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  1. What to master for my Duel Wield Seraphim?

    Ye well I have invested some points in constitution, but Im also spending attributes in Vit, so I was thinking I should prolly go tougness, what do you think? Anyhow I use kaldurs and celestial for LL% gives 19k hp pr. hit on guardians
  2. So I tried building a DW seraphim a long time ago. Anyhow my problem is that she is pretty weak to the guardians, and I almost died today at platinum@level 100. So would it be better for me to master Constitution for some extra hp, toughness for the damage reduction or Combat reflexes to dodge a lot more hits (Which will prolly still put me in a lot of danger, I tend to be unlucky). Just say what you would have done. Thanks in advance for taking your time to answer !
  3. Playing on a server called "yiir" @ silver - level 31 Come by
  4. Im playing on a server called yiir, will be bronze and freeplay, come join me Dunno how long im gonna be on, hope to see you there
  5. Seraphim Farming build

    I don't know if you're trying to make your own build here, but if you're not I would suggest you'd check out this DW seraphim by Antitrust: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9686. I play it today with Ice and Blood and it works perfectly, so don't worry, and you will have a great shopper/scavenger . Its really good for all around, even bosses it kills quickly, just remember to use the celestial set also called Revelation of the Seraphim . Because 8/9 pieces gives you LL%! Anyhow if you want to know further more just pm me or write here=) I hope it helped you. Hf and gl in ancaria m8 -Kryptoz
  6. You can shop them with a bargainer in towns
  7. Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    I'd like those codes too Would somebody please PM them to me;)? Thanks in advance
  8. Sacred 2 HC Graveyard

    Sounds like a good idea to me! I was really enjoying the time I spent on him.. Well sad, anyhow my dryad @ 40 now revenged him!
  9. Sacred 2 HC Graveyard

    Well now its my turn to be honest and tell about my little loss ! I tried to make my own TG, and it was quite amazing and doing really well. But if by well I mean FECAL MATTER! against the scorpion boss then I'm speaking the truth! I rushed into the Scorpion boss in campaign doing lots of damage myself, but building a pure dmg character, ain't recommended in HC apparently, anyhow I died after a split second with full life! bang it said and instant death by the fatty scorpion boss and its two ascendants! Well you better feel sorry, because this was my first character who actually found 100's of set pieces.. Stupid stupid me So any recommendations for a new TG build? Edit: For people who is playing Ice&Blood if you wanna prevent this I will recommend you to export the char and try out bosses (Inside caves without mount, risk of dying). This could have been prevented by just trying it out, but well I didn't, stupid me, I hope that you learn from my mistake, and I myself learn from it, but I prolly will post more dead chars ! - Bye bye pure devout guardian!
  10. Just started a new Seraphim, to try a magic build, so I'm looking for endijans set pieces if anyone have some left overs Anyhow PM or write here! Thanks in advance Edit: Closed net EU! -Kryptoz
  11. I play Ice&Blood with the newest patch, (Just to clearify for you) ! Well anyhow, my colors haven't changed to my Seraphim, which was created in Fallen Angel, still have the normal skin color, I can take a screen if you want me to. -Kryptoz
  12. As the topic says I am looking for the legs and boots of the celestial set for Seraphim. Specific name of items: Stride of the celestial & Fate of the celestial. atm I'm using level 105 items, but I dont mind if its a bit lower/higher! If you need any items I will show you what I got, got lots of set pieces for the seraphim, and also some of the other chars ! Thanks in advance! - Kryptoz
  13. Ohh thanks Ryan, I completely forgot that in my rush ! Well I am playing on Eu servers Closed net . Hope I will get some more responses soon! Atm I'm looking for Legs, Shoes & wings. - Kryptoz
  14. Hi. As the topic says I need some set items from "Revelation of the Seraphim". I could use level 105 items, if you got any feel free to write here. I can trade you with some niokaste or a lot of other class items. I got mostly Seraphim set items, and a lot of uniques weapons . Just write to me, and we see'll if we can arrange something ! Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the welcome messages guys ! Been away for some days, but now I'm back, lovely to see so many actives players here !