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  1. Lussbhel

    Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    Thanks, but that was my sixth time Maybe by loading the texture files before creating the character? I do not know, but I prefer not to touch those files because it reaches a point where the textures do not load and you have to install the game again, if you do something wrong.
  2. Lussbhel

    Editing soundprofile.txt

    Thank you all for staying. It was not very difficult to arrive, I was already subscribed and I did not remember, I am subscribed from September 1, 2010 I was installing the game by CD, it launched an update bug, I researched on the internet and then I deduced that everything related to sacred, darkmatters is behind moving the strings. It is in the first searches on the web to throw information about everything about the game. Sacred 2 has much more to give and I think that from here they are giving, how can that "something else" that left many players dissatisfied. Too bad that it has been left as a project for future deliveries. I am not informed, but sacred 3 could not have been done by those who created sacred 2, at least not informing me, that makes me believe, just by seeing it. Players feeding a game as if it were created by themselves.
  3. Lussbhel

    Sacred 2 Exterminator Mod

    If there are not many missions eliminated, great. But I am one of those who does not leave an unexplored corner. It is an open world, second missions, that is part of the essence of sacred 2, since the main mission lasts absolutely nothing. If one only does the main mission, the game is finished in less than a day. Right now I have not wanted to go golden because I do not want to get bored so fast and finish it without having tried all these mods hahaha. How sad that there is no way to extend the story anymore. Then what do I do with a new set, personalized when everything is completed? and I want to say EVERYTHING, I play with all the characters. I am leaving the secondary missions for the last level, because the first time I played sacred 2, I did all of them in silver and I did not want to play anymore. What was the point of continuing to level up? Do them all again? And the same? there was no intrigue because he had explored the entire map. New mods with new missions included and a bit of forgetting about what I did, is what keeps me playing .
  4. Lussbhel

    Antirats/antibugs mod?

  5. Lussbhel

    Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    I present my two editing attempts after installing a total of 6 times the game for breaking the textures during the "trials and errors". Tip: Whatever you are going to do, do it right the first time. You can "break" with the graphical path so you have backup, the only way to fix it, is to install the game again. And as nothing goes well the first time, more when you can not see the changes in real time... good luck!.
  6. Lussbhel

    Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    Thank you very much for your time, I have read it and I have started to investigate, inquire and try. Nowadays it is enough to identify the name of the set, use photoshop, the corresponding plugin and change colors. I will create a list of the sets and their location to simplify the process of editing the sets. Patience, there are many folders but it seems to be promising when you find the folder of the unique set. The set of Dust, is not niokaste, is the standard version of the set of niokaste, the 'Angel Dust' Set. I would like to know how to add new texture since when opening it in photoshop, it looks like a jpg image, without layers. What I suppose, is it necessary to delineate carefully to achieve the desired finish? heavens ... that's complicated.
  7. Lussbhel

    Editing soundprofile.txt

    Regard, Well, I'm talking about not playing sacred 2 since 2013 more or less. And 3 days ago I reinstalled the game by having found this web. And wow! things have changed. At that time, when you finished the game, the bling guardian song happened to be randomly the battle music during the game, which was really great in contrast to the predetermined music that after hours, makes you sleepy. Now, the updates I had saved do not work. I guess you enter the obsolete updates. So Sad, somewhere in those obsolescence, BG song will be left behind..
  8. Lussbhel

    Antirats/antibugs mod?

    Greetings, I thought there were not many people, heavens. Thanks for answering. Reading the .txt files, I found that in the file spawn.txt you can change the density of the creatures on the map: mgr.addSpawn (16,28,-2,{ -- Small Dungeon Rats HE total_density = 15, layermap_id = 2, {1501,6,"",0,0,0,0}, {1501,5,"",0,0,1,0}, {1502,1,"",0,0,1,0}, {1532,4,"",0,0,0,0}, {1533,1,"",0,0,2,0}, {1532,4,"",0,0,2,0}, I'm still trying to see if it really has any effect, since I've been trying to raise the speed of the mount and it seems there are files that have a security level (top), for example, so use a high value (1000) only apply up to 200 in game and even, at least with the horse, has not had any effect. For the moment with the spawn file, you can only reduce the density level, which in some way, will leave some areas of the map empty. Thank you for your time, you should spend a lot of time doing this, I wish I could donate for every mod is done her, thanks.
  9. Lussbhel

    Antirats/antibugs mod?

    Totally agree ... the essence of sacred ... save the world from the plague of rats? ... does not coincide, even personally, I do not like the final boss, but that would be another issue. Maybe changing the value that corresponds to insects and replace it with more undead, humans, etc ...? Saying it is easy, but someone who can read those codes well enough to know that something as simple as it sounds does not end up breaking the game.
  10. Lussbhel

    Editing soundprofile.txt

    Does anyone know how to enable the blind guardian song during the campaign? I was looking at the txt values but maybe, as with the balance.txt, Is it just a question of going down and up numbers? and so give between repetition and time intervals with the song. I have not played Sacred 2 for years and I find this page. Amazing! what good contributions to keep sacred alive since sacred 3 definitely has nothing to do with its predecessors.