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  1. I prefer the PC version myself and thanks for the info, I'll look at the blaance file now
  2. Okay, thanks for the reply I might make this one into a HE shopper then. Alex
  3. Hey, Thanks for the replies guys I'll check out that forum now, I actually prefer the PC's interface, such as the HP bar etc. Also Lujate, I would consider making the jump, its worth it. I only have fallen angel for now, but as soon as I'm used to the PC controls fully (Im not too shabby, I had Diablo 2), I'll buy Ice and Blood. On the subject of the PC, I remember on D2 you could emulate other players, e.g. simulate that there are more people there than actually are, so better loot drops and enemies are harder, by using the "/players = X " command. Is there any way to do this on Sacred 2? As my HE is currently level 10, so by level 20/25 I would like my first set item. Thanks, Alex.
  4. Hey guys, so today I finally put my new PC together, and bought sacred 2 for the PC. One thing I noticed, when going into multiplayer (EU), Everyone speaks German D: But yeah, I wanted to know if there are any MAJOR differences between the PC version and the console versions? Alex
  5. Joining in online

    Ahh Roll on Xmas, when I can get my new PC and start on the PC online
  6. Ahh thanks guys, I didn't actually know about the save thing Thanks Alex
  7. LOL at the "machine" pun. I have used both a VD dryad (console, offline shopper only), and a BFG seraphim, and it depends on what you're wanting to do. To level, it would be the VD dryad, hit the desert around 20, and get to 60 in ~5/6 hours (for me anyway) The BFG seraphim excels against a "single" mob, I.e. 3 enemies, and bosses (over the dryad), but obviously cant get the newspaper-like experience display. So yeah, depends on what you want to do, Alex
  8. [EDIT] OK guys, this is a little off topic, but is referring to me earlier post, and I can't be bothered wasting a new thread on it Guess someone moved this [end EDIT] My VD dryad shopper (offline only) just reached level 60, but has not unlocked the Gold difficulty, on the PS3. Anyone know if the level unlocking difficulty thing works on the PS3? Alex p.s. AWESOME new theme
  9. Just saying hello

    Not at all! I joined not long back, and it's rather active I play on the ps3 too, add me if you want to: Elite_Snype Greetz friend, Alex
  10. That's not as bad as I thought. I might just build a near-high end PC, and upgrade it when S3 comes out. The advantages of doing IT at college Cheers for the info, Alex
  11. It's times like this that I wish I had a good enough PC to run Sacred 2. What are the actual requirements? (recommended, I want decent graphics lol)
  12. Dual Wield and Sword Mastery - Do they stack?

    No idea about the criticals, but I think the Wiki said damage etc doesn't. I'm more of a caster/ranged, but I hope I helped Alex Yeah I think that's what I read
  13. Found my 1st 4 star item

    I just can't find a 4 star item! neither the orc cave or the NGs yeild the rewards, I get a LOT of 3 star items, but no 4 stars guess ima have to keep trying eh? Alex