right now. It's kinda weird but hopefully this will solve it! Well just tried to put the mount in Sloeford by the chest, I made the game and joined with his game and he wasn't there. Went around and tried to find him to no avail.
  9. Question, are you not able to have two mounts in a single silver campaign? My father and I were playing Broze to begin with and then we decided to switch over to silver and start over on the campaign. On Bronze we were able to summon/ride out mounts but then going to Silver I started the game and he joined on the same console and now only I'm able to ride my mount and he can't even summon his. When he goes into the inventory it says he hasn't even bought a mount. I was wondering if this could possibly be a bug or are we not able to have two mounts on silver?
  10. Excellent! Thank you for the kind words. I'll get to work on that right now! Have been trying to farm the scorpion shrunken head. Hehe
  11. My father and I just started playin the game a few weeks ago and I'm tryin to do his class quest real quick. When I get to the part "On Kirich's Heels" where he has teleported to the swamps, I believe, I can't go through the portal he went through. We havn't done any quests on the Dragon Islands just yet. I was wondering how to get the portal active so I could get over there. Thanks, Ghost
  12. Shrunken Heads PS3

    Alrighty, I'll keep making farming runs and I'm so sorry for posting this in the wrong thread. Gonna blame it on a long day..
  13. Shrunken Heads PS3

    Hello, I was wondering if the Shrunken Heads drop in rare form for the PS3. More specifically, the one that drops off Octagolamus. I'm a level 22 new to the game and came across it on the wiki. I've read through here and can't seem to find anything on it. Thanks in advance, Ghost