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  1. The Big DB

    Do you think there will be any info on Sacred 3 at E3?

    Wow that picture...heart shaped vials? assumedly for health...and large blocky gems popping out of that chest. Wrong direction DS. Wrong direction
  2. It has been awhile since anything Sacred 3. Will we get any info on it during E3 this coming week?
  3. The Big DB

    Some of my Ideas for Sacred 3

    Considering Deep Silver has basically said **** this old model for Sacred, we're doing a linear mission-based game. There are some things the developers need to consider. 1. Games like this are notoriously short. So we need a long game to keep me satisfied. If they give me 20 levels and they take me on average half an hour to complete. Thats still an only 10 hour game! This needs to be a game that lasts at least 30 hours on your first playthrough. If they were to do 4 or 5 levels per region that they had in the sacred 2 world, and maybe a final boss level for each region. Now that would be nice. There should be a reason to go back and replay missions from before to find cleverly hidden items that need to be collected to reach a certain part of the campaign (akin to the Runestones in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy) with funny little clues to each location. A inquisitive first-time gamer would be able to find them through their first playthrough anyways. Just when the game feels like its over...it should keep on going. 2. Be able to bring more CAs to each battle. Only 2 combat arts you can bring to each level! Are the developers insane! That is soooo boring. Give me 6 and we can start talking. They say 2 is for balancing purposes, but even with 6, there should be no problem, just underpower the CAs a little so its not a big deal. Have the ability to combo your CAs together and with a partner to create new devastating attacks. 3. Local co-op. Now most of you are PC gamers, but for a console guy, local co-op up to 4 players is a must in this game. Sacred 2 provided 2 player local which was good (albeit somewhat broken) but 4 players ups the fun factor, and involves flashy displays of colour all over your screen from attacks and enemies etc. Difficulty scales with additional human players. 4. Humor. One of the best parts of the Sacred franchise is the humor in the game. Most of the time, it is subtle, but if you look for it, you can always get a chuckle. The voice actors for each character in Sacred 2 was awesome, they have so many great one liners! We need to keep that going in S3. 5. 8+ playable characters. If they are going to expect us to play this game with no open-world, they better be giving us more ways to play it with. 8 characters is a minimum, with possibly some additional characters that are unlocked in the game from secret challenges etc. 6. Advertising is a must. I'm sorry but Sacred 2, there was little to no advertising done for it. In this day and age, a small amount of advertising and an epic trailer is enough to pique gamer's interests. Have some designers go do interviews with big gaming websites, get your name out there. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg. No TV spots needed, huge billboards or expensive website ads. I picked up Sacred 2 on a whim 4 years ago and its my favourite game of all time. Get people talking about it, and if the game is good enough when it comes out, solid reviews and recommendations will help sell more copies. I am personally at a crossroads. The whole Sacred Citadel and Sacred 3 thing with them not being open world, it just kind of sucks, because that isn't what the true fans want. So one part of me wants them to not sell well, to show the developer that this is not the type of game we want, we want an open world arpg. But unfortunately I fear that a poor seller, might just put a nail in the coffin for the Sacred ip, and we might never get a Sacred 4.