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  1. No, I'm pretty sure it's Studio II. Here's their facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/studioII
  2. This is some of the best gaming news for me all year.
  3. :[ This is not going to be a good time for me if this is the first of the April Fools jokes I'm going to be subjected to.
  4. <>_<> It... it cannot be. Are we witnessing a true rebirth of Ancaria? By the light of Lumen, I hope so!
  5. A lot of Mr Bungle. Specifically 'Carry Stress In The Jaw'.
  6. Similarly, my girlfriend introduced me to Rose Milk... My life has changed forever.
  7. Maybe the age of the complex RPG is over.
  8. After playing a lot of Dragon's Dogma, I've actually come to be fond of the idea of having party-members. Feels a bit like Dungeon Siege, one of my old favourites. So... Combining these elements... May just lead to the creation of one of my favourite RPG's ever! I have high hopes for this game again.
  9. GTX 550ti 4gb ram i7 @ 3.6Ghz 1tb HDD That's all I remember, but it's a really affordabe rig and runs quiet smoothly (30-90+fps, but mostly a solid 60)
  10. The thing that's most disappointing to me too is the lack of open world. I would spend so many hours in Sacred 2 just looking around and finding new places. Sigh. I'll still buy it, but at least I know now to have different expectations for it. I'm sure it'll be good in its own way, and maybe it was too hopeful of us to get an Ascaron-esque game not made by Ascaron.
  11. It's just temporary Don't worry. "Not Final Art" in the bottom right corner.
  12. The "3" reminds me of the three on Devil May Cry 3. Not sure if it's actually similar. But yeah, I love the logo. They've modernized the Sacred look without losing its feel. Ooooh. I have high hopes for this game ^_^
  13. I genuinely like it like that. Game covers nowadays are too busy anyway. Simple covers are nice.
  14. That's what I thought... exactly! you guys think they're using the same engine? gogo If they are, they must've really revamped it a lot. It looks stunning.
  15. Veeeeery pretty! This has gotten me really excited! The screenshots in some ways remind me of Sacred 2.
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