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  1. What is suppose to be earliest level to get a 4 star? And on Xbox360 Ker's Scepter is a 3 star...
  2. Well like I stated in original post my friend leaves in like 2 months so I thought this guy would be my final person but I am with a Dryad now that I like way more. This SW was great though..no problems with bosses and everything just the Dryad is funner and not enough time to take both far. I know he would at least last on Platinum but Niobium..never know...
  3. Its always fun to kill stuff. Just wish there was more of a battle style to the game. Its awfully repeatitive....like pressing buttons in synch for combos(like Mortal Kombat) would be nice cause the animation time is too slow way it is for 3+ combos.
  4. Yeah sux..I mainly just fight bosses alot..get pretty good stuff from them and the bosses suck on Silver.
  5. I had a bunch of spell intensity rings on..took em all off and the disease still worked at the same rate....so not really seeing the diff. maybe it just helps early on..got like 23 runes into at level 43.
  6. Ah I love the Disease in the desert spreads like crazy with that insect head.
  7. Is there like a best merchant in game that sells the best stuff? Sux the SW doesnt have Barganing...
  8. Nice...Yeah Pats did good...@ Knuckles. And @ Podgie lol sounds like fun when Steelers and Broncos play. Who won last time they played each other? @ chattius ...Its been stated that in history "american" football was called football first. Soccer just eventually changed the name cause the fact ball was hit with foot.
  9. Does spell intensity raise how fast it spreads or how much damage it does?
  10. @ Numerii Yeah I noticed that...pretty much thats why people just go with Vitality..cause as long as u have potions you will never die. Makes them less fun in my opinion..I got like 3000 light potions in chest as well as like 500 reg ones. Oh yeah and we play couch co op..not online. @ Loco but does the Blacksmith skill get higher as you level up? Or does it always remain the same. Cause if its always the same amount..Speed Lore would eventually out do it especially when mastered.
  11. I love watching football on Thursdays, the one Saturday, Sundays and Monday games. I am also into Fantasy Football. I am in 6 leagues. I have no fav football team cause I love the sport as a whole. But I follow the Saints the closest cause they are my families teams. Anyone else into football? Also surprised that there is no sports forum.
  12. I like fighting the Champion Hydra's Always one of my fav creature though as far as mythology goes. Just need to add some Cenataurs, Basilisk, Cyclops, Phoenix.
  13. Well I like Speed Lore just to have even more Attack and Defense and Run Speed. You can never have enough. Still gonna take Combat Reflexes over Combat Discipline. I don't care for combo's. Frenzied Rampage clears out crowds enough and I get it back before it ends so I am set. Plus I enjoy when people miss..Haven't really got hurt with my SW by anyone. Only Silver though so doesn't mean much. U have to be level 50 for Gold right? And If my friend has a character at 50 can he just join me or does he have to clear Silver on campagin aswell?
  14. Nah Sacred 2 is the first game I have played like this. Gotta enjoy all the land in the game..lol...
  15. @Rndm I haven't really payed much attention to how much higher it gets I just figured more attack and defense can't hurt for a guy who always in close combat. And yea I like it for the run speed mainly cause of how slow the SW is. And I don't get any AS Focus cause I only use Rallied Souls. Its good just as the base spell. At level 45 on another SW I was still able to resurrect like 6 things at a time with no AS focus. That was my DW Shadow Warrior though.
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