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  1. Thanks Still looking, hope to find someone Hi Gogo - yep long time
  2. would like to get ready for the merger, and play with and against universe 9 players in a dynamic universe again I know a lot of accounts have fallen to deletion, maybe one could find its way into my hands?
  3. ____________________________________________________________ Round(s): 3 ____________________________________________________________ Attacker ______________________________ _____mika del siro - [PAWNZ]_____ |__Battlecr._____________1.300__| ______________________________ Defender ______________________________ _________NEW - [PurpleD]_________ |__L.Cargo_________________100__| |__L.Fighter____________16.130__| |__H.Fighter_____________3.023__| |__Cruiser_________________680__| |__Battleship______________636__| |__Recy.___________________603__| |__Bomber___________
  4. Congrats on Aging another year =) dont go skiing , dont u know what happened to soni bono !! Happy Birthday and all that goodness !!
  5. Can someone tell me the strict rules for the SIG / banner requirements Ill be glad to give it a go once I know the file heigth / width & file size requirements For ogame I had run into a little problem being oversized signatures lol I think kiwanse removed 8 of them I had made lols - to bad I was doing so good im getting proficient with photoshop and I use ulead cool 3d production studio I think ill vector the Sacred 2 logo and then add texture onto for one - with several variants then mess around with various layers I am clueless to the game itself - besides ogame I am strictly a c

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