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  1. No, I'm pretty sure it's Studio II. Here's their facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/studioII
  2. This is some of the best gaming news for me all year.
  3. :[ This is not going to be a good time for me if this is the first of the April Fools jokes I'm going to be subjected to.
  4. <>_<> It... it cannot be. Are we witnessing a true rebirth of Ancaria? By the light of Lumen, I hope so!
  5. A lot of Mr Bungle. Specifically 'Carry Stress In The Jaw'.
  6. wade-newb

    Indian Sherbert - Old enough to appreciate it

    Similarly, my girlfriend introduced me to Rose Milk... My life has changed forever.
  7. wade-newb

    Is Sacred Citadel any good

    Maybe the age of the complex RPG is over.
  8. wade-newb

    RAD Community Sacred 3 Preview

    After playing a lot of Dragon's Dogma, I've actually come to be fond of the idea of having party-members. Feels a bit like Dungeon Siege, one of my old favourites. So... Combining these elements... May just lead to the creation of one of my favourite RPG's ever! I have high hopes for this game again.
  9. GTX 550ti 4gb ram i7 @ 3.6Ghz 1tb HDD That's all I remember, but it's a really affordabe rig and runs quiet smoothly (30-90+fps, but mostly a solid 60)
  10. wade-newb

    RAD Community Sacred 3 Preview

    The thing that's most disappointing to me too is the lack of open world. I would spend so many hours in Sacred 2 just looking around and finding new places. Sigh. I'll still buy it, but at least I know now to have different expectations for it. I'm sure it'll be good in its own way, and maybe it was too hopeful of us to get an Ascaron-esque game not made by Ascaron.
  11. wade-newb

    Sacred 3 PS3 Cover Art

    It's just temporary Don't worry. "Not Final Art" in the bottom right corner.
  12. wade-newb

    Sacred 3 PS3 Cover Art

    The "3" reminds me of the three on Devil May Cry 3. Not sure if it's actually similar. But yeah, I love the logo. They've modernized the Sacred look without losing its feel. Ooooh. I have high hopes for this game ^_^
  13. wade-newb

    Sacred 3 PS3 Cover Art

    I genuinely like it like that. Game covers nowadays are too busy anyway. Simple covers are nice.
  14. wade-newb

    First new Sacred 3 screenshots!

    That's what I thought... exactly! you guys think they're using the same engine? gogo If they are, they must've really revamped it a lot. It looks stunning.
  15. wade-newb

    First new Sacred 3 screenshots!

    Veeeeery pretty! This has gotten me really excited! The screenshots in some ways remind me of Sacred 2.