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  1. If there are not many missions eliminated, great. But I am one of those who does not leave an unexplored corner. It is an open world, second missions, that is part of the essence of sacred 2, since the main mission lasts absolutely nothing. If one only does the main mission, the game is finished in less than a day.

    Right now I have not wanted to go golden because I do not want to get bored so fast and finish it without having tried all these mods hahaha.

    How sad that there is no way to extend the story anymore. Then what do I do with a new set, personalized when everything is completed? and I want to say EVERYTHING, I play with all the characters.

    I am leaving the secondary missions for the last level, because the first time I played sacred 2, I did all of them in silver and I did not want to play anymore. What was the point of continuing to level up? Do them all again? And the same? there was no intrigue because he had explored the entire map.

    New mods with new missions included and a bit of forgetting about what I did, is what keeps me playing :thumbsupsmiley:.

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