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  1. Hey, I'm just now getting back into Sacred 2 Gold after a LONG hiatus, so I'm wondering, when's a good time to start the Ice and Blood content? Last time on my Seraphim, I tried going right before the final chapter, but I was WAY overleveled for the content. So, when's a good spot to take a break from the main quest and go the Blood Forest and/or Crystal Island?
  2. As you may know, each character class has three unique music pieces for when a battle starts. Which of these are your favorite. Personally, I enjoy the Seraphim's the best. Proud, majestic, and very powerful, especially the one with the chanting. The Inquisitor's is a close second, as I believe it shows exactly what the Inquisitor is: A self righteous, power hungry tyrant who is constantly convinced of his moral superiority to others even as he commits unthinkable atrocities.
  3. Ah, I see. And I meant that the board is in one of the towns you have to go through to get to Crows Rock.
  4. Everyone else was doing it, and I just had an idea. Anyways, my proposal is a quest similar to the Bounty Hunter quest/minigame in the original Sacred. For those that don't know, after your character is told to talk to Baron Demordrey, one of the towns you go through on the way to him has a "bounty board" that sent you to fight randomly generated named enemies throughout Ancaria. After completing this a certain amount of times (I THINK about 100), you would be rewarded with the Ancarian Medal of Honor, one of the best amulets in the game. Does anyone think something similar could be
  5. Well, I just finished the Light campaign as my Seraphim on Silver, and there's some highlights I had: -I had to skip the Spider Queen boss because she was way too difficult, mainly due to her summons and LL aura. -I couldn't do either the Blood Forest or the Crystal Plane because appearently in Silver, those areas cap at 70-71. Other then that, it was a good run. Next, I'll either go through the Light campaign as my Shadow Warrior or roll an Inquisitor for "the other side". Then I'm going for the Gold and beyond. Cheers. =D
  6. Well, for the most part he's manageable in regards to damage and defense, its his utterly obnoxious healing that makes him a pain. :/ And for the record, I'm using a chunk of lava forged Seyr's Kling.
  7. Is the Forest Guardian meant to be unbeatable? Because literally every time I get it down to half health it AUTOMATICALLY heals itself fully. :/
  8. How many times does Ali send assasins after you once you complete the Ashye quest? So far, I've encountered and defeated the group of assassins that both begin and end the Differing Opinions quest, but are there more ambushes to come? I ask because the wiki mentions a "Master Assassin" involved in DO, but I'm pretty sure that guy wasn't in the group that attacked me. Oh, and do I ever get a chance to pound that smug grin off Ali's face?
  9. Hey, I just finished the Dark Ritual quest, and I just wanted to say that I really liked the foreshadowing to the original Sacred at the end. This game needs more of that, IMO. =)
  10. Considering most, if not all of the SW's main special weapons are hafted, its nice to see things are going to be mixed up by adding a sword to the works.
  11. I'm gonna come out and say it, I'm an alignment nut. I really enjoy trying to decipher which, if any, character alignment a character best fits. As such, I've added some alignments to the page. Thoughts?
  12. I've been thinking of finding tropes that describe the player characters themselves. Would Evil Is Cool apply to the Inquisitor?
  13. I certainly think Ice and Blood (or in my case, the Gold Edition) is worth it, not just for the extra content, but also the CM Patch. =) And buying the Gold Edition is surprisingly simple now that Deep Silver has acquired the series license.
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